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  1. blvd619

    Part time RC!!!

    yup that is the truth IMO
  2. blvd619

    Wanna see a redneck?

    immagine how big he would go on a real bike!
  3. blvd619

    If you could change one thing about the 450X

    Ditto... more hit, less weight
  4. blvd619

    **** Racing is Expensive

    You speak the truth. All of that plus if you have a get off or two, maybe add a pipe, bars, etc.... Yikes
  5. blvd619

    CRF450X v. 450 EXC

    I have ridden both, a few times. The KTMs really feel like KTMs, if you have ridden a few of them you know what I mean, they just feel way different than jap bikes IMO. The 450 exc feel quite a bit thinner than the x. The brakes a way better on the exc. However the x fells like a good old honda to me and I like that, it feels similar to the CRF but with a bit more weight and a lot less 'whack'! I also feel the x is more stable at high speed than the KTMs feel a bit sketchy, especially w/o a dampner. I n the tighter stuff I have to admit the exc feels better. All in all the KTM has much better fit and finish, nicer parts. But noone has spent more $ on R & D creating the CRF motor and frame than honda, and when you abuse the machine it shows, ride red IMO.
  6. blvd619

    Aftermarket odometer trip computer ? Whats Best?

    In the new issue of dirt bike they test a computer that does everything from engine hours to adjust resets on enduro laps. It looks real durable and of high quality. It is kind of expensive at about $350.
  7. blvd619

    Cam recommendations?

    drop in an 'R' cam, the appearently drop right in.
  8. blvd619

    450x Shes Done!!!!

    pretty cool, nice bike!
  9. blvd619

    Pfffttt...you think your header glows?

    That is what I am taking about! I have seen that in person, not that exact car. One of the cooler things that I have ever seen. There is a big 'you can not have it' factor, that is always cool!
  10. blvd619

    Paddle tire on xr650r?

    I have been riding out there for a couple of decades on lots of different bikes. Currently on a 650r race bike mainly. I found that it pulls better with the same tall desert gearing (15/48) and a 6 cup than dropping the gears a bit and going with a 8 or 10 cup. The longer chain is a good idea, some extra clearance is not a bad thing, you may need it. Don't let off the gas too often otherwise that pig is going to want to nap in the sand! 650r, uncorked, PC jetting, air box mod, cam, full exh, upper/lower applied clamps, scotts dampner, pro tapers, sdg, 3.2 natural tank, PC springs and valving, x-ring chain, excels with hex hubs, rekluse w/over ride, etc, etc.. Have fun and watch out for drunk guys with 600hp long travel 4-seaters!
  11. blvd619

    Soboba Ride Gone BAD

    crazy race, sounds like fun
  12. blvd619

    XR problems?

    I agree some sprocket seal problems on those years, if you do not run synthetic you most likely will not even have that as a problem. The stock wheel/spoke sets are really weak, stock bars and are horrible. I would definently uncork it and then enjoy it, it is a great bike. Precision Concepts in El Cajon, CA. has everything that you would ever need to make the bike all it can be, very nice people too..
  13. blvd619

    Show your PIG

    The bars will take care of themselves as soon as the first tip over happens! You could probably bend those stockers by just tying the bike down to hard! I love my pig, 2003R loaded, D-38...
  14. blvd619

    San Diego McCain Valley VID

    for sure, I might be going this weekend. Sunday at 9am, we always park right where the older guys do the trial riding as soon as you pull into the are, sort of near the big oak tree. I'll look for a yz250f, hope to see ya out there!
  15. blvd619

    San Diego McCain Valley VID

    I ride up there about once a week. Usually on a 650r #6f or #51f. I have some property right by there with a little track. If any one wants to go ride there I am down. Our desert areas are so great around there. Great vid.