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  1. Squidless


    I had one removed after they saw a spot on an ultrasound. Turns out there was nothing wrong with it so I had it done for nothing. It's no big deal. Everything still functions as normal. Your testosterone level might drop a little but I understand it's easy to replace if you want to.
  2. Squidless

    setting up my yz250f for trails

    Adjusting the clickers only adjusts a very small range, so you can adjust them all the way and it still won't be soft enough for you. The easiest solution is to take all of the suspension off and send it to somebody like Factory Connection and tell them your weight, skill level and type of riding and they will set it up pretty well for you and send it back, ready to bolt on the bike. If you are good mechanically and like to tinker, then buy the suspension book by Race Tech. It will teach you how to do it yourself. I took the 2nd route on my 2007 yz250f. I had to take it all apart 3 or four times before I got it where I wanted it, but I like to do things myself. If you haven't geared it down, you should probably do that and you might want to consider a flywheel weight also.
  3. Squidless

    JS7 - WTF

    Sorry to break it to you, but you are very much being a racist.
  4. Squidless


    Yes, I read your post. That's why I responded. I didn't say that his skin color didn't contribute to people's interest in him. I do argue, though, that you are wrong that his first big break was because of his skin color. Explain to me how this big break happened. I always thought he was succeeding because he was fast and had a fun personality. Honestly, I had to google Vikki Golden's name for my first post.
  5. Squidless


    Maybe perfectly said, but wrong. You're implying that the Stewarts' most valuable asset is their skin color. Yes, it's nice to have some diversity in MX, but being black doesn't make you ride fast. Yes, they drew some interest because they were black, but they wouldn't have remained relevant unless they were fast. James was interesting because he could compete with RC. He could let Chad Reed pass him on purpose, just so he could show that he could pass him back. The Stewarts' family got behind them just like a lot of the other pro motocrossers families do. I don't see how blackness had anything to do with this either. Vicki Golden draws some interest because she is female, but she won't get rich because of it. Why? Because she's slooooow (yes, she's way faster than me, but that's irrelevant). And no, I'm not a PC leftist. I'm just a conservative with some common sense.
  6. Squidless

    2005 yz250f woods revalve

    Adam, My knowledge is limited, but you may learn something from my experience. I have a 2007 yz250f that I bought off of a mxer. I'm a C woods rider and the suspension was way too stiff. I jumped in and removed shims from the base valve and mid valve (the compression side). It took me four tries before I got it where I liked it, each time removing more shims. I was surprised at how many shims I had to remove to soften it up to where I liked it. I ended up going from 19 face shims to three and removing every other shim in the stack by the time I was done. The theory as far as I understand it is that you size the springs to get the proper sag, then use the valving to get the response you want.
  7. Squidless

    Homemade number plate numbers?

    We got some sticker making material and printed them on an inkjet printer. They weren't as durable as some stickers, but they look better than tape.
  8. Squidless

    Dungey can't even win practice

    I'd like to see just about anyone win besides Dungey, not because I don't like him, but he's not that exciting to watch. That being said, I was at Unadilla yesterday and watched his riding style compared to Barcia. I was particularly watching the rutted area in the lowest part of the main part of the track. They would go through the rut, then blast the corner for the jump that goes into the woods. Dungey was so much smoother and got on the gas just a little bit sooner as he entered the corner. In the 2nd moto, Roxen's style looked very similar to Dungey in that section. Dungey is a technician. He uses his brain more than his guts. My conclusion is that he deserves to win the season, even though I'd rather see someone beat him!
  9. Squidless

    Motorcycle rack on a civic?

    I used to pull two bikes on a trailer with my '85 civic (manual transmission). I also welded a front wheel holder to the back of my '73 vega. The front wheel of the bike would go in a slot. Tie downs would go from the handlebars to the rear bumper. I would take the chain off the bike and drag it around.
  10. Squidless

    mx simulator

    It looks pretty good. A shadow would really help. Does anybody remember the original "Dirt Bike" game for Mac and later for Windows? I wrote it about 25 years ago.
  11. I didn't understand the previous comment. A heavier flywheel weight helps you go slow without stalling. If you are woods riding, I would get the heaviest one you can get.
  12. Squidless

    Trip to Unadilla pro mx

    Unadilla is out in the middle of nowhere. I've been going for years, but won't be able to make it this year. I've always stayed in the campground that's about 5 miles north on the same road. It used to get very wild, but it's much calmer now. I never make reservations. I just bring a tent. You can't camp at the track unless you race the amateur races. If you want to party, ask for a spot in the field. If you want some quiet, good luck, but ask for a spot near the pond. I usually go Friday and watch the amateurs race for the afternoon. They race on a completely different track. During Friday, you'll see people working on the pro track. We've walked the track on Friday and nobody ever kicked us off. Sometimes, we would walk into the pro pits on Friday and meet some of the Pros (for free), but last year it took us a couple of tries to get in without someone stopping us at one of the gates. I've never gotten a pit pass, but I'm sure you would get to meet a lot more pros if you did. We usually get there early on Saturday and set up folding chairs on the big hill. First come, first serve. The hill is very steep, so bring a claw hammer with you. This is used to dig holes in the steep hill for the rear legs of the chair so the chair sits level. Bring a cooler for snacks and sunscreen and an umbrella for the sun (between motos). You can also choose to walk around the track all day, but you can see most of the track from the hill. Make sure you walk over to sky jump (through the new tunnels) during practice. You have to stand there for a while to appreciate what these guys do. Also walk up screw-U. It's not like it looks on TV. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. Squidless

    Riding motorcycle at age 17/18?

    I won't let my 18yo son ride a street bike until he's off and on his own. My parents did the same with me. As a teenager, the frontal lobe of your brain isn't yet fully developed. This is the area responsible for impulse control. This is why teenagers tend to do stupid things (along with lack of experience). There's a reason why insurance rates are higher for teens. They get into more accidents. If you crash a car, you have a better chance of surviving that if you are on a bike. That being said, I think dirt bike riders make better street bike riders. Dirt bike riders know what it's like to fall off at 20 mph and are able to handle a bike in difficult situations. One of my son's friends recently killed himself on a bike. He was trying to run from the cops.
  14. Squidless

    I've done something so stupid with my shock...

    I can't imagine that laying it down would hurt it. Bikes are laid down all the time without it affecting the shock. Are you sure you didn't just let the gas out?
  15. Squidless

    Adding oil to front forks...what to expect?

    Adding oil will work similarly to putting in stiffer springs. With more oil there's less air, so it doesn't compress as easily. That being said, you shouldn't be using stiffer springs for jumping off of bigger cliffs. The springs should be the right stiffness to hold your weight (and the weight of the bike) in at the right point in the stroke (usually about 1/4 of the way compressed) when you are stationary. The extra resistance when jumping off cliffs should come from your compression valving. This comes in the form of a stiffer stack of shims that resists the flow of oil through the suspension. By going to thicker oil, you will be slowing rebound as well as compression. You don't need more rebound to jump off cliffs. You just want more compression. So, the right way to solve your problem is to have your suspension guy stiffen up the compression stack some more.