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  1. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Would you reuse this piston??

    I've seen a LOT worse than that and kept them going for a long time. I know that money and piston's don't grow on trees. Run her until she gives up. XR's are plenty tough.
  2. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Cam Chain with Master Link

    I'm not sure about Suzuki parts but Mike's XS sells a cam chain with a master link. If they don't have one, maybe they could direct you. Their customer service via email is usually pretty good..... Semper Fi.....
  3. fastestoldwheelieguy

    What caused this?

    A lot of good ideas for the cause out there. Another one could be timing and kickback. If you've ever had it kick back on you then that extreme instant force energy has to go somewhere! Years ago I had my old XT500 Yamaha kick back so hard that it broke the kickstarter shaft and slapped the kickstarter forward so hard that it broke the clutch cover and broke one ear off of the clutch basket inside the clutch cover! I limped around for about a week after that one!
  4. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Flywheel bolt wont come off

    Don't panic! With the clutch cover removed, (of course the transmission oil will drain out), you can simply wad up a shop rag and stuff it between the drive gear on the end of the crankshaft and the large clutch gear that circles the clutch. This will allow them to stay still as you remove the nut from the magneto flywheel without damaging the gears. Since you already have the engine out of the frame, this is a little harder to do so you will probably need a second person to assist in holding the engine as you use a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar on it. Just another option...... Bueno suerte!
  5. fastestoldwheelieguy

    05 CRF 450 won't run once choke is off

    Semper Fi devil dog! USMC 1967-1971 here. Just FYI, in the future, when cleaning the carb, take a thin piece of safety wire and physically poke it through the orfices of the main jet and ESPECIALLY the idle jet. Dirt or a piese of sand can get lodged in the idle jet easily mainly because it is so small. Sometimes compressed air and/or carb spray will not knock them out. If you don't have any safety wire, you can use a bristle off of your shop wire brush. Just make sure all the orfices will allow it to pass through. The smallest particle can really gum up the works!!
  6. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Hill climbs with your 250

    Well, here is my two cents worth. I usually ride a heavily altered CRF 450X. There is always power to spare so when I added the WR to my fleet, I found that it was time to beef it up a bit. It now has the FMF Q pipe and programmer which made a ton of difference. Also, removed the air box flap and added a Twin Air filter. As for the hill climbs, I added 5 teeth to the rear sprocket and that was a perfect move for me. The speedo was way inaccurate to begin with and now it is more than ever but I just use it for a reference anyway. I always ride with my Garmin GPS which gives PERFECT speed reading as well as miles traveled, etc. The little WR is obviously weaker than the CRF as well as 50 pounds heavier at 290+ pounds and with my 190 more on top of it, still manages to find the top of some plenty long and rough hillclimbs. The stock tires will get you stuck on dry pavement. I added a set of Dunlot knobbies to mine (no matter what the Texas DPS says) and I doubt if I will make any more changes to it. Just twist the right wrist a little more!! Buena suerte!!
  7. fastestoldwheelieguy

    WR205R Speedo Error , any fix?

    I guess I'm just old fashioned (check my age at the left). I really don't give a hoot whether the speedo is accurate or not. I just use it for a general reference anyway. After regearing my WR to give it more low end poop, the speedo is WAY off. I simply compare it to my on board GPS and now know that it is exactly 10 MPH off at 50 MPH meaning that when the GPS says I am doing 40 MPH, the speedo says I'm doing 50 MPH. Of course the amount of error is linear so it changes as does the speed. I reset my odometer when I fill up so I then know when I'm getting close to putting in more fuel however it's nice to have the low fuel light too. I suppose that will crap out someday soon??? The nicest thing Yamaha could do the the bike is take off about 40 pounds of fat! It's hard to believe this 250 weighs more than my CRF450!
  8. fastestoldwheelieguy

    WR250 R/X Airbox Mods

    Nice photo's and directions but I think I accomplished about the same thing with one screw. Just ran a self tapping screw through the air box door after removing the solenoid. Kinda simple but plenty effective. Also, added the FMF Q4 pipe and FMF programmer and Twin Air filter. Incredible difference. Also added two teeth to the rear sprocket for more low end grunt. Also made a simulator circuit for the EXUP servo which was removed. Now the bike actually RUNS!!
  9. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Gps For Motorcycle

    Hi Kzoo, Yes the Garmin etrex Vista HCx CAN be powered from the bike as well. You can purchase the cigarette lighter adapter cord and modify it to go on your bike. Be careful NOT to switch polarity while hooking it up. Can you say "POOF"??? I didn't bother to run the wires to mine because it uses such little power and the AA batteries will keep it going for two full days of riding. Keep in mind that you should protect the wire with an inline fuse of some sort and locate it as close to the power source as possible. I haven't dug into the electrical of my WRR yet but there may even be a place on the fuse box where you can power it without adding the inline fuse. I am an aircraft electrician for a living and I know first hand what can happen if a unit is not properly fused. I would think that a 1 amp fuse would do the trick. Good luck!!
  10. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Gps For Motorcycle

    OOPS! forgot, I will have photo's soon so if you will email me, I'll send 'em to ya'. jonp48@suddenlink.net
  11. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Gps For Motorcycle

    I have a Garmin Vista HCx. In my opinion, it is the BEST dirt bike unit made. It is small and uses only two AA batteries and it will run for two full days of riding. Is is also water proof. Keep in mind that turning up the brightness will gobble more battery power but the unit also automatically dims itself. Even when it is on it's lowest setting, it is easy to see. The mount that I use and highly recommend is made by Ram Mounts. The part number is RAM-HOL-GA16U. You simply make a mount out of a flat piece of metal and use the provided stainless steel screws to attach the mount. I have mine mounted under two of the handlebar bolts. Perfect place, easy to see. The Etrex also has a programmable chip which is sold separately for about $15. I currently have a 1 G chip in it which is WAY more than you will ever need. The mount cost about $10 and worth evey penny. Hope that helps!!
  12. fastestoldwheelieguy

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    HI, I noticed your FMF Power Programmer. Can you tell me a little about it? I have one ordered but haven't received it yet.
  13. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Alright....Somebody talk some sense into me...PLEASE....

    Hands down, the best deals around are Durant Cycle in Durant, Oklahoma. Ask for Tommy, he owns the place. He just saved me almost $900 on my WR250R. No other Dallas area dealer could even get close to that....Good luck..
  14. fastestoldwheelieguy

    Trail Tech Vapor

    Got one on my '05 CRF450X and LOVE it. The fact that you can preset temp parameters help you keep the engine from overheating and tells you when you need to get out of the "thicket" and start moving to get some air through the radiator. I know no reason why one of these should not be adaptable to almost any water cooled bike. Also, you may have to do some engineering to mount the magnet in the front brake area if the one you have isn't made for that specific bike. Good luck....
  15. fastestoldwheelieguy

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    Born Dec. 10th, 1948. You do the math.....yep, you're right! 60 and counting! The WR250R is approximately my 75th motorcycle but who's counting. LOTS of fun but even though the bike weighs 295 lbs, to me it feels as light as a 125 but I am used to riding a CRF450X with goodies on it. If anyone is interested in seeing some of the cosmetic mods that I have made to mine, just email me at jonp48@suddenlink.net and I will be happy to share some photo's. Bars go up, rubber goes down...