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  1. mitchn06

    good bye 650l!

    i also see a sticker for a K&N, and as i have heard/read, it would be recommended to replace with that with a foam type no-toil, uni, twin air, or the like. unless you are going to ride it only in clean air conditions, and i doubt that will happen!!
  2. mitchn06

    good bye 650l!

    i got somewhat emotional reading this and looking at your pictures with your adventurous nature. seeing that you have grown from a 200 to a 650l throughout the years, then i read that you sold it to get a 650R and i suddenly was overwhelmed with joy and excitement for you!! haha if you loved the 650l, you will never settle for less ever again!
  3. looks like you will be having some great riding in the future, congrats on the new purchase.
  4. mitchn06

    Homemade rear brake master cylinder guard

    Thanks, it certainly isn't bulletproof though, but it will fit the bill. its pretty thin aluminum and could get dis-formed if it was hit right.
  5. hey guys, just finished up my homemade rear brake master guard. wasn't hard at all and certainly didn't cost me $40!!\
  6. mitchn06

    calling all 650R owners

    good question. hard to answer though. my bike is a 2000 and it started drinking oil earlier this year. i'm not sure how many owners had it before i did but i've had it since the beginning of 2009 and it will be undergoing the knife this fall/winter/spring as budget is tight but it needs to be done and it is my primary mode of transportation since it gets three times the mileage as my Hemi! it hasn't had a speedo on it until i got it 9 years into its life and i've put on about 4k mi. but as i live in SD, i will have to take the pickup to work as soon as it snows, but i dont' want to put off the rebuild and have a self destructing pig.
  7. mitchn06

    Xr 650R Black Valves?

    i will be using the kibblewhite black valves when i rebuild this winter. my ex. valves i believe are razor sharp and i need to stop riding it so it does not self destruct on me.
  8. mitchn06

    Reliable Parts for Rebuild of XR650R Top End

    performed my version of a leakdown test. used a craftsman comp tester hose and removed the schrader valve. TDC holding the crank hooked up hoses and i have a mass of airflow out my exhaust. not good. but i did have 145psi compression. book says 160. so maybe my problem isnt with my piston, just needs valves!
  9. mitchn06

    Reliable Parts for Rebuild of XR650R Top End

    T-stat has been replaced with a NAPA one several years ago but i did not drill out the hole to stock t-stat size. not sure why, cant't remember why i didn't or if i thought it would be fine. is it recommended to drill out or leave it??
  10. mitchn06

    Show your PIG

    +1 on the seat, is that the guts tall foam? details? i was on mine for two days and at the end of the 2nd all i wanted to do is stand.
  11. So in an effort to create a more distance friendly DS bike, i've decided to start my research for 12 year old pigs top end rebuild. Due to oil getting eaten up and magically removing itself from my engine at a rate that is alarming and confusing, its time for a rebuild. in an effort to keep the forum alive i've done plenty of "searching" and have decided to make a new thread anyways. After my new cam and rockers two years ago i have been keeping an eye on the level better. what i'll probably need: 1. Piston and rings - i'm probably going to stick with stock 10:1 compression. i see that ProX has a piston/rings and gasket set on the bay for about $120 or so but that makes me wonder about the reliability of the parts and if they have known to be an issue at all in other bikes. or do i stick with Honda parts? or other name brand companies? i am on a certain type of money budget here and can't blow it all on engine as i will need more gear for the upcoming year. 2. Valves/guides/springs/seal - while i'm torn down i'm going to do Valves also. is it recommended to do guides and springs also while replacing parts or just guides if springs are in spec? probably go with the Kibblewhite SS as that is what is recommended by others. 3. Cam Chain - What is the best here? Stock? Wiseco? ???? 4. Bolts and Hardware - may be overkill but i know i've streched several bolt while replacing cam/rockers. I also heard the 4 bolts that hold the jug on should be replaced? is this a correct statement?? Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome!! TIA
  12. i'm using the one that came with my DS kit from procycle its basically a keyed kill switch. easy to get around if you have the time but if you cover the wires up good, it will look more complex. i would say the starting routine for the XRR is more theft deterrent than anything.
  13. mitchn06

    Anyone blow up an XR650R.....I did!

    mine uses oil. im not sure of the previous owner's use or maintenance, but i ran it low enough to cause the rockers to self destruct and i probably should have done valves at the same time i replaced rockers and cam, but i didn't. its on my list for winter as well as fresh piston/rings. hopefully bore not needed.
  14. mitchn06

    Another suprise durring teardown!

    your flickr account sucks. sorry
  15. mitchn06


    guys i understand. NOT-OIL. therefore no messy cleaning, no messy oiling, no messy gloves. putting this filter on my next parts order fo-sho!