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  1. JDLowrance

    2016 WR450F BUILD

    Well....WR it is then (as ECU, pipe and suspension will be modded before I even ride it). I've found 2017 WRs listed for $7499 while I've not,seen an FX for under $8100 (and I believe the WR still comes with a kick starter where the FX does not (apparently it's an option). Green sticker to boot makes it an easy decision.
  2. JDLowrance

    2016 WR450F BUILD

    If you follow the link I posted, and use the pull down menu, it looks like the last one on the list is the same tank (although description says 3.0 gallons...waht's 0.1 gallon between friends?). If it is the right tank it looks to be a really good deal at $199! So Krannie, you've got both the FX and WR, and both are dual sported...which one do you choose to ride and for what kind of terrain. You mention you can turn the WR into the FX with presumably just an ECU swap. Since you've got the suspension done on both I would think these bikes would be very close (if not indistinguishable) in performance. Cheers
  3. JDLowrance

    2016 WR450F BUILD

    Is this the right tank? http://www.justgastanks.com/yamaha-yz450f-acerbis-gas-tank/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI48GlyJzs1QIVw45-Ch3Bjg8vEAQYAiABEgIm__D_BwE Thinking of purchasing the WR or maybe the YZ-FX. You are in a unique position to provide a comprehensive comparison between the two. Did you put the same tank on the FX? How do the two compare from your perspective? Cheers
  4. JDLowrance

    2016 WR450F BUILD

    Maybe some detailed photos as well? Pretty please ;-)
  5. JDLowrance

    2016 WR450F BUILD

    Bike looks sweet Krannie! Thinking of picking up a 2017 as it'll be the last of the green sticker WRs according to my local dealer. I see you've got the Acerbis 2.9 installed. Can you give us a write up on what you had to do to accomplish this? Electronic relocation, battery, seat mods, etc. Would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. JDLowrance

    The 'List'

    Ahh...I see, no changing out the brake line now. Think that shrink tubing might eventually let you down where it runs through the brake line guide. Dirt will provide good abrasive media to cut through the shrink tubing. Will last for a while though.
  7. JDLowrance

    The 'List'

    Yep...the WR brake line is easily 4-5 inches longer in order to clear the headlight shroud. Might be a good reason to swap it out and get a SS braided line. You'll need the top triple clamp brake line guide as well to keep it from flapping around in your face. Like the looks of that Tailtech unit. Magnetic pickup? Cheers
  8. JDLowrance

    The 'List'

    How are routing the front YZ brake line with the headlight in place?
  9. JDLowrance

    The 'List'

    Where did you go riding at? And at what time? Too bloody hot out there in the desert at the moment for me. Would love to get a decent light set-up to be able to ride at night but almost have to wait until 4:00am for the overnight lows to get to a reasonable level before heading out. Come on Fall!
  10. JDLowrance

    The 'List'

    Looks like shock R&R is much easier than the older bikes. Pull tank and pull shock? If so, sweet!
  11. Yeah, but isn't that 2.9 the one that uses the rad shrouds as part of the tank? If so, not a fan...at all!
  12. Good progress on the pegs...I installed fastway pegs in the lowboy position on my 2012. Had to build up weld material and mill it down for the peg stops. Didn't consider swapping mounts left to right....looking forward to your results. Also looking forward to seeing which way you go with the fuel tank. The Acerbis option looks interesting. Would really like to see some photos of the relocated components necessary to facilitate the installation.
  13. JDLowrance

    Where is my new 2016 WR450F?

    Nice....can't quite tell from the photo but looks like an FX.
  14. JDLowrance

    Magura HYD Clutch, yay or nay?

    How can you claim "they've had no issues"....do you converse with them on a regular basis? Have you verified that "they" have in fact had no issues? Speculation at best! The Magura works...full stop and as I mentioned, one finger all day action is bliss. And at $229 here in the US and apparently $400 in Aus. IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!
  15. JDLowrance

    Magura HYD Clutch, yay or nay?

    At 250lbs and my penchant for ripping across the desert and climbing the mountains we have here in SoCal at WFO, pretty sure my clutch would be slipping within the first ride....no 250 springs for me thanks. Might be OK in UK where most of the riding I've done there has been in very very slippery/muddy conditions.....read no traction.....that might lend itself to lighter springs but the stuff we have here on the left coast of the US....not so much.