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  1. Bears scare the hell out of me anything as smart as a dog that can crush your head like a ping pong ball is to be afraid of. Here in Oz we have no big predators like that. MM
  2. I have a couple of these they are ok.
  3. Mines at 17-19 depending on terrain, bounce it and have a look. Worth a look if your struggling.
  4. On the Sachs shock if you do a static rebound check i.e a big push down and watch it come up its smooth, if you push it a very small amount i.e only the bleed past the rebound needle its slow very slow compared to other shocks even with the clicker a long way out. Sort of like winding in the Bypass valve on a Ktec shock. You guys think this is what you are feeling a little ? MM
  5. If thats the case you are correct mine clamps really tight. MM
  6. Very very small amount in the air boot only no other issues. I check this every ride with a clean cloth. My Beta's both 350's have run flawless I do passive resets if there is a big temp change or a altitude change both ran plus fmf RR maps, the 16 +300 the 18 +200. I'm puzzled with the issues some are having as I live in very dusty place in the warmer months. I think Krannie is onto his issue with his airbox findings lets hope this is the end of it. The funnel web works well its a bit bigger though. MM
  7. The funnel web is way better especially if it really dusty. I had issues with my 16 dust entry in summer, changed to a funnel web all solved, the 18 has been fine. MM
  8. I can't believe no one can find dirt entry into this engine that's a joke. Was the stepper cleaned after the top end.
  9. Kran I read Georges post below yours! Do you run grease on your filter lip ? MM
  10. Via the idle speed controller it slows the run down a little. Like a lifted idle without the run on effect.
  11. Yes they can that's what the plus 100 etc maps are for. I prefer limited engine braking and run the plus 200 on my 18 it's a noticeable change.
  12. So where is the final ride report how was it ?
  13. Na like it the way it is.
  14. There was a thread on it a while back about ground and unground Springs. I have two failed ones the last one the worst. You also need much firmer Springs front and back than you have a 5.4 won't cut it for you. Get the suspension sorted Springs and a revalve will help you lots. Go to the Beta section and ask there are several companies that do really good work on the Sachs.
  15. Short spring that bends on the ends and looses more length on that bike. There is also limited threads on the shock body. Buy a race tech spring with an adapter, how much do you weigh ?? MM