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  1. Yeah, he was on the struggle bus. We rode around the boundries so he and another guy could get a feel for where everything is. Hey I was slow but FINE until I had to cross that mammoth prehistoric Tree !! that and having a hard time starting a bike I’ve never ridden ??
  2. Ya I’m probably just gonna do the same.
  3. Yup that’s it !!! just found it as soon as you replied ! Thanks guys ! it’s on its way ??
  4. This is the little Allen head screw on the clutch side, on the clutch cover. Supposed to fill the bike until oil starts to seep out. Then your good to go. it’s just a little level check screw with an aluminum washer. Guessing it’s not really nessisary. Provided I change my oil regularly, and add the recommended amount? It’s just more of an assurance thing. But would still like to replace it
  5. 2012 450 .. for the life of me, I can’t find a part number for this damn screw. Not sure what the correct name of it is? but it’s the little allen head screw on the clutch cover to check oil level. Mine is stripped and I’m gonna need to dremmel a notch in it and remove it with a flat head. Or should I just keep 1200 ml of oil in it and just change it every other ride as usual and not worry about it ?
  6. Ya plenty of tracks within a couple hours. I’m just not good enough to justify driving far to pay 30 Bucs to ride a track for a few hours and get ran over lol .. used to be a few local private tracks but those are dying off. Just wish there were more places to just go play around. when I was a kid, there were places everywhere. Hell im only 39. But so much has changed in the last 20 years around dayton area.
  7. Some moto, I’m old and slow. I’ll ride anywhere really. I live in Dayton but wouldnt mind traveling an hour or so ?
  8. Yes I also can’t stand that !! Lol gonna need a whole new graphics kit soon ! .. don’t wanna look like a goober. And thank you ?
  9. My 2012 ..Gotta ditch the black number plate backgrounds .. bought it this way. I’ve owned it since early July and haven’t even really rode it yet lol .. not many places to ride in southern Ohio these days ?
  10. I have stock gearing on my 2000 CR5 14/49 .. to be honest i would like to go up to a 51 on the track as I can barely get out of 2nd gear, hoping a 51 may give me just enough to be able to lug 3rd gear ... if you can hold that thing wide open 5th gear with a 47 on the rear id say your doing just fine lol
  11. and try www.cr500riders.com ..instead of the "banned" one
  12. shim around the forks at the top position of the clamps that is
  13. I have a 2000 CR500 it has 98 CR250 front forks .. the tubes are longerand have to sit 30mm higher in the clamps and had to use a shim (coke can metal) around the stock 500 clamps at the top only .. sounds silly but A LOT of people do this and it works great ... pretty sure your 2001 250 forks are basically the same size wise as my 98 forks? ... but your 1990 clamps may be a tad smaller or bigger than my 2000's ?? .. not sure if this helps any lol
  14. or anything from UFO plastics part number ending in -70 is your years color red
  15. Fluorescent red is 92-99 only colors .. your bike has the 2000 plus red color (ruby redish) like your shrouds .. you wont be able to find any colors other than white black and 2000 plus red for that bike ... I have a 2000 CR 500 and its hard to find plastic on sights like ebay as they never list which red color it is, and in the pictures its sometimes impossible to tell .. the shades are close , but once you get them on the bike theyre way different looking, .. and also any front fender for a 2000 and up cr 125/250/250f/450f will fit on that bike up untill 2008 .. even the newest 450 fender and front plate will fit with some drilling .. I would look for a 2004 and up front fender, a little more modern looking and the red color will match
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