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  1. 556er

    fe501s optional kick start

    No need to split the cases. The kit comes with a great set of instructions. The only specialty tool needed is a clutch hub holder.
  2. Good to know the straight pipe will work, thanks.
  3. 556er

    2018 FX 350 Exhaust Packing Removal

    Leave the packing in. There is probably a screen cone welded in the core for noise reduction. I have read that the cone can be opened up for better flow.
  4. If you were a little closer, I have a brand new ecu you could swap in and try. Start it up on the stand with the seat off, and gently push on the wiring, see if you can induce something....Make sure the primary ground connection under the tank is clean and tight...Battery connections.
  5. Magura slave with Brembo piston is working fine, but thinking about going to a full Rekluse clutch setup. My 501 has the straight pipe clutch line, will it just thread into the Rekluse slave? Any issues with sealing?
  6. 556er

    vortex 350 EXCF vs 350 XCF

    It would be an interesting shootout for sure.
  7. 556er

    OK Convince me

    The Honda is looking pretty good for street riding, although not mentioned, the seat might be a bit rough. Check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOFyZRt8-CE
  8. That's an expensive showdown! I'll gladly take the loser off your hands provided they are a size 46! Looking forward to your results.
  9. 556er

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    For a true dual sport bike, the 450/501 are tough to beat. If your'e going to try to hang with your buddies on 2-strokes in tight single track, the 250/350 would be better imho.
  10. 556er

    Fe 501 slave cylinder

    There’s no clip holding it in. I removed the reservoir cover, squeezed the lever a few times and grabbed the center with some needle nosed pliers and it popped right out. Installed the Brembo internals, bled with the oe syringe and all has been good.
  11. 556er

    2017 FE 350 - Any Failed Clutch Slaves?

    Normally wouldn't trust a magazine, but MXA has been spot on for this issue. According to them the 250/350 seal is ok.
  12. Did the slip on. No discernible perf difference, but dat sound tho....
  13. Looks awesome, keep us updated on your progress! My 501
  14. 556er

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Toss up for me between RAC or the Boyesen event Saturday. Birdsboro is a little closer, so I'm gonna check it out.
  15. 556er

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Sounds good, although I'm no expert on the area. I'll post next time going up, hopefully next weekend. -John