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    People to ride with.

    sweet man ill be down there tomorrow. (probably pretty wet today). It was pretty good considering the rain and such. I expect tomorrow to be much of the same. You'll probably get muddy but I guess you have to if you wanna ride this time of year Yea, Tom just had his employee quit on him too. He had some relationship issues with a girl that was just kinda over taking him and he quit. Now [Tom] hes even in more need of help. I agree! I know he's tryin his damnedest to do what he can though. His backhoe has been broke all year too. I know he's been wanting to redesign the intermediate track. He needs to find someone that can get it fixed for a rather cheap price, cuz thats not gonna be cheap anyway! Anyrate! I'll be there tomorrow for sure. What bikes do you ride? I probly know ya, I ride a yz426f, number is 626, i got the grey/white gear and the pueter grey silverado.
  2. shawnw

    Wrists hurt

    someone correct me if i am wrong here but wont having higher bars help with some of these issues? like causing one to stand up more on the bike, causing elbows to be up, and stand up a little more straight rather than being in like a squat position? basically my bars were bought for a short guy (the guy i bought the 426 from is like 5' 4" or something). and he still kicks the bike on his own with no help from anyone or thing
  3. shawnw

    Wrists hurt

    I agree with the concensus here. I have had the same problem and sometimes still do with my heads up my rear. Moving my bars around helped a ton and paying very close attention to my grip helped and allowed me to do 15 straight laps last wweek with out getting tired, cept my left wrist got tired from using the clutch too much on the 426, that was all my fault, not sure why i was doin that but it seemed right at the time, heh. oh well good luck
  4. shawnw

    CMRC Canadian Nationals on TV Sunday !!

    yeehaw! i got my DVR set
  5. shawnw

    Asterisk knee braces?

    I have the thor knee force guards, and they have saved my bacon on a 'morethenicancount' kind of thing. They only cost like 40bux or so and they give me piece of mind. Not that I'm trying to deter Astrick or anything. Just a tought
  6. I think I may have hit another milestone this weekend. Even more so then from my original post here in August. Yesterday on the last moto that I did was without question the best moto I have ever ran thus far. It still gives me shivers just thinking about it. It was toward the end of the day and I was already kinda tired but decided to run a couple more laps. Don and I rode over to the national track and ran two laps there just for change and then rode back to the other track to ride there. The track yesterday was only like 65% there, there was some really muddy nasty spots and jumps that where missing part of the run way due to mud and water, but that aside. I got on the track thinkin. 'ok, ill do like 5 laps and take a break'. wel I ended up getting those 5 laps in and kept on going. at the end of each laps I checked with myself to see if I think i can keep going or should I stop now for a break. I kept going. I ended up running 15 hard fought laps on the track. It felt like forever. I eventually stopped at the 15 lap count due to my left wrist locking up, I couldn't move it all that much So I pulled off the track and stopped for a break. Don was like 'damn dude you ran forever out there'. And I thought about it and said 'Dude, it was awsome I was in the the zone, I wasn't physically tired, thirsty, or sweaty. I just went with the flow and felt like I pulled a larocco, the more i went the better i got, til i wrist stopped working'.. Luckily I know exactly how to fix that problem for next year. those grippers that i have. i used them this morning. well i tried too, but i couldnt cuz of yesterday haha That there was the most amazing moment I have ever had on a track. On top of kicking Don's ass with my yz426f against his CR500 that he's been bragging about all last week. It felt good to show him up I could have died a happy man last night
  7. shawnw

    Asterisk knee braces?

    I've heard of one freak accident with braces of this caliber. a fellow went down so hard and the brace was so strong it ended up breaking his femour instead of the brace. I think thats kind of an odd situation. but man that had to suck.
  8. shawnw

    People to ride with.

    I was wonder if anything is from the cincinnati area. I'm goin to New Vienna MX tomorrow (like I always do) and was curious to see if anyone was interested in goin? Or any nice saturday/sunday that we get.
  9. shawnw

    Age & Speed?

    Hey, uh, what the hell is RMS? something muscle syndrome or wahtever?
  10. Thats a good question. We have two 'down hill doubles' as they seem to keep called that do just that, drop off. They still kinda bother me too. What I ended up doing was following a buddy over them at about his speed and got the crap scared out of me, but I made it and here I am Advice? I treat it like a normal jump. On my 4stroke, I stay steady on the gas and let off just after I'm in the air so the bike is level, and move my body up a wee bit so I land kinda level with the landing.
  11. shawnw


    what the hell? trouble for getting hurt? thats crap, its your life, no one can contorl you, just live it. All others here has good advice, nothin really more to say!
  12. shawnw

    everything just falls apart

    good post, ill try more of this IF I can get back out again this year, stupid rain :cry: :cry:
  13. really. wow, thats pretty strange! I'll have it looked at just in case though. thanks!
  14. shawnw

    LC4 400 Riders

    Keny, I rode my LC4 in the woods and the MX track for two months last year. Grant it, it IS a bear! but it worked pretty darn good considering
  15. shawnw

    LC4 400 Riders

    Mines all bone stoke right now. Tho my tires are needing replaced as I have those knobbies on it with almost 4000 miles on them!