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  1. Hey fellas, I have a 2009 WR450 and have been doing a lot of reading about how limiting the WR cams are... saw a dyno chart somewhere on here showing almost 20% power gains with YZ cams. I really want to just slap a YZ exhaust cam in it along with the intake, but have read on here about people having trouble with their e-start because the decompression pin is too long on the YZ exhaust cam. So the solution I'm pondering over is YZ intake + Hot Cam exhaust since the hot cam has a proper length decompression pin. Does this sound like an alright plan, any reasons I shouldn't follow through?
  2. kranz

    Which front disc rotor cover?

    Props on a super sexy garage wolf...and I love the diamond plate frame. Very different.
  3. kranz

    Hour meter install help

    I was wondering what the problem with my hour meter was..I just put one on as well and wrapped the hour meter lead around the plug wires also.
  4. kranz

    Changing rear spring

    It would be a good idea to just drop the swing arm and grease the entire linkage while your in there. Its not as complicated as it looks and goes alot faster if you have someone support the swingarm for you while you line things up.
  5. kranz

    oil filter

    i bought a bunch of the tusk ones from rocky mtn atv... seem to be doing the trick just fine. site is down atm so i dont know exactly how much i payed but they were cheap
  6. kranz

    2 stroke to the 4 stroke

    I've ridden both and can say riding a thumper just allows me to relax and focus more on my line selection and how I attack the track rather than managing the power of a two stroke. I grew up on a yz85, rode a 125 for a while, and just recently got my thumper. The time it really shines for me is in the mud, the power is so smooth and predictable its like 2wd vs 4wd cars during wet conditions. The predictable power allows you to hook up so much easier.
  7. kranz

    oil tank breather bolt

    Only resurrecting this ancient thread b/c I just stripped the breather threads on mine last night. I was gonna tap the threads out, but people seem to have had luck with the helicoil method, I've never heard of helicoil so I looked it up and it's just a thread insert? Can anyone give some tips to install this?
  8. kranz

    2008 yz250f

    Even thought the 250f has great power in general, where it will really outshine the 2 strokes is in the mud. You will love the smooth predictable power! It's amazing how much easily I can get my thumper to hook up in the wet nasty mud.
  9. kranz

    Popping on Decell

    My bike had horrible popping when I bought it a few months ago and this was in ~25* F weather at 800ft elevation. I ordered a JD jet kit, threw in the blue needle with the biggest main jet and it has run like a dream ever since. I was thinking I might have to lean it out when it warms up but it got up to around 65* F one weekend here two weeks ago (thats NC for you) and the bike still ran great.
  10. kranz

    New to 4 stroke,

    That looks like a very clean bike man! Did you get a good deal on it? I like the blue on white graphics
  11. kranz

    arm pump is killing me!!!!

    Well i'm gonna keep up my forearm specific exercises and always keep a fresh batch of nanners laying around I'm excited haha
  12. kranz

    arm pump is killing me!!!!

    sometimes roost hurts WITH gloves, so I'm def not ditching the gloves. But I always try to hold on as much as possible with my legs, but still pump up.
  13. kranz

    Ideal suspension for motocross

    Well I'm hitting the gym everyday with motocross workouts in hand, but I'm 19 and have weighed 140 since my sophomore year in high school (i'm now a college sophomore). So if I do bulk up at all it will probably only be up to around 150. So i guess I should get it resprung. I'm the kid who can eat burger king everyday and not gain a pound... my metabolism is insane. Oh and I forgot my static sag but I'm pretty sure its around the 40mm range but don't quote me on it.
  14. kranz

    arm pump is killing me!!!!

    So you're telling me that by doing this exercise for longer and longer durations of time as my forearms and grip becomes stronger I'm actually increasing arm pump? Thats a hard fact for me to swallow because as I understand it being able to do more reps means your muscles are better withstanding lactic acid build up which is what causes arm pump. Or am I just an idiot? And in know way am I trying to be a smart ass:banghead:
  15. kranz

    arm pump is killing me!!!!

    I read this, and: Went to the garage, grabbed a 2ft scraft steel bar we use for horseshoes (oops) Drilled a hole in it, ran about 3ft of 18gauge stereo cable thru it, tied the other end to 7.5lbs of dumb bell weight and HOLY HECK this is the best arm pump exercise since sliced bread. I just got done doing 5 reps holding the bar parallel to the ground with my arms fully extended and my arms are so pumped it feels like I just got done with a moto. Its still hard to type this reply my arms are so tight... Awesome exercise thanks for sharing!