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  1. samhouston

    Supercross A1 on TV in Australia

    Hi all, Does anyone know if A1 is shown anywhere on Australian TV, or anywhere else? Cheers, Sam
  2. samhouston

    Windham SX Testing

    Saw him at the Geico test track last week, he looked so good on the bike. I couldnt believe when I pulled in and he was riding.
  3. samhouston

    where will chad be?

    Reed was actually quick in a Supercar when he gave it a go. He still has a lot left in him though, he won't hang up his boots just yet.
  4. samhouston

    2011 CRF's

    They are not very exciting.
  5. samhouston

    Time slipped past us to 26.2 hours...

    You don't, only if you are doing valves you will need a spring compressor.
  6. samhouston

    2010 crf250r loud mouth intake?

    If you are worried about the seal just make seal your airbox and when you do filter changes use some grease or vasoline on the filter.
  7. samhouston

    Lightest Wheel/Hub Set??

    What is the Ti bolt kit going to be worth? They are not cheap. That is awesome though, I would love to do something like you are doing, like a big experiment.
  8. samhouston

    My TUF-performance 250 on dyno

    Awesome number mate, you would have to be happy with that.
  9. samhouston

    Top End ? - CP Piston Kit 2010 CRF250R

    I am interested to hear how this one goes, I was looking at getting the 14.5:1 piston which works with the standard valves.
  10. That is just a random thing that can go at any time. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. samhouston

    anyone know what hamburger hepler is up to lately???

    That is a shame. He is a fast guy, just suffered real bad with injuries.
  12. samhouston

    Fix bottom end on 2010.

    It will run worse unless you have your ECM remapped?
  13. samhouston

    my 2010, opinions??

    That is to keep your legs tucked in close to the bike and also to keep you forward and to reduce strain from your arms. From people I have spoken to they work quite well apparently.
  14. samhouston

    Stock Graphics On All White Plastics?

    Can you buy the stock graphics from Honda?
  15. samhouston

    2010 CRF250 Tb insert or camshaft

    Yes but you will need a remap otherwise it will run worse.