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  1. ktmhammer

    bike is dead

    will clean pilot and put in fresh gas tonight and will sheck hot start and choke during disassembely thanks
  2. ktmhammer

    bike is dead

    ok, so ive been working on it coil is good, timing is spot on, valves perfect, still the second i hit the starter button i get a backfire about every 2 revolutions every time. havent looked at the pilot yet but wouldnt it at least start with choke on even with a cloged pilot jet? could a dealer test the stator and pickup coil or is there somewhere special you would have to take it? thanks everyone
  3. ktmhammer

    bike is dead

    while riding my bike began to cut out and backfire, almost like it was hitting the rev limiter, except it wouldnt build enough rpm's to take off. a couple times i was able to get it to open up ans i made it back on the road. now it wont start at all, just backfires as it cranks over. any sugestions?
  4. ktmhammer

    Oil filter spring missing!

  5. ktmhammer

    Gear ratios: does it matter?

    speedometer wont go that high, i know on an xr400 a 15/33 ratio was around 150, dont know if he was wide open or not but thats a bit fast for the average dirtbike
  6. ktmhammer

    Hard to start

    on my 05, with a good charged battery i press the start button and the relay clicks, no engine turnover at all, does this say a bad relay? or can a dealer check the relay? i have checked all the grounds and with the starter on the bench it cranks fine, of course theres no load on it, but i'm open to suggestions
  7. ktmhammer

    FMF exhaust

    thanks everyone, and does anyone know of any guards made for the powerbomb header, theres lots of rocks and logs where i ide
  8. ktmhammer

    FMF exhaust

    looking at getting an exhaust for my 05 and i'm wondering if anyone knows if there would be a noticible sound or power difference between the FMF Q4 and the FMF Powercore with the quietcore insert
  9. ktmhammer

    pink wire mod

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1025715&highlight=pink+wire+mod nevermind, i found it, thanks anyway
  10. ktmhammer

    pink wire mod

    the link wont take me to the pink wire mod instructions, could you try again please
  11. ktmhammer

    Tire Choice

    in our aera with mud and hills michellin S12 front and rear are always popular
  12. ktmhammer

    R cam in a X

    thank you
  13. ktmhammer

    CS Sprocket Nut-loose again.,

    i was told that using the oem sprocket helps as it has the rubber on the outside, and i was also told to crank it pretty tight
  14. ktmhammer

    R cam in a X

    i am working on my stock 05, putting the 02 R cam it it, bought the merge ap spring, new digaphram kit, jd jet kit, jd leak jet kit, anyone got any suggestions as what jets, to run im in ohio, 0 - 1000' mixture of tight woods and wide open fields i just need somewhere good to start
  15. ktmhammer

    R plastics on an X

    i have used R shrouds on my X for a last minute fix, i had to bend them some, the tank is formed a little different