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  1. I have a 2017 350 EXC-F and i have a Supermoto set up for it. Bought The Little 350 in Feb. of this year as a new left over. Got 45hrs. and 1,550 miles on it and Supermoto set up has only been on the bike twice. I will probably buy another dirt setup and run TKC 80's on that besides the Kenda Trakmaster Knobbies. Supermoto set up is collecting dust in my Garage.
  2. With the thread reading i have done by bumping up the TPS voltage from stock .058 to .075 that will enrich the system. I was looking for someone else to chime in on if they have done this also and if they are happy with it.
  3. Who else besides me has opened up the exhaust, took out reeds and bumped TPS voltage to .075 volts nothing else. I think bike runs great no red header pipe and exhaust outlet is black/rich.
  4. So are you using an Electric low torque 1/4 in. impact wrench for case bolts?
  5. Old Guys Rule. So does Supermoto.
  6. I like you West Coast people you got the right attitude about Motorbikes. over here on the East Coast it's KTM This KTM That. LOL. Try 37T rear sprocket on a DRZ SM instead of ACT gear set.
  7. 62 here. Long Live DRZ SM. LOL.
  8. Well all I can say is I did just that I sold my 2007 DRZ SM in October of 2016. What a huge mistake that was its definitely the perfect bike for certain riders and I'm one of those riders. Bought a 2010 KTM 690 Duke it's a fun bike too at 326lbs. and 65 hp. but it's not the same as the DRZ SM. For me on a kart track DRZ SM is perfect.
  9. hemm118

    DRZ SM

    No Wheelies for this Old Man. My issue is top speed on connecting straight roads to Twisty stuff.
  10. hemm118

    DRZ SM

    I need some rider input from this forum. I had a DRZ SM from 2007 to 2016 street rode, trackday, ESMRA raced in the DRZ and novice class. Had several engine failure issues over the years but just couldn't part with the bike due to my Dirt bike roots and how the DRZ SM handles and corners Plus 35in. seat hgt. Finally in Oct. 2016 trans. locked up and decided to sell. Bought a 2010 KTM 690 Duke great bike but even at 326lbs. wet it lacks that Dirt bike/ Supermoto feel. 690 power is nice too but that has cost me two speeding tickets and 6pts. Over the years I have ridden several different bikes and have attended the SMJ Deals Gap Spring Rally several times. Most of the guys that I have made friends with are Hard Core KTM guys and they have suggested an Older 525 EXC or 500 EXC in SM trim. I have not been able to get the right feel for any of the KTM's that I have sat on and ridden. So is it just this Crazy soon to be 62 year old Man or is there something about a DRZ SM that makes it the right bike for the rest of the Dirt BIKE guys. John
  11. On the suspension run compression and rebound in till it bottoms on forks and shock. Then back out four clicks on both did that for Trackdays at Beaverun way back in 2008 worked good for me.
  12. Hello William, Hope you don't mind the pm I'm good friends with Forrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply and like a Dumb Ass I sold my 2007 DRZ SM last October and bought a 2010 KTM 690 Duke. Nice bike gobs of torque and Speed but just doesn't have that same SM feel that the DRZ did. Plus even at 61 Year Old I have managed to get stopped for speeding twice in the month of June. Sitting on 6 pts. on my drivers license right now. I'm a Ex Motocross Racer so I'm kicking around the idea of back to DRZ SM with either Shinko or Continental 17 semi knobbie tires and start riding gravel/ dirt roads in my area. I'm 32 in inseam 5ft.10in. Old Man so don't know if the DRZ S  will be to tall for my liking. Have several friends that are KTM fan boys but all the KTM's that I have sat on sit way to high for me. Thanks in advance for any info.  John Hemmann

    1. William1


      Yeah.... I learned long ago that more CC's=More tickets. While I miss the brutal power of 1,000cc sport bikes, I like not getting into trouble. For me, the fun is going through the gears, the top speed means little. On a bike with no fairing, 70 feels pretty fast!

      I'm a stubby guy with a 28" inseam! When you get the suspension resprung, you can have the bike lowered for cheap and retain the geometry.

  13. So of the 3 bikes that are present in the pic which one do you prefer to ride the most.
  14. 160 more tire when leaned over plus I like the feel of the 160 better.
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