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  1. Lots of lava cap with the baby head rocks embedded on some of the local all fairness to the Tusk, I've dented my share of Excell's.
  2. Nice, you guys finally got some moisture? I was out at Wilson Canyon about 3 weeks ago on the 350 and it was pretty dusty.
  3. I don't remember where I got it from, might have been from a friend of a friend that happens to have a WPS account. I just used the rim...IIRC, I just used the profile for my 06 300xc. For what it's worth, the Tusk now has some flat spots on it from the last 2 seasons. If/when I do new rims, I'll probably go with DID Dirtstars.
  4. Any rim should work, assuming its got the right spoke count...I replaced my rim with a 36 hole Tusk after a little incident with a rock. As far as rotors, I'd look for a BraKing instead of the Galfer that Rocky sales. Stock Galfers are wayyy soft.
  5. Look like Acerbis to me.
  6. I bought mine from issue, but expect it to take 2 weeks to get, they're in the Netherlands.
  7. I could see that. You're the engineer, but I never really bought the gyroscopic forces arguement. At most it's a few ounces and I don't see it really having a major impact on handling, just how fast it revs.
  8. Some love their PDS-equipped bikes..I'm not a fan, they inherently lack the versatility of a linkage bike. I think you mean twin chamber forks vs open, technically they are all cartridge forks. The TC forks do offer an advantage during higher-suspension speeds and are more versatile IMO, but the OC forks are fine for the non-racer. Oil injection would be one of the first things to go if I bought a new Beta with it. Some people love it, but it's not a high-quality system and offers no real performance advantage. All the Beta's come pretty much set-up for dual sporting...they already have the wiring run for turn signals, just need the signals themselves and a flasher. The Beta is a wide-ratio gearbox, but isn't gappy like the old xc-w's were with the 5 speed. I occasionally race mine and am at no disadvantage because of the transmission. The bike is pretty lightweight. Not quite new Ktm weight, but it carries it well and I'm betting will be a more solid bike in the long run.
  9. Lol, I put the FMF stickers there to cover up the "390 4 stroke" fender stickers.
  10. Why would California hand out free black lives matter calender's? ...why is TT being so weird and making double posts?
  11. Gotcha, forgot that gem of an argument...
  12. Installed a Shinko mx216(copy of the Golden Tyre 216AA) and a UHD on the 350. The 300 got a new pipe and a TM designs chain guide.
  13. You'll have tons of fun with it, it's a new challenge for sure. I've got a standing invite to ride with a local pro trials rider...I need to get over there, I'm sure there's lots of techniques I could improve on.'s mine: