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  1. pressurefreak

    CCC Color Tour

    Trailrider joe and his whole family will be there with about 4-5 others that I know of. All riding blue except his bast**d brother(me) riding the ancient brp600
  2. pressurefreak

    Hard starting XR600R

    I have an 87 and same situation it sat for 2 years and had to be bump started. thorugh cleaning of carb and gas tank/petcock required. I also went and checked the specs for float level, which postion the clip was on the needle. There are two carbs so twice amount of things that can go wrong. Mine had the carb bowls on backwards so the choke circuit was not working, switched them and fresh gas, fresh spark plug and a particular start routine for me and she fires on the first or second kick now. Cold start-full choke- fuel on -hold compression release turn it over 8-10 times let off compression release and kick through, no throttle, kick it a second time ans hse starts frine. lent it to a friedn to ride he called me from up north and said hed been kicking it for over an hour and gave up. So i talked him threw it and bang it fired. Goodluck and let us know what you have found out. im still on the original stator and mines been punched once over and has a high compression piston running 97 octane and still pulls strong i agree about the cam chain and tensioner.
  3. pressurefreak

    Duoooogh OIL overfill

    I was in a hurry and did a quick oil change on my pig(xr600). Well once I got up north I noticed I was losing some oil out my side covers and my breather hose. Make along story short when I did my oil change I only drained the crankcase and not the frame. DUMB. How much oil do you think was in there. It only showed about 1 inch above the high side on the stick. I was just curious. I drained it but was in camp and didnt measure how much i drained. Any potential problems from that other than the oil in the airbox and the mess it made to the side covers and other seals it could push out of ?
  4. pressurefreak


    Well he is riding orange now, so he probably is too good to talk to us, although he did survive t he rock with a 2 smoker. LOL:ride:
  5. pressurefreak


    What s the best entrance to the meadows for a heavy rv? I was thinking about ambrose lake this weekend and the meadows as a back up but i remember one way was deeper sand then the other. I dont want to get my rv and trailer stuck, been there and done that one year at a ccc event held there. Thanks
  6. pressurefreak

    Fork Boots

    I used fork boots from a 2003 yamaha ttr250 fit great and came in black Ive go them on my xr600(87) been there two years and no problems.
  7. Hello all, Im having a difficult time locating Oneal replacment cheek pads for my Oneal dirt helmet(s). I have tried online with no luck and even tried contacting Oneal directly and got no replies."Does anyone have a resource for these replacement cheek pads for these helmets. Im very happy with the helmet but am disapointed that I cant find the replcement parts. Any help would be appreciated
  8. pressurefreak

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Im not worried about the bike, she survived its me that not mud proof thanks for rubbing it in (pun), be good to see all of ya up there, Its really a nice time and its less daunting because its a small enough group we can watch out for each other. At least my air filter stayed dry.
  9. pressurefreak

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Im in already got the time off of work. looking forward to abusing the pig again, shes been good to me so I expect shell do fine, all my connectors wikl be zip t:ride: ied and watertight, yipee.
  10. pressurefreak

    CCC Fall Color Tour

    Fantastic, sums it up! the weather was great the Bentwheels did a super job. Rode trails on Saturday and dual sport on sunday. Hats off to 2trackr for great job with the gps details. About 450 rideres but they were spread out. Rode 100+ miles on sunday alot of it virgin two track and some virgin single track. Ill never tell but I got it on my GPS yeah. No bike problems, hope to squeeze one more ride in before the snow flies. What a great way to end the season.
  11. pressurefreak


    Just had my first experience with motorhelmets.com. Thought Id share my experience with you. Ordered 2 pair of shift gloves one assualt and the other chill for cold weather riding. Waited 10 business days like they say to. Inquired as to my order. On hold for 8 minutes, and checking my order another 10 minutes. Let me know that nothing has been shipped and the shift gloves are on back order until the end of this month maybe. No apology, said normally they send an email but they didnt do it this time. I politley asked them to cancel my cold weather gloves as they were 34.95. I will not be ordering from them again. Nice website, poor delivery on items and no communications. They had email and phone numbers. Live and learn, anyone else experienced good or bad w ith these people?
  12. pressurefreak

    Sprocket size

    Ive got an 87 xr600 that Im putting an 18 inch rim instead of the 17 (48tooth)currently on it. Does any one know whats the biggest sprocket I can put on it without hitting the chain guard. The 18 rim is supposedly off of an 89 and stock for that was 50. thanks. will I need to add more links to the current chain to facilitate the 50 tooth? if i go bigger I expect to add chain but am afraid of hitting the chain guard.
  13. pressurefreak

    Its time to ROCK and Roll!!!!!

    Maybe some out riggers or water wings too.
  14. pressurefreak

    Its time to ROCK and Roll!!!!!

    Well after cleaning the brp from the clay, swamp gorp and the mysterious brown stuff on the header pipes that didnt want to come off it looks as though the old pig did well. No missing lugs, no damage, fluids looked good airbox was dry. the only mishap was I lost the barkbuster end, no biggy. Im fortunate that the mudd was soft when I impacted the ground many times. All is well and Im looking forward to the next ride. Its should be rather dull considering what the rock is like. I miss it already and want to go back. Hows the fall riding up there? Any wetter? I think Imay invest in a skid plate, Ive been lucky so far.
  15. pressurefreak

    Its time to ROCK and Roll!!!!!

    Hey, I needed the mud path its a natural mosquito repellent or is it an attractant? Anyhow Scott nickname my baike the "swampthing" after the clay pits. I want to thank Scot for helping get it out It was heavy and I was beat by the clay it must have added another 20lbs to that bike. I think I hit a brontosauraus bone in that two track anyhow next thing I know Im eating clay and it smells worse then it looks.