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  1. My thoughts exactly about almost every 200 I rode. Super-boring powerband without the torque of a 250/300.
  2. I'm a Norcal rider, I run the Goldentyre GT216AA or the copy of it, the Shinko mx216AA on the front of my bikes. As far as rear tires, the IRC M5B works good most places here.
  3. Do yourself a favor and put on your favorite model of front tire before you even ride the thing. The "knifing" that a couple of mag reviews complained about is attributed completely to crappy Michelin that comes on the front of the RR-S. Not so much as an "issue" on the RR-S, as you expect a factory plated bike to come with crappy DOT tires...but I believe the dirt only RR's still come with those crappy tires.
  4. Zoke's? OC Sachs,CC Sachs? Without knowing which bike and forks, anything is speculation.
  5. As GP mentioned, there really isn't much weight in the seat release...certainly no more weight than traditional seat tabs. There is lots of superfluous crap on it...inner fenders, wiring, OI, etc. Take all that crap off, and a 300rr is probably within a few lbs of a 300xc. Not counting the 300xc-w as I consider XPLOR forks and PDS as "questionable" suspension set-ups. I would like to see a 250/350f on a seperate motor than the 390-480, but still not that heavy compared to Japanese 4 strokes.
  6. I go on and on about how I wish Beta would make a bike that is more "race" ready, but this overweight BS is just that. Heavier than a Ktm? Sure, but not heavy at all compared to the rest of the competition. Even in Ktm's case, they get alot of their weight loss through questionable suspension technologies, never mind broken 2 stroke kickstart bosses.
  7. Used to and still do very occasionally. I'm still in my riding prime and almost as fast/good as I've ever been, but don't really have the urge to do it anymore...if I do race, it's because it's a special race (hard enduro or a GP) and I have friends that I'm competitive with doing it. For the most part, I'm under enough pressure/stress at work...last thing I want is my hobbies to be full of it too. I do ride trials competitively on a semi-regular basis...totally different as you aren't racing anyone. I don't worry about trophies in it, just do it as a way to challenge/improve my skills. I aim to improve, but don't go overboard on it. I used to clay shoot competitively in HS and College and was close to being a professional...however, shooting wasn't fun when I was doing it 4-5 days a week for hours at a time and still losing because I dropped a target or 2 in a 200 target shoot.
  8. I have a Garmin etrex 20 that I've used in the past. It's accurate and the Garmin topo maps are pretty detailed. The downside is that the screen is tiny and pretty much useless until you stop. Attachment was a RAM mount. If I was going to buy another handheld GPS, it would probably be a Garmin 64...but only because It would be useful at my job too. Nowadays, I just use my phone with a GPS app(USA Topo) that I keep in my backpack. I don't really navigate with it, just to record freshly cut trail. I know some people that just use an old phone mounted to the bars or inside of the bar pad. Just download the maps when offline and they seem to work great. You can see my GPS peaking in and out of this video...otherwise no pictures of the set up.
  9. This is more exciting than the other recent release they had...
  10. IDK why they don't, I don't even race that much anymore, but my preferences still lie with more of a stripped down bike. The only things my 300 race edition retains is the e-start, map switch(moved to the steering lock), and the headlight(LED.) Even the massive light switch is gone and replaced by a simple push-button where the enduro computer used to sit. From my perspective, they have an almost singular focus on rider-friendly trail bikes. Nothing wrong with that being your main product, but I'd like to see an XC bike with maybe a different head and porting. I'm guessing that they don't care, as they are near max-production capacity anyway and don't have trouble selling the current product.
  11. It's BS that trials bikes help you improve skills, but a aux brake doesn't?
  12. I would add a log section...lay the logs out perpendicular to each other, so you have to make a sharp 90* turn after every crossing, leaving little space to turn.
  13. Meh...only a game changer if you have balance issues. Instead of buying an auto-clutch for every bike I've owned, I put the money towards a trials bike and have learned skills that a Rekluse can't compensate for.