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  1. Funny that you should mention the Versys... Ryan F9 seems to think the CRF is an all around "better" bike....
  2. Well...the DR650 was lauded as "reliable" but that proved to be a lie...at least in MY case. The Rally is a bit heavier than the L and this might be the deal breaker. The specs I've seen says the 250L is about the same height as the DR but only about 20 lbs lighter... Some say that I won't be pleased with the on-road performance of the L but then I tell them about the 45000 kms I rode two-up on a TW and they realize that "performance" isn't high on the priority list...nor is suspension. Truth be told, I wouldn't know what proper suspension feels like since I never do any single-track or any technical work. I'm in the Fraser Valley...
  3. A lot of people I've spoken to about this (I'm doing as much research as possible) insist that I won't have enough power for street use, but the fact is; I'm not looking for a powerful street bike...just one that can legally be there. I've done less than 100m of highway in the 15+ years that I've been riding, so that really isn't an issue for me. Most of the time, I will have the bike in the back of the truck and drive to the area I intend to ride in. Some bigger loops might mean that I have to be on the highway for 10 minutes or so...that's OK...I usually pull over and let traffic pass if I'm holding it up. As for off-road, again...it's for an hour or so and no technical stuff when two-up. So I really don't need anything too robust either. As I mentioned, we put on thousands of miles two-up on a TW200...we didn't get anywhere quickly, but we got there! I'm just looking for something with a bit more juice than the TW and the CRF250L has 24 hp....that's twice the output of the TW. But I'm looking for something as reliable and bullet-proof as the TW has been...my DR650 failed in that respect.
  4. Ahoy...I've been a member for quite some time but haven't posted much. Last week, my DR650 bought the farm...with less than 20,000 miles...thanks, Suzuki! Anyways...I've been looking for a mid-size, mid-powered, dual sport in the "under 400cc" category to take advantage of lower insurance rates here in BC. I have a TW200 that I use as a daily driver and recon vehicle...but I'd be using the CRF as a two-up machine, like I did with my DR. I am not a technical rider, or an aggressive rider, in fact I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to single track, I don't wheelie and the only time I jump is when I'm day dreaming and don't see the cross-ditch in time! We have successfully two-upped on the TW for thousands of miles...but the DR sat us up a little higher and had a touch more ground clearance. I see that the CRF has about as much clearance as the DR...and with 24HP, it's only 8hp less than the stock DR. So with this in mind, I'm here to ask the collective about their impression of the CRF250L as a dual sporter for me...given the criteria and "rider-skills" that I outlined above. CRF pluses? CRF shortcomings? Maintenance schedule and ease of maintenance? Absolutely-necessary-must-do mods? Anything else you'd like to throw in... Thanks in advance.
  5. Don't know why this post repeated itself six time...Mr. Moderator, please remove them extras!
  6. A measure of success... Did a lot of research on this topic...found an answer here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/612196-that-dang-surge-is-back/page__hl__%20surging I've added three 5/16" washers as a pre-load for the slide spring and this seems to have gotten rid of the problem. I also covered about 1/3 of the cutout in the airbox, so I can't say for sure which is responsible for the improvement...maybe both! I also added some closed-cell foam along the front edge of the cutout, to isolate the breather filter. I think I'll add another washer...
  7. Done...fuel level was within range. Pilot jet was meticulously cleaned, and I usually add a bit of Seafoam to fuel before it goes in the tank. Will try this next... Usually buy from PetroCan, since they don't use ethanol. But I don't know if they would change this late into the season....
  8. The thing is...this surge is something out-of-the-blue. It wasn't there for the past year (after installing the jet kit and cutting the airbox) and just showed up after the flooded-carb episode. I believe the two are somehow related, even though they are at opposite ends of the spectrum (too much fuel vs. too little) but for the life of me, I can't find the cause for either! I imagine I will have a "Duh" moment some time soon, and find something obvious...but until then, this is sure frustrating!
  9. The top of the airbox has been cut as per the instructions that came with the jet kit. I run with the side-cover in place. I thought about removing the plug altogether, but that is kind of a double-edged thing...sure, you won't get any pooling, but you won't get any indication that there is a problem either.
  10. Hi all, hoping to get some help on this issue that has been frustrating and baffling me for the past few weeks, I've posted to other forums, but none of the suggestions/advice has worked out, so I'm hoping to tap into a new knowledge base. In a nutshell: 2010 DR650 with just over 10,000 kms. I use only synthetic oil, filter my fuel before it goes into the tank, and generally take good care of it. The only engine modifications I've done are the ProCycle jet kit and a Twin air-filter. Two weeks ago, I was headed to Sumas to pick up a parcel...got halfway there and the bike dies at a stop sign. Can't get her going, so I call BCAA. While I'm waiting, I discover that the airbox is full of fuel...must have drained at least a cup out of there! OK...I know what this means, so once home, I take the carb apart and check for stuck float, bad O-rings etc...nothing obvious jumps out at me. The float moves freely and is in good shape, the O-rings are soft and supple, no crud in the bowl...there is no APPARENT cause for the flooding. Nonetheless, I order a carb rebuild kit which comes with new float-needle, O-rings and such. I dismantle the carb as per the directions in the BST Bible...set float level...clean and clear all passages. Re-assemble and replace. Instead of the stock, clear plug that is located at the bottom of the airbox, I attach some clear tubing and run it up the frame, so that I can see if there's anything flowing into the airbox that shouldn't be... She starts and idles fine...when I have her on the road, she pulls good and strong; but now another problem has shown up. When I get up to speed...say 80 kmh and try holding it there, there is a distinct and definite surge in the upper RPM's (guessing it's around 4000 or so). If I gun it at this point, she pulls away fine, but when I try to hold it at higher RPM's...the surge is back. Sometimes it is subtle, other times it is quite pronounce...but it is always there. It doesn't feel like an ignition issue, because there is no sputtering or misfiring,,,just as if I'm running out of fuel! Which would lead you to think that it's a float/fuel level problem, but the float level is set AS PER the manual which is only slightly higher than the dimensions given in the BST Bible. This is something that has occurred in the past month...up until then, I have not had a single problem or issue with this bike! Last month, we were riding up and around the Vidette Lake area. This is when I first noticed a bit of a stumble off idle, and when I tried to adjust the mixture screw, it had no effect at all. I could screw it all the way out, and it wouldn't stall. Screwing it in fully wouldn't do anything either. When we got back home to the valley, I could adjust the mixture screw and have it affect the engine, so at first I thought there might be an issue with altitude...but the Bonaparte Plateau is only about 800m above sea level, so that shouldn't be an issue. While we were there, she also toppled over twice...nothing major; first time, I was standing still and gravity got the better of me. The second time, I put down the kickstand and dismounted, but she rolled forward a bit and it folded up. That was back on the May long weekend, and was (in retrospect) the first sign of anything amiss...now, it seems as though the gremlins have taken hold and I can't get her to work properly... Wrap up: Rebuilt carb with ProCycle kit. Cleaned and re-assembled as per BST Bible. Fuel delivery is fine,,,about 18 ozs per minute. Small screen at carb intake was removed long ago. In-line filter is clean Manual petcock as opposed to vacuum operated one. Valve clearances recently set In short...I (think I have) covered all the "usual" angles...yet the surge persists...I'm reaching the end of my rope and looking for any more helpful tips and/or advice. Thanks.
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