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  1. MartyMOOSE

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    80 hrs valve check on the 350RR no movement as usual. New tyres and pads front and rear, change all fluids and a new water pump rad hose. The hose was hitting on the header over really rough ground not good. It's hard to see as well.
  2. MartyMOOSE

    Beta drain plug repair kit

    Common issue just make sure you don't do it up tight the oring and flange do the sealing, same with the gearbox so many guys stuff this up. MM
  3. MartyMOOSE

    Can you identify this diode? (Pics)

    Look at the wire colours and the rectifier and see if they are the same. MM
  4. MartyMOOSE

    Can you identify this diode? (Pics)

    Have not seen the diagram are you sure its not part of the rectification circuit ?
  5. MartyMOOSE

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Yes Terry raves about them, he is worth listening to.
  6. MartyMOOSE

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Ride report ??
  7. MartyMOOSE

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    One race left for the season, practice today and get a pouring fork seal. Excuse for a service they were due.
  8. MartyMOOSE

    WR250F 2018 piston in a 2016

    Not sure on the OEM but I just fitted a 14.5:1 Wossner and its said it fits 2014 on.
  9. MartyMOOSE

    RR suspension 2019?

    Did you have a 18 or a 17 ?
  10. MartyMOOSE

    G@ throttle tamer EFI 4st

    Anyone tried a G2 throttle tamer on their EFI 4st ? Particularity the 350 RR or RRS. MM
  11. MartyMOOSE

    Sachs CC valving recommendations

    Whats wrong with them as is ? Got correct springs ?
  12. MartyMOOSE

    4 Stroke owners: regular or super unleaded?

    95-98 here no ethanol.
  13. MartyMOOSE

    300 Race.

    Vote here for the CC for what I do, Don't like the OC fork std or valved. MM
  14. MartyMOOSE

    KIckstarting the 500, or the 430/390, even the 350

    Go kick one and have a listen!
  15. MartyMOOSE

    yamaha wr250f fuel injected maintenance

    I don't use dielectric on them "The relays under the seat area pack the plugs FULL of water proof grease"