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  1. RallyMoto

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    Wow! That sounds way out of hand to me. That's worse than an old school two stroke. Something sounds wrong to me. I'd take it back to the dealer and see what's up.
  2. RallyMoto

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    I'd like to know so I have an idea where to start. Thanks!
  3. RallyMoto

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    N.dica- Check your engine oil. I've read about this issue on other forums and it's a seal in the slave cylinder failing and draining the DOT 4 into the cases. Fix the seal and change the oil a bunch of times ASAP.
  4. Thanks. I just ordered one from Australia.
  5. Where did you order it from? Everyone I've contacted has said end of April.......
  6. You need to be near WiFi, though, correct? You can't just tune on the trail with your phone?
  7. JD posted up on KTMTalk that the units are in production. That's about all I know.
  8. I'm looking for seat-of-the-pants tune-ability on the trail. I'm not interested in getting the perfect tune on a dyno at this point. JD is tune-able anytime, anywhere. My understanding with the PC is you need a USB connection and fine-tuning is much more elaborate with fuel/timing maps, etc.. I've tuned turbo off-road trucks and I'd rather not go that route again for now. Who knows, I may in the future.
  9. I was going off of the previous generation KTMs and what appears obvious to me. Their airboxes were really open and allowed a lot of flow. If you look at how sealed up this airbox is, the cover fits into grooves and seals very tight, leaving only the small area near the battery and the drain hole in the bottom to suck air through. I wanted to open it up to allow it to breathe for when a fueling solution hits the aftermarket. JD for me, PCV for others. More air = more fuel can be added, which = more power.
  10. Yeah, those are pics of the holes I drilled in the top of the airbox and the FC450 intake boot right before I installed. Stock intake pick for reference. I didn't mic it but the actual diameter of the 450 intake tube seems larger, regardless of the reed cage. Air temp sensor swapped right over. I've been riding it all week and the bike is nice and crisp with exception of the top-end lean-out I mentioned.
  11. Follow-up pics to what I've done so far with the intake. I listed what I've done in the posts above. Bike still goes lean in the top 1/4 throttle. Waiting on JD to get that sorted, but runs really strong and I just keep my wrist from twisting the grip off. Wheelie machine!
  12. Glad to help. I did notice a small bit of intake sound, but only at lower throttle openings.Throttle response is crisper, but I imagine real gains will be realized with the tuner.
  13. FC450 (MX version) has the intake boot Husqvarna intended with no restrictions (my opinion). FE's (street legal versions) have the restrictive reed cage to restrict airflow, or sound, or whatever they were trying to do to meet DOT/EPA requirements. Be curious to know if anywhere else in the world got the intake reeds? Ordered mine from the dealer I got my bike from. Took about 3-4 business days to show up (weekend slowed delivery down).
  14. Yep, easy to roll the TPS back to stock/near stock. Increasing the TPS didn't affect my idle appreciably, so won't be a big deal. I've written everything down as I've made changes. Runs pretty damn well now so it's a decent trade-off until JD, PCV etc. comes out with a tuner for 2017's.