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  1. I have a '79 RM125 cylinder with a chipped sleeve. Does anyone know if it's repairable or should I just toss it?
  2. I had a similar issue with elbow pain and numbness in my fingers a few years back. My wife talked me into seeing her chiropractor and after having my elbow adjusted the pain went away for a long time. It has come back once since and I had my elbow adjusted and instant relief.
  3. I droped my bike off there to get some work done and now I can't get a hold of Dan (the owner) for a week and a half now. Aybody have any insight into this or had any issue with them lately? I've had work done there before but never had a problem before.
  4. I was on Eric Gorrs web site and noticed that he advises using a "Hot-Rod heavy-duty crank and bearing kit" as it is capable of going 200 hours with out service, opposed to 75 hours with stock parts. Anyone know if this is actually right? It seems a little high to me.
  5. I have a 2001 YZ250 and wrecked it pretty good a while back. The Frame is bent and I'm trying to decide wether to straighten it or buy one froma motorcycle junk yard. Does anyone know what year frames are compatable with the '01? has anyone bought a frame from a motorcycle part recycler? or would you guys just have it straightened? Thanks!!!!
  6. Thanks guys! I realy like my bike and don't really want to buy a new one. I might buy a frame.... not sure about that either.
  7. Crashed my '01 250 last year and it would apear that my frame is bent. I thought I bent the subframe, but I bought a new one that didn't fix anything. It actually seems to be a little worse. Any advice on swapping out frames? Things to look for, is it worth it, and so on. Thanks guys!!!
  8. For Christ's sake!!!! How would I know for sure?
  9. So last year I wadded my bike ('01 YZ 250) up pretty good and bent the subframe (or so I thought). I got my AC Racing subframe in the mail yesterday and when I tried to put it on, I realized that perhaps it wasn't just the subframe. When I removed the top bolt (by the shock mount) I noticed it was bent - it threaded out in an oblong motion. Nothing lined up nice either so there's something else going on. Once I got it back together, the AC subframe looked just as twisted as the stock one on my bike and the exhaust didn't want to line up correctly either. That makes me think that other things besides the subframe are jacked up. Anyone else ever go through this? Do I need to send back the new subframe or should I keep it and try to fix something else? What do you guys think?
  10. I'm looking at a few old bikes some on Craigs list right now. Any advice on how to verify if it's a hot bike? I'ld hate to go to register a bike after I'm done with a rebuild only to find out it's stolen. What do you guys do?
  11. It's pretty good for everyone - either beginer or expert. 3 big bike tracks, lots of trails, hills, sand, mud. We have it all!
  12. Anyone going to the April 1st practice day?
  13. If you come to Lake view send me a PM and we'll do some riding!
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