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  1. hows it going guys, ive been shopping around for a couple weeks for my new bike. im leaning towards a 2011 right now on craigslist. Stock sprockets on the bike looks like it has very low hours. he posted the bike for 5500 but i think thats to much because of the new bikes coming out in 2013 what do you guys think its worth? http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/mcd/3277736183.html as far as upgrades go, if i get the bike i want to get the forks resprung and revalved...from all the reviews they say this bike does still have an un-settling feeling in 2011.....what do you guys think? then im leaning towards a MRD pipe and re-map to open this thing up thanks guys
  2. alexo718

    2011 RMZ 450 thoughts and opinions

    Found one on Craigslist that seems clean. I just sold my 06 crf 450 to try a FI bike. Condition of bike: Vet owned says he raced 40+ int. Transmission was tumbled (?) Suspension revalved 90 hours on bike What do you guys think? I was leaning towards a new bike but for the price this one doesn't seem to bad to check out. 4900$ Thank you
  3. alexo718

    Dual exhaust!

    im preety sure we've already figured out that the dualies produce less horsepower...i think most ppl will be switching out the stock exhaust for a single....but they say the duals balance the bike out for a better center of gravity
  4. alexo718

    408MX goPRO edit!

    this was all filmed with a gopro! and im not sure...i didnt make the video haha
  5. alexo718

    2008 CRF250R Build

    looks good haha, post how much you spent on everything too when your done!!!
  6. all the riders enjoying the great track out here in san jose california! let me know what you guys think....my bike number is 718
  7. alexo718

    Anyone used any of the builder series hotcams?

    hey ron do aftermarket cams cause more valve slap or beating on the seats? im running the stock 06 cam (good wheel spin but i would like more up top) but i dont want to be destroying heads every 50 hours....i got my head done over a year ago and havnt even touched it since.... any help would be awesome im leaning towards an 08R cam or the stage 2 hotcams....im preety much running stock motor with just the 13:1 08 piston
  8. alexo718

    06 CRF 250

    new hondas are nice but they dont seem to be very reliable, yamahas seem to be slugs....but it really depends on how you ride it and how you maintain it...cheers
  9. alexo718

    06 CRF 250

    pics would def help this thread... but i love my 06....bought it new in 07....preety much solid for the first couple years of riding... depending on how hard you ride your gonna run into problems, ive had 2 tranny failures (3rd gear stripped bent mainshaft, blown shift drum) ive seen other 06s blow trannys ive also blown a crank, 3 top ends....got my head redone with stiffer valve springs(havnt shimmed since) put the 08 triple clamps on there love it, got suspension work done love the bike, if you need any more help post some pics
  10. alexo718

    Anyone used any of the builder series hotcams?

    i would think the stage 1 hotcam would be best for you...not that i have any expierence with it, ive heard that the 05R cams make the best bottom end... but im preety interested in this thread too, im looking to put a stage 2 hotcam in my r to boost the over rev...if someone with expierence with these cams jump into this thread it would be awesome cause i have some questions too!!
  11. alexo718

    250 rebuild

    sweet bike!
  12. alexo718

    Questions concerning '06 CRF450r

    fork rebuild should be good, make sure your sag is set right.... and theres nothing like a fresh bridgestone 403 on the front
  13. alexo718

    Who has the nicest 250F?

    hit a puddle?
  14. i sold my neck brace a couples ago.....restricted my shoulder postioning coming into corners