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  1. cm67yz

    CBusby trashed his new bike...

    That was great...
  2. cm67yz

    2008 rmz 450 truth...

    I have to own one!!
  3. cm67yz

    Carmicheal, shortenned suspension?

    I think he cuts his seat down..
  4. cm67yz

    New to Valdosta area where can I ride?

    Its Tyanna Dr.D !!!
  5. cm67yz

    New to Valdosta area where can I ride?

    I was going to take a vacation to see your wife!! But I've seen the Grand Canyon!!
  6. I hope that the front fender and the number plate will work on my 07..I hate that big front fender on my bike!!
  7. cm67yz

    Anybody from florida please help me out.

    Are just a puss:busted:
  8. NO,,,I don't think it was..
  9. Since I work for a Suzuki dealer....It makes since too me!!
  10. Are you telling me that your broke your bike in with that fish oil crap that came with the bike??
  11. cm67yz

    Check out my RM-Z...

    250? or 450?,,,,250 black backgrounds,450 white backgrounds...Love the rim grafix
  12. cm67yz

    Road trip anyone?

    Dave sounds like a blast!! I rode this past weekend and feel great!! Wish I could of put you over the berm at 3 palms..LOL Next time I guess...
  13. cm67yz

    PASTRANA at CycleRanch

    Nice bike!! Dale Clark and I will be at Cycle Ranch this Sat you going??
  14. cm67yz

    SDG Step Seat vs. Low Model

    The lower potion of the sdg seat is not lower but a little higher than stock!! This sucks for me too im short..You can cut your stock seat down like a step seat.. RC's seat is cut down way lower than stock and it a step seat.
  15. cm67yz

    Loudest/best Exhuast

    Just take the exhuast off !! Everybody will think your cool:p