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  1. The Captain

    '17/'18 450r fork oil qty?

    Just curious what the manual states for recommended qty. per leg on the "R". I have the RX and I'm experimenting with oil qty, Thanks guys.
  2. The Captain

    09 450r - TDC Starting

    '09's are known as a pain to start, mine was. From cold, a few long "primer" kicks, then one good boot and they start right up. From hot you better make sure your right leg is akin to HeMans.
  3. The Captain

    Phantom issue with my 17 crf450 please help

    It sure sounds to me like a loose ground but sounds like you checked that. How many hours? Do you filter your fuel? May be a clogged/contaminated fuel pump filter if you don't.
  4. Just got the rad. guards and skidplate for my RX. Very happy w/ the quality, fit and finish. Free shipping, and I received my order in 4 days flat from France to the East Coast. There were a couple of "quirks" when fitting the rad. guards which I will elaborate on when I have more time, overall though, AXP rocks!!!
  5. The Captain

    Crf450rx 2017

    Just bought mine!! (well, placed $1000 on it to hold for when it comes in in Feb.)
  6. The Captain

    Race fuel on weekends?

    Only over 13.5cr "requires" race gas.
  7. The Captain

    Question for Ironman users

    Just picked up a set to mate to a vt2. On the front sprocket, shoulder in or out? Dirt tricks was of little help on the phone, to me it looks as though the shoulder should be out which places the teeth closer to the case. I haven't had a sprocket on the counter shaft for 4 months so my memory fails me. Thanks.
  8. The Captain

    Catastrophic failure '09

    +1 That rod isn't new if that's what you were told you were loed to.
  9. The Captain

    Catastrophic failure '09

    I'll have to consider that. I have yet to order the new crank so I may just go with your suggestion. Thanks Shawn.
  10. The Captain

    2012 vs 2013 CRF450R Video Review

    I look forward to some real world reviews from fellow riders on this very forum. I'll put more faith in those opinions than any mag.
  11. The Captain

    Yoshimura pipe cracks at mid mount 2011 CRF450R

    Very strange. I've had the rs4 on mine since new and never had an issue. Have any pics?
  12. The Captain

    Catastrophic failure '09

    Thanks man. Like I stated earlier, I'll be replacing the crank every time I do new pistons at 25hrs. intervals or so. I know to some this sounds excessive, but I'd rather spend the money and have faith I can flog my bike without destroying everything and costing me a small fortune.
  13. The Captain

    Checking Transmission Oil Level

    For the '09, just fill with 700cc's and be done with it. No need to check it with the bolt, etc.
  14. The Captain

    2010 crf450r pro circuit pipe

    The yosh rs4, helps everywhere from bottom to top, especially if remapped.
  15. The Captain

    need some help with my 04.

    Even if the shop was/is trusted, I would still want to verify proper timing myself since it ran fine before taking it in. It'd be a hell of a coincedence that the carb is your problem, considering it was not touched during the initial piston change and was fine prior to. Your owners manual will show you, or there is a sticky at the top of this forum. It doesn't take long at all to check.