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  1. I always use a piece of inner tube, cut it and it wrap around the pipe a couple times then secure with safety wire.. Works every time
  2. Chill_MotoX

    Any street legal CR500's out there?

    Yeah that would be great! I was going to settle for waaay less but 10 mil sounds good : ) haha
  3. Chill_MotoX

    Any street legal CR500's out there?

    I have some of the CR500 IMS wide ratio transmissions, brand new.
  4. Chill_MotoX

    YZ 250 Rekluse Core EXP problems

    the clutch is actually slipping ( Bike not moving off the bottom ) I know about the rekluse chatter, this is not it... when it slips it make a horrid griding noise. the rekluse is trying to clamp but the bikes power is overrunning it unless i pull in the clutch a bit and build some rpms.. at higher rpms it goes fine.. only slips in the tight stuff and every time im taking off from a stand still.
  5. Chill_MotoX

    YZ 250 Rekluse Core EXP problems

    I'm using the 3.0 right now, all heavy pressure plate springs, all silver exp springs. Once the bike warms up it slips at low rpm ... I have to clutch every time to build enough rpms to engage the Rekluse.. Thanks jar944! I just got the modified heavy wedges and will be trying them out soon in the 2.0! I'm also runnin a hydro clutch and a ridiculously heavy boyesen clutch basket might have something to do with it.. I'm going to switch back to a cable.. (Even tho last time tried this it did the same thing)... I'll do some testing and report back. Thanks for all the help !
  6. Chill_MotoX

    Thinking about geting a FMF Gnarly

    Fmf fatty + mo better porting
  7. Chill_MotoX

    110 auto clutch fit 65?

    Will the 110 auto clutch fit in the 60/65?
  8. Chill_MotoX

    Showa fork id years

    Noticed that the color of the rubber looking piece that the compression adjuster sits on is different from year to year and models on the CRF s "Im talking about on the cap thats on top of showa forks.". any idea on what this means? iv seen black, green, blue... is there an online database that i can ID what bike my forks came off of?
  9. Chill_MotoX

    cr125 sexy mod?

    How's the airbox/airboot/carb fit?
  10. Chill_MotoX


    It's yer clutch
  11. Chill_MotoX

    Swapping Parts Gen3 to Gen2

    Fork lowers, axle, spacers and disk guard are different from 01 to 02
  12. Chill_MotoX

    graphics kits for white plastics

    250X headlight, I took out the lense and fit it over my WER steering stabilizer
  13. Chill_MotoX

    Rebuilt with R head, jetting needed

    Okay thanks