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  1. JPDad

    TNT in Chester SC is apparently closed

    Any updates on TNT? Is it gone for good or has anyone tried to purchase the property to keep it going?
  2. I was looking at potential places to ride with my son today - apparently the owner of TNT passed away a few months ago and so TNT is closed until further notice. I was bummed to hear this. Can anyone else confirm this news? I found this info on Rider Planet. The TNT facebook page states it is open today, but there are no posts since June.
  3. JPDad

    Brown mountain trail condition

    Went today - trails were decent, lots of fun!
  4. JPDad

    What happened to

    no kidding! his career has been riddled with injuries - I hope he can put some long stretches of riding together without injuries this time around, not looking good ...
  5. JPDad

    What happened to

    I didn't get to see the race - since on the subject, what happened to Christian Craig? Think he went 40/39 or something like that?
  6. JPDad

    Brown mountain trail condition

    Bummer ... I kind of wondered about that
  7. I haven't been to brown in a couple of years. Are the trails in good shape or beat up?
  8. JPDad

    Carolina Power Sports

    I used to ride there ... as far as I know, it has been closed for a few years now.
  9. JPDad

    ? FMF Turbine Core II

  10. JPDad

    ? FMF Turbine Core II

    For those of you with this silencer, is it clearly stamped with a statement showing that is "national forest service approved"; couldn't find any close up pics. I know it is forest service approved, just wanted to know if that statement is clearly visible somewhere on the silencer.
  11. JPDad

    Lets see The Rm's

    Lets see those mounted on the bike when ready! My son just looked at the pics ... I think you put ideas in his head!
  12. JPDad

    ? re subframe 03 rm125

    That's what I think I will do ...
  13. JPDad

    ? re subframe 03 rm125

    the mounting tab (on subframe) for the stock silencer is bent inward about 1/2 to 3/4 inch or so, so the tire rubs on the pipe a little when the rear suspension is stuffed...the tab does not look cracked, subframe otw looks great what is the likelihood that the weld at the tab will break or crack when bent back to its original position? Any tricks?
  14. Just purchased an SDG seat for my son's RM125. SDG offers a stock height and tall height seat - we got the standard seat. The dimensions look pretty much identical to the stock seat. I would think that a seat cover for any 01 RM250 should fit the SDG standard seat.
  15. JPDad

    Lets see The Rm's

    scenery can't get much better than that!