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  1. Toadmeister00

    Piston hitting valves

    The cam gear may have spun on the cam. The big-end rod bearing can take a beating when the valves hit the piston, you may want to consider just going ahead and doing the bottom end as well.
  2. Toadmeister00

    SABOTAGED... Need expert help... 150RB compatibility Questions....

    That's a solid plan, the 2012+ head and cam are an upgrade from the previous years.
  3. Toadmeister00

    SABOTAGED... Need expert help... 150RB compatibility Questions....

    Bore and stroke has stayed the same for all years.
  4. Toadmeister00

    SABOTAGED... Need expert help... 150RB compatibility Questions....

    Cases and cylinders all interchange. The cylinder head changed in 2012 but works on all years (if you're using an o.e. piston you'll need to use the correct piston for the head or there will be clearance issues). I believe the aftermarket pistons will work with all year heads.
  5. Toadmeister00

    Oil Leaking from seep hole in side of cylinder head

    There is a rubber seal between the cam tower and the cylinder head, that is the likely cause. It is also possible that it's the seal between the cam tower and rocker cover, but that's less likely.
  6. Toadmeister00

    Crf150r head year help

    If the bucket bore isn't totally trashed, you may be able to have them bored to use larger buckets and salvage your head. This is a pretty common mod on bikes that are using an aggressive camshaft. I believe that they use KX250F exhaust buckets.
  7. Toadmeister00

    Shift Shaft Replacement

    You can do it with the engine in the bike. You will need to remove the RH cover and the clutch basket to pull it out.
  8. Toadmeister00

    2012 150RB rebuild

    Myself and several friends are also running these things on kart tracks. I would say the most common build is an o.e. crank, CP or JE 13:1 piston and a Hot Cams Stage 2 cam with o.e. valves and springs. This combo makes good power and is very reliable. If you can swing it budget-wise, a slipper clutch is an AMAZING upgrade. I have ridden bikes with and without them (mine already had one when I bought it), night and day difference.
  9. Toadmeister00

    Broke a small piece of engine casing. Can I run it like this?

    That slot is where the front timing chain guide sits. That looks like it's weldable easily enough, although you're probably going to have to split the cases. I would think the seals in that area won't survive the heat of the welding.
  10. Yup, that's a safe bet. My bike has a Wiseco 4C 12.4:1 Racer's Choice piston (installed by the previous owner) and with a Stage 2 cam, ported and milled (.020") head it runs really well.
  11. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the piston offerings out there (JE, CP, Wiseco, Cosworth, PC, Tokyo Mods, Vertex, etc.), just depends on your budget and what compression ratio you're looking for. O.E. is fine unless you're trying to bump up the compression.
  12. Toadmeister00

    Need help with bottom end re-assembly

    Before you buy another case half, press the bearings out and see what the case looks like. Maybe you can get away with just installing another bearing. 300 degrees is the magic number when heating cases. Put the case in when you turn the oven on, to let it heat up gradually instead of just popping it in a preheated oven. The case should be in there for a good 15-20 minutes. If you do it this way, the bearings "should" just fall in.
  13. Toadmeister00

    Need help with bottom end re-assembly

    An o.e. crank and crank bearings will run you about $200 from either Partzilla or Honda East Toledo.
  14. DO NOT put that Wiseco crank in your bike. Do a search here at TT and look at all of the Wiseco crank failure threads. I have a friends' bike that I'm going through the motor on, it has a low-hour Wiseco crank with a broken rod. Saving a few bucks on the crank is costing him a set of cases and a cylinder, plus another crank and piston. O.E. is the way to go, but Hot Rods cranks also get good reviews.
  15. Toadmeister00

    Crf 150r right crankcase cover won't settle

    Disregard my post about the clutch rod, I was thinking of it like the CR85s are with the clutch being pushed on from the outside. The 150Rs are opposite, the rod is to the inside. You've got something else going on.