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  1. I love my Beta, but they don't have much of a factory presence in hard enduro...but as far as Enduro Gp, they are the team to beat.
  2. If you like mellow riding on the designated, whooped-out quad trails at that can be found at Elkins or any other overused trail system...then get a 4 stroke. For SSS and hard-enduro stuff that isn't found on a USFS trail map...then a 300 is the best option.
  3. The extra weight might not be a big deal depending on your terrain and riding style. My dual-sport 450 outweighs my 300 by about 35 lbs, there isn't a situation where I don't notice the extra weight. The extra weight isn't a huge problem if you like cruising fireroads or riding 2 track/easier singletrack at a mellow pace. Try to ride a quick pace or some hard enduro stuff and it's very noticable. I can still ride my 450 fast, but I have to work harder at it...the 300 is an easy bike to ride fast.
  4. I almost pulled the trigger on a 390RR-S recently, but decided it probably wasn't going to be exactly what I wanted. It would've been the perfect 4 stroke for my local trails, but I still have the 300 for that. Whatever dualsport I get is hopefully going to be my desert bike as well...really want a 430, but wouldn't pass up any low-hour Beta for the right price. I even have an extra set of Race edition forks that will go on whatever I get.
  5. I love my Fox shock, although I don't know if I'd pay the retail price on one...I got mine for a steal.
  6. KTM, Husqvarna, or Sherco, as they seem to be the only ones with a factory presence in hard enduro. Not like I'm going pro anytime soon...but if I did, that'd be my sport.
  7. No issues with RMATV or Ontrac for me...I 2nd that the USPS sucks. I ordered an airfilter for my pickup, supposedly delivered 9/2, but I didn't get it until yesterday. The local post office has been mistakenly holding mail at the post office, because they think people are on vacation, etc.
  8. Never really been into MTB'ing that much...if I'm in the dirt, I'd rather be riding my dirtbike. Besides, a nagging knee injury makes it hard to ride the MTB without jacking my seat way up. I've prefer road's pretty exhilarating to attack one of the windy descents around here. I got into the descending a little bit too much last year and crashed when I was going for the lead on a popular Strava downhill segment. It's still fun even if I don't ride as fast as I used to. It's weird to say, but I actually enjoy climbing the most. Riding tempo or riding intervals on a climb is a "good" pain to me
  9. I'm running the 216 fatty on the front of both of my bikes, really is a great tire. It even turns well in the dry NorCal silt. I'm also running the 216 w/mousse on the back of my hooks very well, but doesn't have the best longevity.
  10. Any quality issues with the Beta's are mostly blown out of proportion. The electronics suck on my 300, but that's been my only gripe...the rest of the bike has excellent build quality...certainly better than my aluminum-framed yz that it replaced. Ktm's aren't without their issues, as are the older Gasser's.
  11. At your size and age, I'd go for the rr.
  12. I'm 6'1" and fairly lean...not many good options for chest protectors for my build. Smaller protectors don't offer much coverage and are a little tight around the shoulders...the larger ones fit very loose near the bottom.
  13. Not exactly the same thing, but I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma a few years ago. It really doesn't affect me aside from the dry coughs I get after prolonged-intense exercise (road cycling). I've known a couple asthmatics that had an attack triggered by inhaling very thick dust while riding a tough section. However, having an attack during a ride/race was a very rare occurrence.
  14. I rode my yz for nearly ten years...way too long, as likely had well over a 1000 hours on it when I finally parked it. I've done multiple rebuilds on it, but it started seeing some things break/wear out that aren't really part of the normal maintenance routine. My Beta I bought brand new 2 years ago, with the intention of keeping it 5 years. Since I now have multiple bikes and a busy work schedule during the summer months, it only sees about 100 hours a year. Not that it really needed it, but I dumped a butt-load of money building the Beta into my dream I don't really have the desire to replace it anytime soon.
  15. I got my Airoh from aviator is a awesome helmet just as my Beta is an awesome bike.