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  1. Go to Teknic suspension and down load their set up guide.
  2. Don't stress ride the bike they are tough. I did the water pump and shift mod as per above and just rode it no issues.
  3. Have a bit of a search plenty of info on this. That is very different to a std YZ250f stack. MM
  4. Sounds different we are aloud on the tracks just not single and they can't or don't patrol the single. If it's the cops and you run its mandatory 6 month jail here. If it's the Ranger there is not much he can do.
  5. Sorry to see that Kran. It does shed light onto your constant running issues. It's also a testament to the adaptability of the fuel injection system considering your bikes response to the"stepper motor resets" you have done. That clamp was the one that comes loose on its own. There is a thread on this if you didn't know. I replaced mine on my 16, the intake boot is also held with an adhesive hence the butcher job. I'd be going back with pictures and lifting the lid off the place.
  6. EFIBeta's have an issue with steep climbs and low fuel, how low was the fuel. As far as bump start did you flatten the battery on the hill ?
  7. Very curious about the front about boot Kran. The other two are an easy fix or obvious. The boot is a strange one any idea of the cause? Pics? There was a thread about the loose clamps on the front boot I've not seen anything else of concern, as you know this is vital stuff a one trick pony so to speak.
  8. Same here in Australia we just ignore them and ride its a big place. Our bikes are road regoed so we can ride on any road you can take a car on. If your caught on single your in trouble but they have to catch you and on single that's nearly impossible.
  9. There is heaps of info way better stacks than the std X stacks. Start with 10 face shims on the comp even taper to a 14 or 12 clamp. 3 face shims on the mid even taper to a 10 clamp with between 0.3 and 0.4 float. Try a light bleed stack some like it some don't. It's hard to give any advice not knowing where you ride, how fast you ride and what you want. Are the springs correct for your weight?
  10. So what caused it? It's not just the loose clamp issue is it ?
  11. Yeh I meant the US side of things.
  12. Sweet Vid Sierra I'd like to ride there.
  13. Anyone know what piston Beta use in the US. MM
  14. Is that the one full of 0.3's ? What comp stacks have you tried on your shock ? I'm messing with two stage stacks atm and like the feel, can still firm it up with clickers if needed.
  15. Just rework your Yz stack heaps of info here about that. I would not bother with the x stack you already have what you need. Don't forget the shock as well. MM