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  1. Thumperman250f

    white brothers aluminum race

    maybe i will call and see if i can get a better deal, because motosport outlet 350 was smoking
  2. Thumperman250f

    white brothers aluminum race

    yeah but not for the crf250r. They be out
  3. Thumperman250f

    white brothers aluminum race

    DOes any one know where i can find this. I want the first generartion. If any one knows where ic an get one reply or if any one has comments i woul like to heare them
  4. Thumperman250f

    New kid in town: stepped from a 230 today

    hmmmmmmm What year crf did you get maybe there is a common problem with stalling lol
  5. Thumperman250f

    New kid in town: stepped from a 230 today

    Yeah for some reason when you stay on the gas it does not want to stall
  6. Thumperman250f


    Where is bridgestone on the list. I just got a 402 for my rear and it looks awsome, im going to be trying it out this weekend
  7. Thumperman250f

    racing fuel vs. pump 91 oct.

    with U4 do you to rejet???
  8. Thumperman250f

    Suspension help

    Lets see here i got my suspension revalved by pro motion and it is great I love it every where but the whoops. It seems to want to kick pretty hard in the whoops i was thinkig rebound???? Oh by the way it is a 2004 crf250r
  9. Thumperman250f

    Grip tape tear up your pants?

    I put it on my lower frame and it works great. It teared my boot a little bit at first but after that nothing!!!
  10. Thumperman250f

    Trophy Bike!

    sweet bike!!!
  11. Thumperman250f

    A Good Ebay Laugh

    will it cut any times off my lap times???
  12. I know they ahve demos of it at the races has any one plaed it. I own mx unleshed and it is awsome IMO. How does the gameplay compare. I wish they stuck to bikes NOT QUADS
  13. Thumperman250f

    250cc Shootout Rebroadcast on OLN

    damn i misssed it will it be on agian, does any one know when???
  14. Thumperman250f

    Hindsight mx Delayed again

    I heared they are now looking for a march or april opening. 321 closed down today and I want to ride!!! Hope fully it will open soon!!!!
  15. Does any one know when he will return?? I heard at daytona he might be back!!!