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  1. I took my son out for his first trail riding experience (he's raced MX a handful of times). We camped out of Riders Camp. He got that PW 50 up hills it has no business climbing! Poor little clutch. Made a loop up to lost lake and a couple out and backs on 1386
  2. This would be the first week of April. I saw the ISDE qualifier is the last weekend. Any reccomendations for camping spots?
  3. I'm thinking of taking the family to Bend for spring break in early April. We'd be rv camping. My kids are 4 and 7 on their own bikes as well as my wife on a quad. I'm wondering about weather conditions that time of year as well as reccomendations for camping with a 30' trailer. And while I'd love some 150 mile loops, I'm looking for some more kid friendly loops. Thanks guys
  4. I was in your shoes this last season With my 4yr old on a PW. We spent alot of time at Straddleline ORV park this past season. They have a large mulch based loop track just for young kids, large open fields and some wide trails in the park once they get a little better. I know it's a haul from issaquah but worth it for learning/training.
  5. Just move on Stewart. His time has come to just enjoy his accomplishments. He let his pride get in the way and ruined an awesome night for Marvin. Feel so shitty for him. I was almost hoping dunge would let him pass on the last corner. He had that win....
  6. Just move on Stewart. His time has come to just enjoy his accomplishments. He let his pride get in the way and ruined an awesome night for Marvin. Feel so shitty for him. I was almost hoping dunge would let him pass on the last corner. He had that win....
  7. I'm also wondering about a good place for kids. My son just turned 3 and is on a pw50 with training wheels. He's not really ready for trails, a larger open area would be great. My 6 yr old daughter is on a 50cc quad, so ATV friendly would be great. I'm leaning towards little naches area, but have never been to riders or manashtash camps? Are they beginner friendly?
  8. Also, take the golf course rd exit west of cle elum, up woods and Steele rd, stage at the top where cle elum ridge trail crosses. Saves a ton of time vs going all the way around to the jct. You can out and back in either direction. There's a small gravel pit there too for the kiddo to put around in, and not many people.
  9. Winchester bay is our favorite. It offers the biggest dunes, but is the smallest by size.Also no beach riding. Next would be the spinreel to horsefall (coos bay dunes) While not the biggest sized dunes, the area is huge and offers everything from beach riding to treed trails to large rolling dunes. Florence is also large and offers good sized rolling dunes, some big ones too, and beach access. It depends on what you're into, we spend most of our time between winchester and spinreel. Oh and a paddle is absolutely necessary, especially on the big stuff.
  10. Nothing. Unless you count the Naches jeep trail. You could ride the jeep trail over and then you're into all the good stuff and could ride wherever. I believe king county has 0 miles of orv trail available...
  11. I believe most use the Cle elum ranger district orv map. There isnt much for single track on the greenwater side. You have to drop into the Naches valley to start finding trails.
  12. brentk660


    Little Naches side is all open, I would think you could ride north into the taneum side as long as you didn't get up into the fire area. But everything from taneum river trail south ( clifty to quartz, manashtash etc.) would be open.
  13. Wow, what an awesome ride yesterday. Ended up with 4 guys, we staged at the ravens roost road/bridge off little Naches rd ( half of us are from the west side, the others from wenatchee area). We were riding by 9 and it was nice and crisp in the morning. Crossed to 941, west up the valley to 947. Passed a small fire crew, there is or was a small fire (we could smell smoke) before the 941\947 intersection. Headed up 947 to the manashtash ridge trail. Out past clifty and down the ridge west. My cousin decided to head down and back up Greek creek (marked as extreme difficulty) just for fun. We then continued out manashtash ridge to blowout mtn. Ran into some logging ops part way (signs marked the trail closed, but since it was Saturday we poked through the area and found the trail on the other side). Had lunch at the bottom of blowout mtn. I had contacted motocentre about the location of 942, and with his directions headed down 942/lagos. What a fun trail! Spent most of our time of the day on it. Just enough oh shit moments to keep you on your toes, but had some fun pine tree carving points that felt like an east coast enduro. Found our way down through a couple rd/cleacut sections and ended up back at 941 eventually and pounded the stairstep whoops back to the trucks (it was after 5pm at this time). Total of 50 miles and 8 hrs, not the best average but all trail we've never touched before. A dip in the river and couple beers and burgers and whistlin jacks and we headed home. Awesome day! Thanks for the recommendations and hope to be back soon.
  14. Any hints of location for 942? I know its not mapped, but sounds like one to add to the ride.
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