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  1. Send it to one of the places that replate cylinders. Personally I use Millennium Technology
  2. KTMForecon

    Need new nikasil?

    It cost me around $250 for the replate. Took about a month from me shipping it to them and getting it back. They inspected it and told me what it needed. I had a long scratch down the front of the cylinder. They plated it and matched it to my new piston. I had already purchase an OEM KTM piston for it. I shipped it with the cylinder. Very easy company to work with. Would use them again and refer others to them. This was on my 2010 EXC 530 with 300 hours on the motor. It’s first rebuild. They also did my valve job. New exhaust guides and recut seats. Excellent workmanship.
  3. KTMForecon

    Need new nikasil?

    Check out Slavens Racing he has a ton of videos and shows how to clean and inspect cylinder. I sent my cylinder to millennium technology. They inspected and then return my cylinder to OEM spec’s with a piston to match.
  4. Basically you can just reset to TDC, get the cam marks correct and fly wheel alignment correct and go from there. You can adjust the cams sprockets on the chain. Look up value timing adjustment. It will tell you how to do it. Not really a big deal.
  5. Be interesting to see what the dealer says is wrong. Sounds like a clogged pilot jet. Along with the accelerator pump squirt. There is also a screen where the float needle is that I've seen get clogged and cause the same problems with starting. I'd be looking at cleaning or a rebuild kit going through all the circuits in the carburetor.
  6. There is a good post in here about the accelerator pump squirt and timing with video. As for clean I use some high pressure air and carb cleaner to blow out the circuit. Check the diaphragm for hole or small tear. Really shouldn’t be to hard to do.
  7. KTMForecon

    Camp Fire taking out more trails near Rag Dump

    Hate to lose all those great trails up there. It’s a tragedy. Such a lose of life and property. I have three friends that lived in the area of the fire.
  8. KTMForecon

    2003 KTM 450 Exc muffler

    FMF PowerCore 4 slip-on is what I had on my 2003 525 EXC
  9. KTMForecon

    530 exc jetting

    Have you replaced the wear plate on the carb slide. I’ve seen cases of it being to worn and causing some of the issues your talking about. The thumper racing emulsion tube will make the bike run richer from my understanding because of the better fuel atomization of the fuel. Decel pop could also be a air leak on the header pipe..
  10. Frame numbers on parts diagrams do not match, so I would think it would not interchange
  11. KTMForecon

    Wiring diagram for 530 exc?

    Someone already posted the correct colors for the tail light. Though Tail light it self is white green, white and brown. Mine was a plug and play LED tail light and blinkers for my 530 sucks you have to wire yours in.
  12. KTMForecon

    Looking at 500EXC's

    I have a 2010 530 EXC which you can something find at that price range. Mine have over 300 hours just over 11K miles on is still running strong. I did just do a top end rebuild on it. These are good bike. Made from 2008 to 2011. 2008’s did have an oil transfer issue. Later models mostly where ok. Lots of info on these bikes here and over on KTMtalk
  13. I’ve had success with my garmin etrex 35. I’m doing the same thing with segments where I ride in Nor Cal. Here is an example
  14. My garmin syncs to my strava through garmin connect. Is that the kind of thing your looking for. Or are you wanting just a phone app? Where is what strava supports says https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/223297187-How-to-get-your-Activities-to-Strava
  15. KTMForecon

    Skid plate for 2019 300xc

    Another thumbs up for the APX. I have one on mine bike also.