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  1. matthew trachsler

    BIG triple

  2. matthew trachsler

    Stripping pipe of paint ( Finished Product Pg 3 )

    sorry bout the 2 same pics it looks grey in the picture but once I started it up it sorta treated it and now it looks just like bare metal make sure u buy the heat clearcoat so it doesnt melt off
  3. matthew trachsler

    Stripping pipe of paint ( Finished Product Pg 3 )

    I wire brushed mine and gave her a few coats of clearcoat
  4. matthew trachsler

    This Track Is SICK!

    looks pretty awsome once the race finally started
  5. matthew trachsler

    trailers pulled by dirtbikes????

    looks pretty cool how far can u lean when turning?
  6. matthew trachsler

    Matt Lemoine scrub

    I was going to say hes not going to make it but even by that last pic it looks like he could pull it off just maybe. I like the way Lucas Oil advertises
  7. matthew trachsler

    2010 Yz

    I dont know what Yamaha is thinking I understand them putting lots of money into their 4-strokes but come on seriously im a die hard YZ fan and I was looking forward to seeing the new YZ to find out its the exact same? So much for buying a 2010 ill just buy a 09 for huge savings I know its not really helping to keep the 2-stroke alive but come on throw on some freakin new colors, weight loss, the newer swing arm would have been nice, anything and I would have baught a 2010, guess not. If Yamaha doesnt come out with something good for 2011 I might have to switch to orange and I really dont want to do that but seriously I might have to plan a trip to Japan and smack all those Yamaha employee's one by one starting with the owner and making my way down till I see some changes
  8. matthew trachsler

    It's Here...the 2010 YZ450F

    B E A U T I F U L L !
  9. matthew trachsler

    reed riding red next year.....

    They dont need to win a championship because they cant. Just my opinion.
  10. matthew trachsler

    Blue Flames

    Its the type of gas there running. Pretty high performance stuff im assuming but I dont know exactly what it is
  11. matthew trachsler

    Changing coolant and oil.

    As for the 2 philip skrews im assuming u can unskrew both of them if antifreeze starts pourin u know u got the right one if not then its probably just a skrew thats helping to hold the water pump on so just skrew it back in. but a picture of the water pump would really help. If I had to guess what skrew it would be Id say it would be the higher of the 2. Like I say I own a YAMAHA so its hard to say.
  12. matthew trachsler

    Changing coolant and oil.

  13. matthew trachsler

    Changing coolant and oil.

    Changing the oil is fairly simple now I dont own a Honda but its basically the same on all bikes take her for a rip let it warm up go through the gears then let it cool down for about 5 mins and unskrew the oil drain bolt on the underside of the bike hold the bike level so it all gets out then poor a little bit of new oil in until it dumps out the drain hole just to flush it out then put the oil drain bolt back in not to tight only like 7-9 ft-lbs. As for the coolant there should be a bolt somewere near the water pump at least thats how it is on my YZ pull it out let it drain flush it out with some new stuff then put the bolt back in and fill her up with some 50/50 antifreeze/water mix hope that helps but now its my turn Ive got a 05 Ski-doo MXZ 583 and my steerings messed when the skiis are straight the handlebars arnt there tilted to the right how do I loosen the steering so I can straighten them then tighten them back up again?
  14. matthew trachsler

    My backyard helmet paint jobs

    very impressive
  15. matthew trachsler

    Fans of Huskys, KTMs and other non Yam-Hon-Kaw-Suz dirt bikes

    To me it seems like a company like KTM puts so much money into the cosmetic part of the bike rather than the performance and it shows in KTM sales. A lot of those die hard KTM fans are only fans because they got the best looking bike on the track stewart, carmicheal, reed all them dont give a crap what color there bike is or what shape there fenders are as long as its winning them races and money. Ive heard nothing but bad things about KTM suspension and im assuming thats why real pro's dont race them. thats my 2 cents