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  1. Shorty_450

    Airbox housing cracked

    Hey all...I am hoping someone might be able to help on this one. I recently had a crash with another bike and their handle bar hit my mud flap and cracked my airbox housing half way up the back side. I have already ordered a new housing which I should recieve today. I have removed the old housing along with the air cleaner tube that connects to the carb. I have not pulled these 2 pieces apart yet. I have removed the nuts that seem to hold the tube onto the housing but I cannot tell if this part might be glued to the housing or how else it might connect. I want to make sure I put the new one together correctly to prevent any dirt from sneaking through. If anyone has taken this apart before or put one together I would appreciate any tips that you can share. You can view the diagram here. My cracked part is #8 the tube is #9 http://www.motosport.com/offroad/oem.php?make=HONDA&type=DIRT&model=CRF450R&year=2006 Thanks! Craig
  2. Shorty_450

    Dove Springs conditions for Feb 25th - 27th

    Thanks for the info...hopefully the sun will dry it up just a little and it will be good to go! If anyone else is going out there we will be in a group of about 6 rigs (a couple of Diesel pushers and some Toy Haulers...mine is the Attitude pulled by a blue F-250) stop by and say hi!
  3. We have been planning a trip to Dove for the weekend of the 25th-27th and everyone is concerned of the conditions. We will have people with all riding abilities. Anyway...I am hoping maybe someone who is very familiar with the area can let me know their opinion on what the conditions (besides wet) will be like. Or maybe there is someone local to the area that can let me know exactly how hard the area got with rain/snow. Most of us will be driving up from Orange County. We have been up there plenty of times when there is just enough snow to still have fun riding in the hills and one other time where there was so much snow it really cut down the available area to ride. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Shorty_450

    Maxxis IT + Heavy duty tube ???

    Thanks for the all the input. What point is it to put a nut on the valve stem whether you snug it tight or keep it loose? Sorry for the dumb questions but my tire/wheel knowledge is very minimal. Does the wheel come stock with a rubber grommet, nut, and cap on the valve stem. Thanks
  5. I just put a heavy duty tube and Maxxis on my rear wheel and when I air it up to seat the tire it looks great...but when I begin to let the air down to a riding level (12-14 PSI) the valve stem practically disappears. Is anyone running this combination? Are you using the stock rubber grommet on the valve stem? Are you using a nut on the valve stem if so how tight? Please help! Thanks.
  6. MotoGreg...check your PM
  7. Shorty_450

    Huffa's polished out beast

    If that stand is the same as mine it is made by Ready-2-Ride. They are located in Southern California and I met the owner at a track at the Vet-X races. They also make great carriers that come with a ramp and gas can holders. Here is there link: Ready-2-Ride stands
  8. Shorty_450

    Vegas SX Tickets for Sale

    Hey guys and gals, just got the word from a buddy last night that he and his wife cannot make it to Vegas this weekend for the finals. We had 8 people going but they had a family issue come up. So...we have 2 awesome tickets we need to sell Section 117 - Row 10 (Right in the middle of the horseshoe shaped Sam Boyd Stadium. If you have ever been to the stadium the center section starts slightly higher than the side sections so Row 10 is perfect to see all of the track but be close to the action. I am selling them for $150.00 for both which is what it cost us after the handling fees. I live in Huntington Beach, CA and work in Cypess near the Los Alamitos race track. I can meet anytime during the day or ship them UPS/Fed Ex. 1st come / 1st served. E-mail me if interested. craig33@socal.rr.com
  9. Shorty_450

    First trip to the dunes on the CRF

    Shawn_MC... I am headed to Buttercup (Glamis) this weekend What gearing do you run? If you're running a stock 50T sprocket does the stock 114 link chain give you clearance for the paddle? Thanks!
  10. Shorty_450

    JD Jetting

    Hey RACEDES...are you running the stock pipe or an aftermarket exhaust? Thanks!
  11. Shorty_450

    where to buy DID 520 MX chain..

    Do you have to shimm the front sprocket with the 520 MX Chain?
  12. Shorty_450

    Pivot Pegz

    Where did everyone get their Pivot Pegs and how much? Thanks!
  13. Shorty_450

    New fuel screw from Storm Cycles

    Hey Sweed32...who is anodizing all your trick little parts (clutch bracket / case saver / pipe guard)? Your bike is looking sweet! If I could only be as fast as my bike looks!
  14. Shorty_450

    tips for a homemade fuel screw adjuster

    Try a Finger-Bit tool from Sears. They're about 6 bucks and easy to use!
  15. Shorty_450

    Dialed in with the stiffer springs

    Shawn MC: Just curious... Did you do the springs yourself? Did you change the oil levels? What is your weight without gear? I weigh 200 without gear and trying to decide what springs I should run. Thanks!