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  1. SteveInSpotsy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert 2017

    2018, love this bike.
  2. SteveInSpotsy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert (2017)


    2018, love this bike.
  3. SteveInSpotsy

    Northern Virginia trail riding

    Hi Frank: I am in King George and have been with Southern MD Dirt Riders for a couple years. Good bunchve people, definitely family friendly and contribute to the sport as well. SMDR has some property in King George where we ride. Anyway, welcome to NOVA and I hope you have fun! Steve
  4. SteveInSpotsy

    Used Rekluse

    Looking for a used Rekluse auto-clutch for a 150RB. Please let me know ASAP, will purchase immediately. RMS-7718 for the Core EXP, or RMS-810 Z-Start Pro
  5. SteveInSpotsy


    Does anyone have a used Rekluse for one of these bikes they would like to sell? The new ones are $600+, and that's a helluva lot for a clutch - Rekluse or not.
  6. SteveInSpotsy

    High idling

    I think a hanging idle indicates too much oxygen, no? Had that problem with my '07 until i dialed in the jetting. And a finicky bitch, she was!
  7. SteveInSpotsy

    My crf150rb woods bike build thread

    Very nice. As I will be picking one up this spring, I am always interested in others' similar bikes. I have neither the know how nor the tools for a couple of your modifications, but I think I may eventually get a Rekluse as well. I had one on my 450 and it made a world of difference. I remember from my 2007 150R those jetting nightmares; but, when all was said and done, I eventually dialed it in perfectly. Now I just have to remember how the hell I did it! I notice no suspension mods - how are those springs working for you? I remember mine (sometimes) bottoming, but I sold it before I purchased heavier springs. I will see if adding a little oil does the trick for me, but if not, I will purchase some heavier springs. I am right around 155-60.
  8. SteveInSpotsy

    150r front disk cover?

    Hi Dave Thanks, I thought I looked everywhere but obviously I was wrong. Thanks again and, you're right, just a tad pricey. I expect to have this bike for quite some time so it might just be a good investment for me. Steve
  9. SteveInSpotsy

    150r front disk cover?

    I am currently searching for a front disc cover - any luck finding one?
  10. SteveInSpotsy

    Front Disc Cover

    Anyone know where I can find a front disc cover for this bike? I have scoured and have found nothing. Acerbis has a Mini-X cover, but I cannot find the hardware to mount it.
  11. SteveInSpotsy


    Thanks for clearin' that up for me, Ti.
  12. SteveInSpotsy


    Hi Faint Why not is because I am done with lowering links, spacers, shaved seats, etc and yadda yadda yadda, and everything else which goes with being a 5'5" dude riding dirt bikes. Seriously, I'm gonna be just fine zippin' around a track and can more than handle myself through woods. I'm gonna be absolutely good with it, and of that I am completely sure. But I hear you, as I have proverbially been there and done that. I appreciate your suggestions, I really do, but this is likely going to be my last bike (at least I keep tellin' myself that) so I am just going to ride it and have fun. Next up is a 2nd Gen RX-7 (not for dirt, of course)....
  13. SteveInSpotsy


    It does help a great deal, wchefd. And I think I will be starting with your suggestion first, and just add oil in 5 mm increments. Seems to be the reasonable, logical way of attacking that concern, not to mention cheaper. If I remember correctly, the bottom of the frame under the block has some center piece? I remember this because I was going to get a skid plate for it and didn't have much luck finding one; and I think it never sat even and balanced on a stand unless I moved it forward quite a bit.
  14. SteveInSpotsy


    Thanks for the info. So, did you ever replace the leak jet? I ask because I have read that others have purchased something called an R&D Power Bowl - are you familiar? Something about an adjustable leak jet on it. Also a quick internet search turns up a Boyesen Quick Shot 3 which, in effect, appears to do the same jobs as the R&D Power Bowl. Did that 2013 have the initial bog (off idle) when quickly twisting the throttle? What I am NOT going to do is waste alot of money on expensive little components which otherwise act only as scotch tape and super glue, not that anyone has suggested I do so; I have been down that path and not walking it again. But truth be told, I am more than a little excited about going back (from a 450R) to a small bore, mini. So I am looking for suggestions/solutions on making it good from the get-go.
  15. SteveInSpotsy


    Thanks, Bo. I remember reading alot about the bog issue here on TT. No question, I certainly had that issue and will not be at all surprised if it arises with the new one. But oh well, I dialed it in before and I will do so again. I see you're about to get a good blast of cold coming your way - do you ride out in that?