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  1. rooster78910

    KX100 or YZ 85???

    You might be a little bit big for an 85 or 100. Maybe you should try a 125.
  2. rooster78910

    whats the difference YOUTH and AMATEUR?

    youth is just youth bikes as in 50cc to 85cc. Amateur is just people who dont have their pro licenses.
  3. Im the other way, I think the bikes look so much better without the cooling fins. I voted for the Honda even though Im a Yamaha guy (I used to be a Honda guy, until I rode a Yamaha) I like how the Honda looks really similar to a stock bike.
  4. rooster78910

    what to do while injured

    I too am wondering this... I broke my foot on monday.
  5. rooster78910

    Anyone know where I can find this shirt?

    You wouldnt catch me wearing that shirt, on first glance some people might mistake it for an Obama t-shirt. But yeah, you might check on bubbas website: http://js7.com/
  6. I think you should send a letter to that dealership. Maybe they will learn a lesson and start treating their potential customers better.
  7. rooster78910

    Chest protector

    Thor Sentinel. It works great with the Leatt.
  8. rooster78910

    I need help!

    Are you talking about just clutch plates or clutch baskets too?
  9. rooster78910

    Returning after injury

    Dude the same thing is happening to me, last year all i could think about was riding and racing. But now, I'm just not that into it, and i went to the track a couple weeks ago and I was faster than ever, but now I don't ever think about riding, and I havent even started my bike in about 2 weeks. I guess it's just part of getting older, I have more important stuff to worry about like school, and girls:smirk:
  10. rooster78910

    Finally getting a bike!!!

    #4 is more like a mid-90's cr125, it's definatly not a 2000. And in that case i would say its worth around 800-900 bucks.
  11. rooster78910

    Yz125 Vs. Kdx200/220

    I recently bought an all stock 05 yz125 and it had a fair amount of low end power (more than my old cr)
  12. rooster78910

    how to be safe.

    This is good advice... There was a double that was scaring the crap out of me and I just came around the track and decided right before the jump that I was gonna do it, I just hammered the throttle and it was easier than I thought, I landed it perfectly on the first try
  13. rooster78910

    Does it ever make you sick?

    No, it does not make me sick. Am I a little bit jealous? well yes, but I am not going to worry myself sick about it or let it ruin my day. Besides it means nothing to me that they have a newer bike than me, when I am blowing by them on the track.
  14. rooster78910

    how to be safe.

    I ride within my limits when practicing, I push my limits some when racing.
  15. rooster78910

    My Ride

    Thats a killer bike dude! One of the Nicest YZF's that I have ever seen!