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  1. MartyMOOSE

    ISDE 2018

    https://enduro21.com/index.php/isde/3736-results-feed-isde-2018-day-4 Still holding off the rest of the world. Keep it up fellas.....
  2. MartyMOOSE

    ISDE 2018

    Further in the lead now they just need to keep it up. Go Aussies
  3. MartyMOOSE

    ISDE 2018

    Go Aussies Go One man down no mistakes now...
  4. MartyMOOSE

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    Mate of mine fitted a vortex ignition to his 350 exc he thinks it's much better but it still no Beta [emoji16] . He's spent a fortune on it.
  5. MartyMOOSE

    My dirtbike is riding ME....

    Go get some coaching and turn your riding into training not riding. MM
  6. MartyMOOSE

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    Before you start playing with any of this you need to make sure the engine is in good health i.e not eaten dirt. Then you need to get it tested for any codes if thats all good I'd get it remapped (re map if your in the US) as I have seen one bike with a corrupted map having issues similar to yours. Once this is all sorted and you still have the issue then chase other areas. I've not seen or had a Beta with flame out issues unless it was new and a bit tight. They run smooth all the time way smoother and better than a KTM or Husky which flame out all the time in the tight stuff. Just make sure your not chasing your tail. MM
  7. MartyMOOSE

    2018 RR EFI wiring diagram

    Anyone know where I can find a EFI diagram for a 2018 RR or RRE 4st ? MM
  8. MartyMOOSE

    Fork oil is BLACK

    What does it cost ?
  9. MartyMOOSE

    Fork oil is BLACK

    Seeing more and more of these around here as well.
  10. MartyMOOSE

    2018 Beta 300RR Sachs OC

    Try the other way the beta has less wheel travel than most. Try 97mm loaded to put a little more weight on the front. Do you have the valving specs ? They will never be a SSS I just changed the forks [emoji3]
  11. MartyMOOSE

    2015 wr250f

    They are Street legal here in Australia as well and come with a horn and much more for road rego.
  12. MartyMOOSE

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    Mine was just a bad relay I'm of the opinion they are consumable. I'm going to replace them mid season from now on it cost him a win. I bought the bike as a basket case and got given a new harness and ecu. The old harness had white corrosion on the plugs however the water had also run up the harness and corroded the wires hence the Green colour. I've since seen this on a couple of them including 2018 models. It's a bad design for sure. MM
  13. MartyMOOSE

    fork valve chart yz250x for 220lb?

    To the op post up your stacks as is including the mid and it's float and the bleed stack if it has one. Then you may get some help as it is really it's like shooting in the dark.
  14. MartyMOOSE

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    Ha I'm lucky then just picked up a complete 2010 Yz250f for $150 with a seized big end its going to be my summer hack bike :)
  15. If you search around he also has an updated bleed procedure that it way better then the manual including taping the bleed holes up it works every time. MM