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  1. oldbones

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    Well done, Trav. I bet there's some folks that will be glad to see those shots all in one spot.
  2. oldbones

    25 hrs of Starvation Ridge update

    Holy crap Ryan, sounds a little scary! Glad to hear it wasn't more serious, and you sound like you're doing much better now.
  3. oldbones

    sticker kit

    Hey, nice buns!
  4. Dammit Kelly, look what you have done!!! Now Les is never going to have the time to get mine done!
  5. oldbones

    just curious...

    When you DO ride the dirt, what kind of riding do you do? Check RIDE's recent reports of riding the TE610 at the Dualsport last weekend...
  6. oldbones

    Help Desperately Required ?George?

    I would be tempted to agree with the guys above are leaning towards a timing problem or an issue with the decomp. Bikes can and do run with the timing off a tooth somewhere in the equation. Retarding cam timing will make it run better up top, but worse on the bottom, for instance. Don't rule this out prematurely!!! I would recommend your next step as having the importer check cam timing and operation of the decomp system. But, I go to quiky lube, so you probably shouldn't listen to me.
  7. oldbones

    Vibration, arm pump and the TXC....?

    Best cures for arm pump: 1. Suspension, get it worked and get it dialed 2. Damper 3. Bar bend and position 4. Tire choice and pressure 5. Technique I don't think hand or arm exercises have as much to do with it as many would say. Key is making the bike work well enough so that you aren't using hand or arm strength to ride it, you should be relaxed on that thing, that's when it all starts to work!
  8. oldbones

    Custom built Husqvarna road racer

    Oh, don't get me going on that... It wouldn't take too strong a breeze to push me into becoming a track day junky!
  9. Look out Orange County Choppers!!!
  10. oldbones

    New guy with TXC 450 questions

    Tweak the back brake line so it doesn't rub on the back of the engine case. Did someone mention sprocket bolts??? Do yourself a favor and back the clickers ALL the way off for the first little bit.
  11. oldbones

    Rekluse clutch for Husky '08 TE510

    Randy, Cool, I'm sure you'll like the autoclutch, it's a pretty slick deal. I'm sure you'll hear back soon...
  12. oldbones

    June 1st Euro GP at Eddieville

    I agree with the poster above that pointed out the differences in different types of races. In an Enduro, if someone catches me, I will do my best to let them by at my first decent opportunity. In a woods race or harescramble, I will do the same, but I might try to pick up the pace first to see if I can gap him. At Eddieville or Starvation Ridge? I'm not slowing down or moving over. I won't go out of my way to block (well, unless it's 23 hours in and I know the team behind us is in reach...) but if that guy is faster, he won't have a problem finding a way around me. Hell, thats half the fun! Personally, I hate it when I am catching someone at a wide open track like that, and they pull over and let me by. Sheeeet, I worked hard to reel you in, at least let me blow your doors off!!! BTW, YoDaddy, I didn't mean to come off as harsh. I was just thinking that as a relative newcomer to this site, and admittedly JUST getting back into the scene, maybe your talk was a little strong. You and I are neighbors (really!), so I hope we can get along and go hit the trails together!
  13. oldbones

    Got a big 8" HID now what (help me)

    You bastard. That was going to be MY headlight... If only I had got to my email before you!
  14. Dude, that's nice work! Can you "build" me one of those too? Speaking of which... I heard it through the grapevine that there will be a VERY nice rack offered by Motosportz in the next couple of weeks. I think they plan to offer it for quite a few different bikes, '04 and newer, and I'm pretty sure the 610 is on the list. I'm interested to see it!
  15. oldbones

    Rekluse clutch for Husky '08 TE510

    Randy, I wasn't kidding. Order that thing up (motosportz can hook you up), buy a box of beer and PM me directions. I'd be glad to fetch tools for you while you slap that puppy in there! I'm staying down by the airport.