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  1. 6'1" here, I don't think I'd like the pegs any lower, as I already seem to scrape them and catch trail debris. As for the rest of the cockpit, I just run low bend bars on the forward position...never been a fan of tall bars or risers.
  2. Yeah, in the same incident as this: None of the good stuff happens when my riding camera is on.
  3. Just installed a new subframe (the plastic piece) on the 300.
  4. Did a short ride this afternoon, only 22 miles but with about 4,000ft of climbing...3700ft of it are all in a 10 mile climb. Had to put in an uphill sprint as one of the freerange cows charged me. These pictures are taken about 2/3 up the climb on the "flat" spot. The bottom of the climb is somewhere down in that far canyon. ...and it tops out over on that far ridge.
  5. Oopsie...I didn't look at the sidebar too closely...for anyone in NA, my recommendation still stands. I tried the GPI's on my yz...the fit was pretty good on one side. The other side was very close one of the powervalve cover screws...the radiator got slightly tweaked during a ride and the PV screw wore a hole through it. I'm sure they work fine on other brands, but just my observation with the yz.
  6. I'm running 110... I forget what they recommended for me, I thought it was around 105. I've tended to run a lot of sag in recent years...I seem to ride with my weight towards the front of the bike, less sag and I get the "stinkbug" feel.
  7. Just send it to Myler's. I've sent stuff to them before, they're cheap and the whole process usually only takes a week.
  8. Agreed on the 300 race edition has the stability of my yz and the turning ability of my old Ktm, without either bike's negative qualities. The handling is very neutral and easy to ride. I've had the forks revalved and upgraded to a Fox podium...pretty versatile package, I can hit my hard-enduro trails and then go do some moto with only some clicker adjustments. As far as technical, I guess we all have different ideas about what is fun. I have a bunch of trails behind my house that I built for my trials bike, but now ride my dirtbikes on. I guess that I like the challenge of trying to ride a line cleanly, that most of the dirt riders would struggle just to make it up.
  9. The balance learned from figure 8's will transfer to most scenario's on a bike. Also practice popping a slow/controlled wheelie...helps with balance, clutch, and throttle control that you'll need to double blip or zap and obstacle. The skills picked from a trials bike will definetly crossover to even a heavier dirtbike. Before getting into trials, I was already fairly good at technical riding...thought that I kinda plateaued skill-wise and really hadn't learned anything new for a couple years. After riding trials, I probably improved my skills more in the first 6 months than I did in the previous 5 years. My first trials bike only cost me $1800.
  10. Installed new Renthal Fatbars on the 300rr today. As mentioned previously, I had a little incident where the bike ended up cartwheeling down a short hillclimb. Anyway, I order the closest bars I could find to the stock Beta bars...I'm pretty particular about bar setup... a tall bar position makes it hard to get into the attack position and I have nerve issues with my left hand, so lot's of sweep puts my fingers to sleep.
  11. I have a Stillwell-valved Fox podium... no complaints. I dunno if it's the bottoming control valve or what, but the only offroad tuned bike I've had that doesn't get out of shape in the whoops.
  12. I epoxied some pieces of aluminum onto the swingarm where it was wearing.
  13. +1, too much IMO. I could get another Beta OTD for that amount.
  14. IMO, cutting your bars should have to do more with body mechanics rather than trail clearance. I ride some tight, but would never even think of cutting my bars, as I have pretty wide shoulders and long arms...and in turn a pretty wide grip. An old tip for bar width is to get into push-up position and measure how far apart your hands are.