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  1. Sami

    does a old injury still hurt?

    Ribs by far are the worse injuries to heal from. I have broke my back no real pain healed in 10 weeks hyper extened both ankles and that took about 8 weeks to stop hurting Broke the old tail bone and that took awhile to heal. about 12 weeks By far the hardest thing to heal from was my 2 broken ribs. It happened December 12th (thank you Mr Quadrider that pulled out in front of me) and I was still having pain issues in April. Had x-rays the first part of April and they were still broke but healing. BROKEN RIBS suck!
  2. Sami

    can i trust the pin.

    ISBB back when I raced BMX a very long time ago (late 70's and early 80's) What you did would be called slingshoting the gate and if you got caught doing that you would be DQed. But yes, gates are all about timing.
  3. Sami

    Gate starts on a mini

    My daughter used to race a XR100. I had her using 2nd gear starts and she nearly holeshotted every moto. The XR will launch a little better than a 2 stroke. Have him put it in 2nd ease out on the clutch til he feels the bike preload and kick the throttle up. Not too much at first but have him progress. It took my daughter about an hour and she had them down. No that she has move to the 85 we are starting from scratch again.
  4. Good Ol' Boonboxxx I new it from the first picture. I broke my ribs out there 4 weeks ago when a goon on a quad decided he had enough riding and proceeded to pull off the circle track right in front of me. I was in 5th and I was pinned. Terrible dirt but a fun place to ride when it ain't crowded. Plus the owner Hubert is a great guy.
  5. I have a Venom helmet and really like it. I guess I must be attracted to HIDEOUS things. The helmet is very light and strong. They have a combination kevlar and carbon fiber construction. The styrofoam appears to be very progressive and should provide excellent protection. I am not sure why they are discontinuing the helmet. I think that the titan is the replacement. It has a little different design and has the roost guard added. I know that after a day of riding or racing my neck is less fatiqued.
  6. Sami

    XR 100 clutch pull!

    I did the CR85 clutch perch and lever on my girls XR100 and it help only mildly. Check with MSR . I think they might make a lever that changes the levrage points to make it pull easier.
  7. Sami

    XR 100 maintenance schedule

    My daughter has an XR100 and hers has alot of valve train noise. That is more than likely what you are hearing. The timing chain makes alot of noise. Valve adjustment is easy. Definately a do-it-yourself job if you can turn a wrench. Get the service manual and it will walk you through it.
  8. I did a search on the web and found some local racing organizations. most of them have tons of info on the type of racing. Then go to an event and watch it and see if it interest you, talk to the riders and get their input. Next go enter an event.
  9. Like BlueBlas6 said. Yamahas are rich from the factory. Try this Go get a BR8EG instead of the BR9EG. The 8 is a hotter plug and then raise the clip on the needle jet to the second notch. this will correct your problem Did you use the break in procedure and are you running a 32:1 premix? 125's are ment to be ridden on the pipe but if you do what I said it will be a little more friendly on the plugs.
  10. Just raced my first harescramble type race. It was the WORCS nationals. It was 2/3 x country and 1/3 mx. I thought that I was inshape for this. I practiced on every thing that I thought I would need and I was wrong. I did set one goal and that was to at least finish. I accomplished my goal and finished 17th over all. I got well hydrated a week in advance I ate a high protein breakfast with high carbs and a bannana. But I still had the worse case armpump ever. I think it had to be nerves. I got a good start and maybe pushed to hard. by lap 2 I had to stop and get a drink and rest. That 30 seconds of rest made a huge difference. Still had the arm pump but pushed on. The best advise I can give is set a reasonable goal and have FUN reaching it. If you get tired take a rest and enjoy yourself. I looked like popeye for a couple days after the race.
  11. Sami

    Cockpit Video

    Did you notice how calm he looked?
  12. Sami

    Hands Blistering

    Try riding more with your legs and loosen up with your grip.
  13. Sami

    Removing Baffle TTR225

    Wait, don't go trying to cut the baffle off your exhaust. If you look at the bottom end you will find a phillips head screw. Just remove it and the baffle (aka spark arrester) will pull out. Might need to tap it with a hammer to losen it up. If you ride it with it out check your plug and make sure that your not running to lean. Won't make a significant power increase but will be louder for sure.
  14. Sami

    DFW Riders?

    Steve, Forgot to call you last week when we went to Rip-Char. Looks like you finally got them boys some bikes.
  15. Sami

    XR 80 or XR 100 for daughter

    My girl is 11 also and she is 4'9". She loves her XR 100. Very easy bike to ride. What are the main differences between the 80 and 100? From the displacement the only differnce I can tell is wheel size. Everthing else looks the same. How much taller is the 100? Maybe an inch. but go to the honda website and compare the 2 models How about power and hop up potential? Plenty of stuff out there. Nothing like the TTR 125 but there is enough.