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  1. kimberley rider

    Toby Price

    This guy has just won the Dakar with a pinned wrist 2 weeks prior to the event. That's what us aussies call suck it up princess. Toughest guy on two wheels
  2. kimberley rider

    2016 500 EXC has too much power

    Learn throttle control. Turn the throttle like a door knob twist your forearm .don't bend at the wrist
  3. kimberley rider

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    He looks thinner than he really is. Small scar
  4. kimberley rider

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    He's going under the knife in an hour. Easy decision needed to be done
  5. kimberley rider

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    Thanks Dr Mark. I am in Australia we are going to try and get them close or surgery will our option
  6. kimberley rider

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    freshly done on the weekend, off to see the specialists. do you think we can manipulate that back into place and then immobilise. healthy 21 year old
  7. kimberley rider

    No one can beat him.

  8. kimberley rider

    No one can beat him.

    Toby Price just won another Finke. I don't think there is anyone on the planet that could match his speed and stamina. Kurt Casselli would have challenged.
  9. kimberley rider

    Hangtown Press Day

    It's going to be a good season for sure. Don't count out ando
  10. kimberley rider

    Salt Lake Bench Racing

    I was crying watching the a team change out a front wheel. Some Enduro guys could have changed tyres in that time
  11. kimberley rider

    Ando is the real deal

    I think Jason is going to continue to be at the pointy end. Once this championship is run and won he will get the hunger to get back at the top again. Mx he will be a threat but as 2019 he will better than he has been this year.
  12. kimberley rider

    Tomacs crash at thunder valley on the honda

    Just watched that again and looked like lack of rebound dampning caused it. Similar to Roczens spring ejection seat. Is red death really that bad at pro level
  13. kimberley rider

    Anderson giving it to Musquin - thoughts?

    Marvin stuck to the worn out part on the woods.ando knew he would and what line he would take. Changed to the inside like a blossom the woops and made a pass. Champion in the making
  14. kimberley rider

    RIP Daymon Stokie