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  1. Yep I know people are always asking about tires, sorry but here we go again. I ride Colorado trails which are really a mix of everything from mud and loose dirt to roots and rocks. I currently run a maxxis maxcross IT on the rear which I love and a D756 on the front which has worked well for me. Now that the D756 is no more I'm not sure what to do next. Options are maybe a Michelin S12/M12 or perhaps the Maxxis M7304D Maxxcross Desert IT Front Tire or Maxxis M6001 Intermediate Front Tire. I'm not sure that I want to go the Dunlop M51 route... Seem to hear mixed reports on that tire. So has anyone go an opinion for the front tire? I'm staying with Maxxis o nthe rear. Thanks!
  2. aztsail

    High idle when warm

    Could you explain why replacing the pilot jet and not cleaning it is the right thing to do?
  3. Did not have the slide out. I'm going to take another look at the hot start and fuel screw. Thanks.
  4. My '03 WR250F fires up just fine, but simply will not idle. If I give it a little throttle and the release it, the exhaust pops badly which would seem to mean that it's very lean and then dies. Never had this issue before. I have had the carb off, cleaned out the jets and also replaced the hot start plastic cover with a zip-ty metal one since the old pastic one was stripped. The zip-ty fuel screw seems to have all of the important parts, o-ring, metal ring, spring so I'm a little lost at this point. Could it be that the hot-start is not seating properly? I can take another look at the pilot jet and make sure it's clean. Any other thoughts that might help...?
  5. aztsail

    Good, inexpensive shorter clutch lever for 07?

    Moose has a short one that I use. I like it. Fits well within my bark busters. It's not expensive.
  6. aztsail

    Looking to change tire size on rear?

    As a result of what av has said in this and other threads I have started running a Dunlop 952 110/90-18 on my '03 WR250F. No issue at all.
  7. aztsail

    Should I buy a '03 WR 250?

    In a word. Yep.
  8. aztsail

    Should I buy a '03 WR 250?

    Yep, it's a great bike. Bought mine new in '03. I've had no problem of any significance. Just standard maintenance and it has been solid. Radiator guards are a must though (I learned from experience), and those bend in the wind bars they came with never lasted more than a couple of rides, but I assume that's been taken care of by the current owner. These and other things like if it has a skid plate and bark busters all add up to around $300 so keep that n mind when you make an offer as well.
  9. aztsail

    radiator braces

    I have the flatland guards. I've gotta say there excellent. I have managed to bend them a few times (a couple of times pretty seriously) on various crashes over the last 3 or 4 years since I installed them, but the cool thing is that the radiators themselves have never bent or damaged in any way. I simply hammered the guards straight again and we were good to go. No question, two thumbs up .
  10. aztsail

    Air Box Modification Video!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep, keep doing these. They're excellent.
  11. aztsail

    06 YZ250F-Mods for more low to mid?

    Back when I was looking for low to mid power on my '03 WR, the DR. D pipe was considered my many as perhaps the best pipe for this type of performance improvement. I bought it and it kicked my bike up a notch! So what's the deal now? Is Dr. D no longer competitive?
  12. aztsail

    How to get to jets and feul screw, HELP!

    Easiest way to rotate the carb is to loosen the rubber boots that connect to the carb on the engine and airbox sides. Then simply wiggle the carb out of the boots. It will then drop away a little bit and you will be able to rotate it enough to take off the bowl without impacting the hot start. You might have some difficulty getting the screws loose that connect the bowl to the rest of the carb. I did and ended up having to take the carb off. With a little luck you'll be OK.
  13. aztsail

    Ais Removal Video!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeremy, that was great. Keep doing them. Thumperfaq might eventually be a cool place to put your videos. Something to consider maybe.
  14. aztsail

    wr 250f oil change

    This should help: http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm
  15. aztsail

    Dunlop 952 Size

    Yeh, but this tire doesn't come in 100-100-18.........