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  1. dr_drz

    Another DRZ 125 carb tuning question

    You may want to remove the brass cap covering the pilot screw, so you can adjust it. The pilot jet is the coarse tuning, the pilot screw is the fine tuning. The pilot jet should be set as small as possible so that a quick return to idle is achieved. First, rev up the engine somewhat. Then, release the throttle. If the engine RPMs hunt around or hang up, the pilot is too lean. Turn the pilot screw out to richen. If the screw gets more than 4 turns out without producing a quick return to idle, turn the screw back to 2 turns out and go up one size on the pilot jet. You want as small a pilot as you can with a quick (2-3 second) return to a normal idle. A quick return to idle does not, by itself, indicate that the pilot system is set correctly. You want the smallest pilot jet which will produce a quick return to idle. Your situation sounds like the pilot is too rich, so you may want to jump down 2 sizes on the pilot jet to begin this process.
  2. dr_drz

    05 TE250 with 310 kit won't idle

    Sounds like the pilot system is too lean. I don't own a Husky, but am very familiar with Keihin FCR carbs. Try richening the pilot using the pilot screw. If that doesn't work, you may need to go up one size on the pilot jet. If you have opened up the airbox or gone to an aftermarket air filter, that can cause a pilot system to become more lean. Also, the pilot jet is very small, so crud usually clogs it first. The way I adjust the pilot is to start too lean (sounds like where your bike is right now) and keep richening until there is a quick return to idle. If the RPMs hunt around for awhile before returning to idle, then it is still too lean. You are looking for a setting that is just barely rich enough to produce a nice return to idle.
  3. dr_drz

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    I am sorry, but I don't remember. I don't have the bike anymore, so I can't check on it for you.
  4. dr_drz

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    Fixed, at least for a while. No problems removing the swing arm bolt from either machine.
  5. dr_drz

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    I'll check in more often to see how things are going. Keep us up to date. Post a picture or two.
  6. dr_drz

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    Two possibilities that I can think of: 1) Just give it a try. I didn't know that the front end from the RM100 was going to be a bolt on for the DR-Z 125. I got lucky on that one. I thought that I was going to have to have some machining done. Unless you can find a thread like this one where someone has done the project before, it is just a guess as to how to go about it. 2) Sell the DR 200 and buy something that has a better upgrade path. The Honda CRF230F has a pretty good supply of aftermarket parts. I'll bet there are plenty of threads over in the Honda section about upgrading a CRF230F. A general comment: upgrading Suzukis is harder than upgrading Hondas or Yamahas. The aftermarket supply of parts for Honda and Yamaha is much larger. If you want to go buy something and bolt it on, your choices are much larger for bikes from those manufacturers than it is for those from Suzuki. With Suzukis you will probably end up with some do-it-yourself parts of the project.
  7. dr_drz

    DR-Z125 & RM100 Conversion project

    I had already done a bike like that for my son. You can see that project on this TT thread. For that project I put an upgraded XR100 engine into a CR80 frame. I just thought that I would do it differently for this project.
  8. dr_drz

    2005 Dr-z 125 wont idle

    Read my post above on the procedure for adjusting the pilot screw.
  9. dr_drz

    2010 YZ250f

    Isn't it amazing how much people fear software? I guess that is Microsoft's contribution to the world.
  10. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    The big difference being that Yamaha recalled them, whereas Honda never did. Honda claimed that it was a problem with users not installing the air filter correctly.
  11. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    Sorry, I am still not communicating very well. The reason that I have two steel framed bikes, is that the frame is not a big issue with me. KTM still makes very good bikes with steel frames. What I am frustrated about is how much time Yamaha is spending on frame development, to the detriment of other aspects of the bike. Yamaha's big announcement for this year is that they finally have a frame like everyone else. That is disappointing to me. I realize that FI doesn't seem like a big deal to those whose riding conditions aren't that variable. However, it is a big deal to someone with significant elevation changes during a ride. It takes a couple of years for MX innovations to trickle down to the enduros that I ride. That means that if I want to buy a Yamaha enduro with FI, it will probably be 3 years from now that I could do that. I'm guessing that Honda will have it on their CRF250X next year or the year after. Husqvarna already has it on their enduros. I am actually a Yamaha fan. I just wish that they would stop dinking around on frame development, and work a little harder on the fuel system.
  12. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    You would be wrong with that guess. I am on my second WR250F. The name is an unfortunate choice long ago. It would be nice if TT let you change your name, but keep all your old posts. Oh well... I have owned Suzukis, Hondas, Yamahas and one Kawasaki. I am currently riding a 2005 WR250F. My son is on a highly modified XR250R. Brands don't matter to me as much as technology and design. One very key technology to me is fuel injection. Here in Colorado we can go from 6,000 ft to over 10,000 ft in one ride. I realize that is not the case for many parts of the US. It has been disappointing to see everyone making progress with FI for off road bikes, except Yamaha. When I am in the market for my next ride, it looks like Yamaha won't be an option. That's a shame, because I like Yamaha's products.
  13. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    In case folks aren't catching it: "bilateral beam" is just Yamaha's way of saying "twin spar". I don't know where it is written that twin spar is better, all I know is that all four Japanese manufacturers now use twin spar frames. Perhaps you should ask Yamaha why it finally switched to a twin spar.
  14. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    If you believe that Yamaha has one designed, but not released, you don't understand manufacturing. As soon as it is done, it should be released to manufacturing so that you can begin getting a return on your R&D investment. To say that they have one designed, but have it sitting on the shelf, is saying something far worse about Yamaha than I did. I didn't think that they were held back by the frame, either. Yamaha, however, seems to disagree with us, because they just chose to do a frame change rather than put the effort into something else. They have FI on other 250 fourstrokes, it seems strange that they can't get it done on their YZ's. Now they are back to playing catch-up.
  15. dr_drz

    2010 Yamaha YZ250F Released!

    Yamaha has really lost it as far as product development is concerned. They were the last Japanese manufacturer to switch to aluminum frames. Now they are the last to switch to twin spar frames. Still nothing on the horizon as far as fuel injection is concerned. They continue to ignore Honda's CRF150R and the significant revenue opportunity that represents. At one time Yamaha was the leader in four stroke motocross development. They were the one with the innovation that the others were trying to catch. That sure seems like a long time ago...