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  1. The heat in the crank is there from New everyone I've seen is like that.
  2. I concur the 18 350RR is a special machine..
  3. Oh look at the old school clutch does it drag MM
  4. You need to do some research on this topic and how to do this. The main comp stack is in the top assembly with the free piston, the mid is on the rod as is the rebound. Do a search I'm sure the info is out there I know I've posted pics before. MM
  5. Nice congrats on the new ride and they do ride well. MM
  6. Have a mate with a 450 that won't run. Any common issues? The stator had been rewound was looking at the pick up gap. Not a common machine will post up what we find was just after a heads up from those in the know. Marty
  7. SSS cheap and easy.
  8. I peen mine over with a ball peen hammer and a dolly old school. [emoji1]
  9. Have to agree the 18's are a good improvement.
  10. Pretty easy to make them plush and firm. So many ways to skin a cat with these forks.
  11. I always use rivets it's one less failure point.
  12. The RHK folding levers also feel and work well on the Beta and are much cheaper. MM
  13. I have a friend with a 15 300 he kills it and the bike is fine. Its looks like a 1920's bikes as he is just hard. MM
  14. Its like eating chips once you start you can't stop. MM
  15. Pretty much agree with the test. I've ridden both back to back and prefer the Beta every where but the std suspension the Gasser smacks the Beta here. The Gasser engine is real smooth just off the bottom but does hit harder and it does feel bigger. Beta just don't seam to listen and keep using less than optimal settings in their RR unless you are riding really slow technical terrain. We all know they can work but std they are sub par to the Gasser. Both are good bikes, I didn't notice the Beta had bad vibs either which was one comment. Beta need to step up their std suspension offering or just do away with the RR and just have the RE, these types of comments have been going on for years when it comes to Sachs and Beta. MM