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  1. taggkent

    mystery stator core

    thanks for reply. OK it looks like il have to whip the cover off and have a look because theres probably been some tinkering by a PO i recon. Cheers
  2. taggkent

    mystery stator core

    hi guys Im playing with my wiring on an 01 xr250r From this wiring diagram; I should have 5 wires coming from the stator, as follows; red and black - to CDI Pink Blue - these two go to the AC reg for lights etc Green Blue and yellow - these two go to the CDI Now, i have all of these wires, and one extra; a white and yellow one?? Anyone know what its for?? The only other wire coming from the stator according to the diagram, is this earth (circled in red) But i assumed this would be an internal earth?? Any input appreciated Tom
  3. taggkent

    XR-250-R 277 or 280 Carb?

    ah good plan. So if i make a smaller squirt jet, and fit a stop collar, then i should get less of a squirt and the same duration. Il make a start tomorrow. Hopefully i can get the stock squirt jet out without damaging the body of the carb, does anyone know how they are held in place? hopefully just an interference fit?
  4. taggkent

    XR-250-R 277 or 280 Carb?

    does anyone know how to make a pumper squirt less? Maybe i could machine up another squirt jet with a smaller hole? but this would increase the squirt duration right?
  5. taggkent

    Pulse Generator 83 XR350 Spec?

    So you have no spark, and your pulse gens continuity reading is 10 times what it should be? Sounds like you may have found the problem? surely im missing something here lol
  6. taggkent

    XR-250-R 277 or 280 Carb?

    I dont know if anyone is still interested but ive had the xlr350 carb fitted for 2 rides. Its fitted with a xr400 airbox boot with a concentric spacer to make up the gap. Spacer Airbox side of carb filed flat Spacer loctited onto carb I didnt fit an angular spacer on the inlet manifold side as it doesnt seem to need it. I had to do a few small fitment mods to the carb which il detail if anyone wants the info. Getting closer with the jetting, went from 130 main to 140 main and it seems much better at WOT, seems very strong actualy, a good gain from stock carb without doubt. Seems a little weak in the midrange, i may go one clip richer on the needle as my next change. However, when i crack the throttle open, it seems to pick up revs better AFTER the pumper squirt has ended. Im thinking the 1/2 throttle range is lean, but the pump is too aggressive, and the mix is over rich when it squirts?! Only way is to try it first up one needle notch, then down one and see what is better. Another little niggle is the bike seems a little "on or off" when twisting the throttle slightly off the throttle stop, any ideas whats causing this?
  7. taggkent

    mysterious loss of compression

    Uh-oh, que long and boring oil thread lol
  8. taggkent

    Dieing Bike

    certainly electrical. Kill switch? try disconecting it
  9. taggkent

    Tough job ahead

    Its just a case of getting on with it im afraid. It doesnt take too long, but take your time and use a decent scraper. You dont want to damage the surface.
  10. taggkent

    bar risers?

    Yea, well they are homemade ones.
  11. taggkent

    bar risers?

    lol i hope not.
  12. taggkent

    bar risers?

    yes feels much better with them furthur forward. I am also about 6' 1" I jumped on my mates xr4 the other day, he has no bar risers and it felt horrible, i literaly was scared to go over 10 mph lol With the bars higher and furthur forward i dont hang off the back off the bike so much, it has saved my forearms no end and i have much better control of my forward/backward movement on the bike With these I find it easier to control body position when accelerating and braking, as im using more back and chest muscles rather than just pure shoulders. Picture how easy it is to do a push up when your hands are in line with your chest, then try to do a push up with your hands down by your stomach Just my 2 pence tho, you might not get on with them
  13. taggkent

    bar risers?

    another option when you have your bar risers fitted is to make up some reach extendors I used a bit of stainless square bar 3 holes in line 32mm apart (from memory) 2 holes 8mm in diameter, the far hole drilled and tapped to M8 You need 6 bar clamp bolts, 2 short, 2 medium and 2 long then fit em like this with the far bolts (those obscured by the handlebar pad) screwing into your tapped M8 holes I realise that is a pretty piss poor explaination, hopefully you can figure it out
  14. taggkent

    bar risers?

    If your on a budget make your own bar risers! I machined mine up from aluminium Get a suitably size chunk of ALU Drill/machine a 7/8" hole in it, Drill 8mm clearance holes to acomodate bar clamp bolts cut in half get longer bar clamp bolts Alternatively, i think some guys just get another set of bar clamps, file the tops flat, flip em over and fit them instead- seems an easy fix:banana:
  15. taggkent

    XR250L will it start without a battery?

    cheers for the replies, im just trying to figure out how everything works with a view to imroving the crap spark i seem to get on my 250R The 250L has a 3 phase altenator with 3 phase reg/rec, so the input to the CDI is a nice constance 12v This seems a better solution than an AC waveform that is timed to be positive when the cdi "fires" the coil I can also understand the 250Ls coil arrangement and the R confuses me a little lol Is the CDI map the same on the L and the R?? With regards to a cap, i was thinking about that, what makes you suggest it when running for a while?