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  1. super_sam_500

    OEM fan kit

    The 4 stroke fan kits were set to come on at 95oC which is about 203oF. I’d think they are the same, so ur not hot enough yet.
  2. super_sam_500

    2018 Xplor 48 sag

    Does anyone know if there is a sag measurement for Xplor forks on a 2018 TE250I?
  3. super_sam_500

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    I don’t know how u ride. I race mine at expert level, I wouldn’t say I’m hard on the engine but I’m not soft on it either. I changed my piston at 80 hours and it looked really good. I think you could get 150hours out of it if u r not reving it hard. Best way is to take exhaust off and have a look it piston that way.
  4. super_sam_500

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    Basically the same as any other 2 stroke. Just unplug the injectors, disconnect the quick release fuel fitting and unplug the temp sensor from the head. Take a note of which plug went on which injector as it’s easy to mix them up. After that it’s just the same as changing a piston on previous models. No need to remove injectors from the cylinder.
  5. super_sam_500

    2019 300XC W TPI

    I have a Husqvarna TE250i. The water pressure method is a lot safer in my opinion. It won’t remove small sharp dents but it will bring bent or badly dented pipe back to life.
  6. super_sam_500

    2019 300XC W TPI

    https://www.hydra-force.co.uk/product/hydraforce-exhaust-blow-out-kit/ This is what ur looking for. I have 1 its awesome, I bent my pipe around the frame and it straightened it out. Saved me from buying about 4 new pipes now!
  7. super_sam_500

    Starting after stalling sxf 250 07

    My bike starts fine hot its just when i stall it. I think it is just using stock jets, but not sure as i have not had it from new. i have just bought a jd jet kit so hopefully that will help.
  8. Hey if i fall off my sxf or stall on a corner it is really hard 2 start. To get it to start again i have 2 turn off the fuel then tip the bike over so it all runs out of the carb then kick it a pile of times. If i just stop it with the kill switch it starts really easy with one kick. It has had a new piston about 3 hours ago, but it was doing this before i put the new piston in it aswell. I never need the choke to start it from cold and i never need the hot start lever. Is my carb set up wrong? Can anyone help?
  9. super_sam_500

    Rebuilding a 09 250sxf - some questions

    I rebuild my 07 sxf an i have never done a 4 stroke before its easy. I would recomend gettin a manual, i got one on eay for £3.
  10. super_sam_500

    2006 Ktm Sx-f 250

    u can get a free service manual from the ktm website, i got one for my 07 sxf 250
  11. super_sam_500

    sxf 250 using ALOT of oil

    If it was the scarper ring would there not be alot of smoke from the exaust. I have never striped down a 4 stroke an i wanna sorta know what im lookin for first before it try anythin!
  12. Hey i have just got an 07 sxf 250, it runs an starts great but when im using it a while it will use ALOT of oil. When im just out for a 15 min run round the yard it doesnt use any but once i start racin it it uses alot. I was out for about 2 hours last sat an i had 2 stop every 15 mins to top up the oil, it used about 2 liters. There is no blue smoke an i cant smell it bein burnt so i dont think its the piston. When i stop i notice some dripping from the breather pipe. Any ideas? cheers