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  1. conditions couldn't get much better than they were on Saturday. unfortunately the river was running pretty good so we weren't able to access the stuff on the logging side from where we staged. https://youtu.be/oEfQeets7QQ
  2. some great riding there..... go with someone who knows where the goods are. there a lot of stuff that I would never be able to find if I didn't have a good guide.
  3. rode white pines Saturday...conditions couldn't have been any better. saw this tree at the beginning of this video. I like the way its cut. its a ramp on both sides. is there a reason more aren't cut this way? is it more work? https://youtu.be/bspSFhVNvUw
  4. what were the conditions like up there today? im probably heading up in the morning but staging at little stony. still much snow on the ground?
  5. Why you guys gotta plan this on the same weekend as the ktmfest on the orange site.
  6. when I get a chance i'll try this and let you know
  7. so I finally attempted to do the swap and it didn't work.... the problem wasnt the frame or anything major. the problem was the steering stem nut (If that's even what its called) hits the nut on the bottom of the damper. the nut on the 2013 bike is different than the one on the 2015. is there an easy fix for this? like a nut that comes with the 2015 mounting kit?? or should I just grind some material from the top of the nut??
  8. with small hands, its even more important to be able to use your clutch with just one finger since using two doesn't leave much to grip the bar with. so I second the easy pull MSR lever or the clever lever from MME. I have used both setups and highly recommend them.
  9. thanks umm, why would I have any troubles? lol
  10. I just got a 2015 ktm 350 sxf and was wondering if I can just take my brp scott's sub mount off my 2013 ktm 350 sxf and bolt it right on.
  11. infamy

    Atlanta 2 TV airing

    how do I change my location on Hola???
  12. infamy

    RED BULL Graffix

    go look at a FE that is for sale on CL.... then snap a pic of the vin
  13. infamy

    350 sxf milage/hrs

    where are you located? west coast HS races seem to be alot more open and faster paced than the races inthe east.. all i did was add a scotts damper, skidplate handguards and 51 tooth sprocket (although i might go 52 on my next 350). i have vids of some of my races on my youtube channel- theseth1981
  14. infamy

    350 sxf milage/hrs

    yes. i race hare scrambles on my 350 sxf with the stock tank no problem. our races are 1.5 hours minimum but usually closer to 2hrs.