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  1. Just John

    Jetting suggestion request

    The stock NOZI needle and 6.5 slide is the problem. They are notoriously rich at small throttle openings.
  2. Just John

    Ktm 300 cylinder ?

    No,03 is the previous generation longer stroke motor.
  3. First of all,what bike and needle ? I would not change slide/pilot to fix the symptom you describe. If you can not find what you want with pilot jet A/S adjuistment. The next thing i would try is a richer start dia. Will add a bit of fuel when the slide starts to move.
  4. Each increase in pilot jet needs aproxamitly .5 turn out on the air screw to get the same setting. 38 at .5,40 at 1 turn,42 at 1.5 This is not exact,just a general guide. You should try to use a pilot jet that lets you set the air screw 1.5 to 2 turns out,so you have some room to adjust. Anything less then 1 turn out,increase pilot jet 1 size. Any more than 2.5 out decrease the pilot 1 size. Fueling at small throtle opening's 1/8 or so,is very tricky as 3 circuits are involved. Pilot,slide and start dia. of the needle. If you are lean at small throttle opning try the next richer start dia.From lean to rich (start dia.) L,K,J,W,H,G The notch on the slide increases the signal to the pilot jet (more fuel) If a notched #7 needs a 40 pilot,no notch #7 would most likely need a 42.
  5. Just John

    lets see your ktm 2t go pro footage

    You guys are going to fast.
  6. Just John

    '12 KTM 300SX Vibration issues

    As mentioned above lots of things that can cause vibrations. One more...leanish jetting. Both of my 300's if i get the pilot or starting dia. on the lean side (single track) my throttle hand will be numb in 15 minutes.
  7. Just John

    1998 KTM 380: Will Newer Shocks Fit?

    What was involved in getting the 2010 swingarm on your chassis ?
  8. Just John

    2004 Ktm 200 EXC suspension help

    Any of the newer forks will bolt on. Up to 06 sx and 07 exc,xc,xc-w shock will bolt on.
  9. Just John

    KTM300 stator question

    The price for the 2k-2 stator here. (they are in Lexington,kentucky) http://www.ktmpartsh...rcycles&mfg=KTM
  10. Just John

    KTM300 stator question

    Looks like 2k-2 fly wheel....stator is 220.14 at lexington.
  11. Just John

    KTM300 stator question

    There are 3 different stators listed for the 2000 300. 2k-1 2k-2 2k-3 Looks like the new stator is 2k-3. Is your flywheel T shaped ? Will the stator they are sending you fit inside your flywheel ?
  12. Just John

    300 exc hard cold start

    50 pilot,are you sure ?
  13. Just John

    Barrel base gasket

    Sure can,2 base gaskets is no problem.
  14. Just John

    Opinions on which piston to use

  15. Just John

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Congrats ! My kingdom for a link,6 speed 300. Both of my junkers are in pieces...