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  1. yamaha86421

    Plating a KTM

    I’ve herd mass has some list as well but I agree it’s always a gamble but doesn’t hurt to try.
  2. yamaha86421

    Plating a KTM

    Walk into rmv say I would like to register my ktm motorcycle I just purchased hand them the certificate of origin and any other documents required to register a new motorcycle for the road for NJ. Now getting an "inspection sticker" requires you to have all the dot stuff(depending on shop or if you know someone) Registering for the road and yearly inspection two different things. What allows you to do this with ktm is it DOES NOT SAY " FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY" on the certificate of origin. So the registry just sees it at as a motorcycle because that whats the certificate of origin says. This same process goes for every state. The people at the rmv do not know the difference between ktms "dirt bikes" and "street bikes" all they look at is that the certificate of origin says motorcycle. Also A little side note I have had two Honda 450r go through through with the off road use only statement not being noticed and getting lucky and getting them plated but also had them notice on one.
  3. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    I put a chain on it to go through the gears she is in deed in 100% working order. The previous owner took chain off so no devil children in the family would take the bike for a ride while he was away but unfortunately lost it. Im really excited to have this bike and getting the confirmation that it is pretty much original non resto. Thanks For everyones reply. And yes it is the bridgestones on there
  4. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    also found this from yesterdays mecum auction https://www.mecum.com/lots/LV0118-314622/1981-honda-cr450r-mx-racer/
  5. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    Thank you for everyones response. So The original pictures I posted were the ones I was sent from seller. After coming Home from work last night and spending some time looking it over it looks to me someone bought this rode it a few times to break it in and set it up for racing(zip ties on spokes, saftey wire on bolts, suspension setting notes on rear shock) and then just put it away, and maby over the years replaced some parts here and there. The foot peg wear goes right with the slight frame wear and chain guide wear. There is still factory check paint on oil drain bolt as well(someone could of done this in the resto). Now can anyone tell me if these are indeed the original tires the bike came with( I thought I took pictures of the actual tires but I guess I didnt and will post them tonight) and as far as the guys saying stuff is out of place what is it that is out of place. I want to make this thing as correct as possible. Im working on getting the front number plate bracket actually found a honda dealer that has a new old stock. Here are some additional pictures I took last night. Also does anyone have a new old stock chain kicking around from the 80's. Once spring time comes around shes going for a lap or two around southwick.
  6. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    I am most likely going to sell it. I wish It was spring so I can go do a couple laps on it.
  7. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    Also were they putting safety wire on the exhaust and sprocket bolts from the factory in those days as show in the pictures?
  8. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    Those are my thoughts as well after a little research. This bike pretty much just fell into my hands and could not pass it up for how clean and original it is. I agree with the restored guess but you can also notice wear and tear on frame, kick start and brake lever, chain guide all pretty much equal. It almost looks like a bike that was just track ridden on good days. I have not even ridden it as to being in the north east and the terrible weather we have right now.
  9. yamaha86421

    Questions 81 cr450r

    So I just picked up an extremely clean great running 81 cr450r. It appears to me almost all orginal down to the tires cant really tell if its been restores or not. Now is this a bike I try to sell or keep and just have fun with. Basically just wondering what you guys think the value is on this and I can take it from there. Thank you.
  10. yamaha86421

    Can a 250/300 smoker hang with 450s?

    Work on your information bud and look up what a wr will do vs Yz the wr is gonna have a lot wider transmission and possibly six speed depending which one and I had road plenty of 450s bud. Like I said a 450 will take it all day in the bottom end but that wr is gonna have a higher top speed. Totally different transmissions. so do your homework better and look at what bikes can actually do and get the right one for you.
  11. yamaha86421

    Can a 250/300 smoker hang with 450s?

    I apologize if this has been said but I did not want to read through 13 pages of post because this could be answered in one statement a very skilled rider on a Crf 50 will beat a true beginner on the latest and greatest 450 or any brand new bike. The question can this bike be competive with this bike When comparing different engine cc and design is the stupidest question you can ask. It's all about bike set up to your comfort and actual skill level. Yes I get it if you put the same pro on a 450 and 250 back to back that person will probably be faster on a 450. ride what you feal comfortable on, ride what you can afford and the most important, ride what's the most fun to you. And to answer your question about the "high gear" physical engine size has very little effect on top speed of a bike . Say yz450f vs wr250r the Yz will take it all day long untill the wr gains it's legs in 6th gear and walks past that 450 doing 95 mph while the 450 is doing 65-70 off the rev limiter but it got there quick for sure. As far as my opinion on 250/300. As long as your getting a "cross country model" Ktm xc, husky tx betta rr, you can not go wrong for the best all around bike. I've road my xc in the nastiest single track in the morning and went and did laps at the local mx track in the afternoon with only messing with the clickers on suspension slightly. I'm no pro rider by a long shot but I am a decent mid level rider and after going through about 12 bikes over the years finally realizied that bike set up and skill is 95% of your actual speed whether your on a Xr 100 or 2018 Ktm 450sxf factory edition and I think Most people need to realize this as well. And if your trying to decide 300vs 250, top speed is pretty much the same 300 better bottom end power softer top end power feals a little heavier while riding when actual weight numbers are very close. More power more effort to ride. 250 softer bottom end stronger top end more "powerband fealing" Feals lighter than 300 while riding
  12. yamaha86421

    Blown bottom end?

    You will find out once it is apart. Its the Only way to tell exactly what parts are bad in a motor.
  13. yamaha86421

    2017 300 XC-W Taillight Power

    Not sure if xcw is different electrical, But on my 17 xc I have separate dc and ac plugs. Both my headlight and taillight are just cheep universal ones but both run off dc power that I got off of open connectors.
  14. yamaha86421

    Ktm 250 sx oil

    honda 80/85 transmission oil or belray gear saver is what Ive run in all my two strokes and my honda 4 strokes that had separate trans and engine oil.
  15. yamaha86421

    300XC Crb Drain Bolt

    On my 17 30xc. All I do is loosen both clamps on carb and rotate and I can get a socket on it takes less than one minute. Ones I could not rotate I just use a wrench to get at seems pretty simple to me never saw the need for any special set up or tool. This Bike Is so simple to access anything on it. I also love how the frame has a slot in it so you can get a long screw driver in there to change needle. Seems like they actually thought of the person working on the bike with the 17 takes less than two minutes to change jets