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  1. surf2snow1

    Thinking of a 450X, among others :)

    is it possible to get a ca plate on the 450x? How is the stock bottom end in them? Good for tight single track? Any overheating issues with them?
  2. surf2snow1

    FI for 2008 is here

    Yeah, thats for the top of the line kit though...read: stage 3. The actual programming software is MSRP 300 I think. The 1500 kit is above and beyond. It includes remapping, 'status lights' to show if you are running hot, if there are computer faults, and what the battery level is like. It also has the map selection tool (3 maps loaded on to the computer). The fun part is being able to change the jetting, timing, etc. while you are riding...read: the perfect jetting no matter what elevation or humidity you are at. Of course people will always debate the carb or efi issues. The fact is that most companies ARE moving their bikes towards EFI. Love it or hate it, that's where they are going. My guess is that many of the older generation people are going to hate it. They don't want to have to hook up a computer to their bike to rejet for a new pipe, intake, cams, etc. Many people would much rather pull out the jets and open up the carb. Will manufacturers realize that and offer EFI and carb'd bikes? Who knows. Only time will tell.
  3. surf2snow1

    Thinking of a 450X, among others :)

    I'm in the same boat. Any help honda guys?
  4. surf2snow1

    FI for 2008 is here

    FI is great. My 'dales are all running good. No matter where I ride, no jetting is necessary. Another plus to FI: http://optimum-power.com/ Optimum makes programmers for the cannondales. something like 300 for the software to access the computer on your bike and make changes to the jetting, timing, rev limiter, etc... If you want their big bad kit (like 1500) you can change the mapping of how the bike runs (FI map), create new maps, and even tune the bike while you ride. Imagine needing bottom end for the tight woods section. Have that loaded in as map1. You need top end...load it in map2. All around performer? Map3. You wont need to stop and jet for whatever section you are in. Bike running a little fat? Adjust the injectors while you are riding. There are many benefits to FI. I think I am getting just about 40mpg while riding off road.
  5. surf2snow1

    Gorman Riding Trip: Dec 9-11

    Mantrasonica, Like Bolt said, it is actually the second campsite on the left. You go past Edison (first campsite/staging area) the next camp site on your left (maybe .75 - 1 mile??) will be Circle Canyon. Tim
  6. surf2snow1

    Just purchased a new 2002 e440

    Welcome Polyester! First off congrats on the new bike...I also hope you practically stole it from cycle sports. we went by to look at it and tehy wanted too much for us. They were saying 3600 out the door, even though it was missing the odometer, headlight, kickstand and it had some scratched up plastics. Little love and attention and you'll have that baby like new. About that plate you want, it can be done. I have a CA plate on my 02C and my dad has one on his. If you need some more info pm me, either on here or on Cannondaler.com (my name is also surf2snow1 there). Where are you located? Tim
  7. surf2snow1

    Mighty Quiet in Here!

    Posting is done almost exclusively on cannondaler and cannondaleriders. Thank you ATK and all the cannondale sponsors (Jeff, Maz, Brad, etc...) for helping us take care of our Cannondales/ ATKs so they don't go extinct .
  8. surf2snow1

    Vermont Reg - Current info?

    There have been several variations to use. When you register in VT, leave your middle initial off the registration. Tell them it is your fathers bike and he is in town from VT. He is letting you borrow it. Easiest thing to do is register it there and then bring it back into CA. It is not difficult at all, AAA can do it for you.
  9. surf2snow1

    Vermont Reg - Current info?

    to register in VT (even CA for that matter) you are not required to show insurance. You can register in VT and in a couple weeks transfer it into CA. Go to AAA and you do not need to show insurance (or even have it at that time).
  10. surf2snow1

    Hows that EFI

    Jetting??? What's that Jeff??? is that what we do with our computers? hehehe
  11. surf2snow1

    Gorman contact info

    Not a problem: (661) 248-7007 or you can go to http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1192
  12. surf2snow1

    Directions to Ocotillo?

    We took the 10 to 86S then make a right at the 78 (go west). It will be on your right hand side a ffew miles down. There are a few different entrances.
  13. I got my 02 c-dale plated a couple months ago here in CA. I sent off all my paperwork to vermont, got a plate there, and the transferred it all back to CA. VT does not need to look at your bike, nor do you need to have residence in VT. If you cannont register your bike in CA, you can take it to Vermont and then back into CA.
  14. surf2snow1

    Rowher or Gorman - Are they open yet?

    Just think, if you're going south back into LA, you won't have to sit in traffic until you are on your way home . Traffic is great on the 5. It took us 4 hours or so to get home from Gorman on saturday. We live in Torrance and it normally takes us 2 hours to tow our 26' toybox home. South bound on the 5 is a pain in the arse! North bound wasn't too bad though.