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  1. i play online all tha time.if anyone wants to play online for ps3 add me and i will play anytime.kinglong22 is my screen name.
  2. well i hope you have fun at the race.maybe i will see you there.i'm from maryland and i go to the races every year.but is will be the first time for me flying in to see the race.i moved away like six months ago.well have fun.
  3. i dont think they have a package deal.i will be flying from cali to maryland for budds creeks.
  4. who's going?i going by myself.cuz i dont have anyone to go with.but i will be there.this will be my first time there cuz i'm new to cali.
  5. i'm looking for some people to go to glen helen with.i moved here to hemet about 5 months ago and i dont know anybody yet.so if anyone is looking for sombody to go with let me know.i will even drive.
  6. at 1 point dungeywas 6 sec back.he put on a hell of a charge.i wish it was 20 lap.i think dungey would of past him.i think dungey should stay in the lites class for 1 more year. so he can ride the east coast lites.i would love to see him and chris battle more.
  7. i know that.:bonk:how many more races will he need to win to have more race wins than RC?
  8. what else does stewart have to do to be the GOAT?
  9. i didnt understand some of you guys.how can some of you say that they should take 3 points from james.i think that they should of taken at lease 5 points from reed when he grabbed james by the neck.but no they didnt. reed is baby.but i respect him for his riding.but we all know reed cant beat james.
  10. i dont like what happend.but at the end of the day a win is a WIN.reed try to take james out in a couple of those corners.james just smiled and keep going.i hope things don get to dirty in vegas.
  11. somebody tell reedy to take the #1 plate off his bike and hand it to james.
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