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  1. MartyMOOSE

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    Would be interesting to check the reference voltage on the TPS after you cleaned the main relay. The TPS voltage will not change with a relearn it's not supposed too. The relearn is for the stepper motor position I assume it also impacts pulse width and maybe ignition I guess it depends on how smart the system is. Don't go by KTM voltage specs it's a totally different system. Is the spark plug boot and lead ok ? Have you unscrewed the lead out of the cap and checked? This is an often over looked area and can cause your issue
  2. MartyMOOSE

    Any of you Beta guys watching Dakar?

    Looks like Toby might get to keep his mullet and pash Laia she had better get a move on MM
  3. MartyMOOSE

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    PS sent you the wiring diagram
  4. MartyMOOSE

    430 RR 2016 Missfire / TPS

    1}On the TB you will see the stepper motor take it off and make sure its clean and the passage it controls is clean. if it still has its sticker in the body of the stepper motor it will say continental hope this helps you find it. 2} 13.2 is fine 3} Not checked mine however I'd say 4.53 is the reference voltage not the signal. I'd have thought it would be 5v but as I said have never checked it. There is a trap on these bikes the main relay is hidden away the behind the airbox over below the ECU main conector make sure you have checked this you must cut the cable tie (zip tie) to get access. Have you done this ? It caught me out a bit.... MM
  5. MartyMOOSE

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    Can't see the issue the RRS is not a race bike Beta make a RR and RRE for that. Does the RRS have the dual injectors for 2019 ? MM
  6. MartyMOOSE

    Dirt Rider 2019 Beta 390 RR-S "Review"

    Eat the meat and spit out the bones
  7. MartyMOOSE

    Rear Spring Sacked Out

    Just went off sags it's fine am happy with the spring. Results have echoed it was a good change [emoji16]
  8. MartyMOOSE

    new arrival Cycle Tech 200RR

    Remind me not to move there [emoji3][emoji16][emoji23]
  9. MartyMOOSE

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    It gets worse Wolves and killer trees
  10. MartyMOOSE

    Any of you Beta guys watching Dakar?

    Aussies do have a sense of humour
  11. MartyMOOSE

    Any of you Beta guys watching Dakar?

    Of course Toby Price is going to win
  12. MartyMOOSE

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    Stuff riding in the US, bears, lions, moose Na not for me.
  13. MartyMOOSE

    Are you greasing your airfilter rim?

    I do and think it stops dust getting in. I ride in very dusty places at this time of year. As far as making sure the filter is seated,. You can see the back slots on the cage line up and start to engage if you tilt the filter while fitting it.
  14. MartyMOOSE

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    Ha try getting stuff to one of the remote city's in the world
  15. MartyMOOSE

    Beta quality slipping?

    They are bomb proof I've had two 350's and am very happy. I'd suggest you ride the 350 as well it has lots of lugging torque as well, its an impressive engine. The 390 does feel bigger ridden back to back. MM