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  1. Sierra_rider

    Show me your...BETA !

    MotoXotica out of Vacaville, although that one in Auburn is even cheaper. Never had and issue with toes on the skid plate.
  2. Sierra_rider

    Show me your...BETA !

    Most recent picture of my '18 350, almost bought a marked down '18 300 race ed the other day, but luckily I was stuck at work...I'll keep my old '15 going a while yet.
  3. Sierra_rider

    Ford diesel Q

    I've had good luck with the 2 Dodge's (3rd gens) I've owned. First one was a Hemi 2500...sucked gas like a big block but was was super cheap to run otherwise. Aside from the fuel cost, it was probably the cheapest vehicle to drive out of the multiple Rangers, Toyotas, etc that I've owned. I'm now in a 6.7 cummins with 6 speed manual. I didn't really ever have issues with the DPF or EGR, but both have since been deleted...a lot better mileage now. Some people claim the Dodges rust easier, but that sounds like a reason to not live in a place that salts the roads. The front ends do suck on the Dodge's, but spend the money on Carli ball joints and do an 09+ steering upgrade while your at it, and the front is as good as anything. Not to sound like a Cummins fanboy, but they really are the benchmark of the pickup segment when it comes to reliability/operating costs. At work we have a lot of trucks (fire engines) with the crapp-force, non stop Regen issues with them. Lots of idle time on fire engines, which of course isn't good for a DPF-equipped truck. Never mind that the newer ones are gutless and have the cabs lifted so high(because of DPF temps) that the headlights are in the bumpers. So far the EGR cooler issues seemed to be fixed after going with the Bulletproof cooler. The Dt466 and Dt530's that they replaced were relatively problem-free in comparison. Our newest rigs are going to come with Cummins IS-L's with DEF, hopefully they fair better.
  4. Sierra_rider

    How inferior are Beta Motorcycles to the competition?

    I doubt there is much difference in vibration to a GasGas...I bet the power is pretty similar. I know compared to the newer Ktm's I've ridden, the Beta gives away a skosh of power on the top-end, but pulls considerably better than the Ktm on the low-end. Suspension depends on which model. I think the Xplor forks and PDS on the KTM XC-W are the worst suspension on any Euro bike. I'd rate the standard Beta suspension ahead of that. Race edition suspension is good with a revalve, although it seems like some don't get great results depending on who the tuner is. I have no complaints with the performance of the revalved CC Sachs forks on my 350. Being CC forks, in theory they shouldn't be too far off the performance of Kyb's. I had no complaints with the XC's I've ridden with the AER forks...a really big step up from the 4CS junk they replaced, also a lot better than Xplor's. My only beef is that they are air forks. Just another thing you have to check before you ride and I also have an irrational fear that they would catastrophically blow their seals on a ride. KYB suspension is the gold standard on production suspension. I haven't ridden the GasGas specifically, but have enough experience with other Kyb set-ups to know they can be very good. They're a reliable suspension package, there are a gazillion tuners that know how to work on them, and parts are easy to find. May not matter to some people, but after owning 2 GasGas trials bikes, I really appreciate the aftermarket support of a more mainstream company like Ktm, Beta, etc.
  5. Sierra_rider

    choosing between 390´s

    Why not put the hours on the 300? If you want a bike to train on, I'd go with another 2 stroke. I got my 350 because it was different than my 300 and was factory street legal. However, switching between the 2 and 4 strokes all the time is probably detrimental for my skills. To answer your original question, I'd get the Beta. Newer bike, lighter, and it's not an orphan...parts availability won't be an issue. The suspension is probably better on the Beta as well...never was a fan of the PDS on the Ktm's/Husaberg's. I'd also say the Beta is just as, if not more reliable than the Husaberg.
  6. Sierra_rider

    How inferior are Beta Motorcycles to the competition?

    Not the case at all...I ride a pretty decent pace on either my 300 or 350, neither bike is holding me back. The bikes handle well, yet are very stable at speed. If I was buying a new bike, it be a close call between another 300 race edition or a Gasser. The only selling point for the GasGas to me is the Kayaba suspension. Otherwise, the aftermarket support for the Beta is a lot better...almost Ktm/Husky level of good.
  7. Sierra_rider

    How inferior are Beta Motorcycles to the competition?

    I haven't ridden the new Gasser or the Sherco, but have ridden a handful of '17+ Ktm xc/xc-w's...they aren't the game changer that the Ktm guys claimed they were. The biggest + is the lack of vibration, but not a huge deal on the Beta IMO. On the trail, the Ktm's didn't feel appreciably lighter than my Beta either.
  8. Sierra_rider

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Went riding, gotta go high to beat the heat. Nearly 9000' feet up in this pic.
  9. Sierra_rider

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Yup, i use a Tony Sacheries marinade injector and a piece of carb tubing. I get mine from one of the local feed stores. Although they asked if I vaccinating horses and I told them it was actually for the heroin...now I have to sign my name on a list when I buy one.
  10. Sierra_rider

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Get a livestock syringe and push the fluid back from the caliper up to the reservoir, I've found this to be a better method than even my Mighty-Vac.
  11. Durability has nothing to do with what decade the bike was built in. The reason XR's are durable, is they are low-tech, under-stressed bikes. If that's the kind of bike you want, hard to wrong. For those of us you want more performance, a newer bike is the way to go. In an apples to apples comparison, I think most bikes are better built nowadays compared to 90's era bikes.
  12. Just lost my shift shaft seal and counter shaft seal at 40 hours. Freaking clay mud. Linkage bearings take a beating on my master Beta's, my Yamaha was really bad about wheel bearings though. I did wheel bearings about 3-4 times a year, (200 hours a year.) Even tried some special stainless steel spacers, but no luck.
  13. Sierra_rider

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    Not just 1, but 2 Beta's...although my racing days are mostly behind me. I started riding trials several years ago to improve my hard enduro skills and instead of becoming a training tool, it replaced racing completely. Nowadays, any competitive riding is devoted to trials. Might get back into racing, a friend of mine has been talking about doing some hard enduro races across the US next year. Should be fun, I think my technical skills are vastly superior to where they where even a couple years ago. Now that I think about it, I'm kind of a special case for my age group. Not many people my age riding Beta's or riding trials. Most of the trials crowd are older folks or kids who's parents do it as well.
  14. I ended building my own harness for my 300. The only things left besides the starter is the map switch and headlight. I kept the original starter button, but got rid of the huge multi-switch on the left and replaced it with a simple kill-switch from a YZ. I found a push-button for the headlight and moved it behind the number plate where the computer used to live. I moved the map switch on both my bikes to the steering lock...My 300 is probably one of the cleanest cockpits of any Beta. My 350 has to remain street legal, so it's the stock mess.
  15. Sierra_rider

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    +1 MX would be a waste of resources for a company as small as Beta. Plenty of us want an XC bike though. I got a lot of flack a couple months ago for saying this, but Beta should try to attract a younger demographic. Sure they are doing fine now, but look at the example of Harley if you ignore younger buyers. I guess I'm a rare example of being a Beta owner around 30 years old, most of my friends my age are riding XC's, TX's, or yz-x's. Same for any of my racer friends regardless of age. My bikes are proof that you can build a race bike out of a Beta, but still not an attractive option for most. That would be a huge step in the right direction even if they didn't make them a true XC bike. I don't know about in your case, but here, usually leftover race editions to be had for a discount towards the end of the year...can't help but think it's because a lot of them hit the dealer floor after next year's models are already on the way. I can't complain as I got my '15 300 race in September of that year for about $1k off MSRP...