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    all balls fork seals

    I got some of these for my 09 crf450, one of my riding buddies just told me today he has had bad luck with them only lasting a few hours of ride time. Any of you guys have similar results?
  2. i am working on restoring a 95 cr250 what you guys got:ride:
  3. Do the shrouds off the 13 fit the 12? it all the tail section (fender/sideplates) plastic them same? Will the 2013 ft fender and number plate fit right up too?
  4. real tough call between a 96 kx125, 2000 kx125 or my 2006 rmz450.... all were pretty bad
  5. 3 words, STR caliper cooler .... basically a higher end heatsink most ice / flattrack guys are running some form of one
  6. racerx_217

    Christmas Gifts!

    I didnt get jack, good thing i bought myself a new truck, ice tires, and helmet and gear a week ago.
  7. racerx_217

    wow some people amaze me

    thats why i buy new bikes
  8. You realize that the majority of the cost is material right? and a inker/plotter/cutter for a decent one is in excess of 15k right, the margins are tiny when places like mgx is selling full kits for $129
  9. http://www.hhsignsupply.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=43589 highly doubt anyone is going to give out free templates if thats what your looking for. Buy hey if you do find someone willing let me know i would be interested.
  10. racerx_217

    Identify this tire!

    agree with covert74, its a michilen s12 that has been cut up
  11. racerx_217

    I need advice

    you can buy a good used head on ebay for around 200 bucks as opposed to getting that one fixed.
  12. Tony Alessi at MCR is reported to be running a Suzuki 450 motor in his MCR450
  13. racerx_217

    Anyone remember these places near Oscoda, Mi.

    Grew up riding the same area but all those places were gone by the time i was old enough. Rode bultaco and 7 mile hill thought. You ever ride at the abandoned quarry in Greenbush?
  14. racerx_217

    2003 crf450r

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfdvmEpP5gA Google is your friend
  15. racerx_217

    Michigan roll call

    Sanford lake has 3-5 inches, im sure we will be riding their atleast on sunday. Maybe sat too.
  16. racerx_217

    Insurance totaled my bike!

    cant wait to see your premium hike after a claim like that, ....
  17. racerx_217

    SG12 Real talk

    Something is seriously wrong with your boot. I cant get mine to bend in any direction more than a 1/4" at best, heel or toe.
  18. racerx_217

    Ice bike tires.

    Get 2 big c clamps and about ten spoons to mount one. I dont think your going to find a video on making ft tires. No one is going to give out their secrets. Ft tire is key to if the bike handles right on the ice. ED11 ft and kenda ice rear is what everyone is running. Honestly if your going to be making them its going to take awhile and after you buy kold kutter 1" screws (1300 for the back tire and about 650 for the ft) a ft and rear tire, two liners your almost at the price of just buying professionally made tires. Your looking at: $85x2 for 2 1000 packs of screws $54x2 for 2 tire liners $100 for a kenda rear $75 for a ED11 Ft So $450 ish plus shipping and tax. Also keep in mind you will have about 5 hours into making the rear and about 2 hours making the ft. The only reason i say this is because i was considering making some for this year and wound up just buying a set. If you wind up waiting till the end of the season i will have one maybe 2 used sets for sale made by Pickett. Tech care in Waterford Mi has them for 600 bucks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/703-KOLD-KUTTER-ICE-TIRE-SET-WITH-LINERS-MOOSE-RACING-COVERS-KENDA-BRIDGESTONE-/111190279553?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19e3750581&vxp=mtr I am sure they would do better if you just called them up, ebay gets 10 percent these days.
  19. racerx_217

    Michigan roll call

  20. racerx_217

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    what happened to the sideplate
  21. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/1 huh thats odd..... it appears they do sell just pistons. Why you would spend that kind of money on a oem one is beyond me though. Weisco forged one is 200.
  22. racerx_217

    was this a good buy?

    I wouldnt put that junk on my head, just sayin I am sure tons of people will chime in on how cheap helmets are just as good as expensive ones.
  23. racerx_217

    Michigan ice riding

    Heard of a few guys getting in their first ride this weekend. Anyone else?
  24. racerx_217

    Michigan winter, MX

    You live in Michigan..... put ice tires on that thing and ride some hard water!
  25. racerx_217

    SG12 Real talk

    As soon as i saw that pic i went out to the garage to see if i could make mine do that. No way in hell i could even come 1/4 as close as that pic. Something for sure is broke in that boot.