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  1. Hi JJRcae, 


    Was looking for some old thread about XL250R mods and fouund your project here:  

    I wonder if you still have some pictures about it? I am interested to do the same thing with the exhaust.


    Thanks in advance, 


  2. JJRace

    Tokyo Mods Engine Vent Kit

    Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki don't use a filter? so is that better with a filter and why??? again over thinking
  3. JJRace

    Another pwk thread, 05 cr125, YZ pwk

    Yamaha or KTM. look up a KTM 150. stock needle if I remember for a few years
  4. JJRace

    05 CR125, Any known Problems?

    http://motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/2006-HONDA-CR125-TEST-3553.aspx 05-07 are the same bikes, BNG
  5. JJRace

    2006 CRF450R White Plastics Fitting?

    05-06 only crf450r lets get more detail front fender, fork guards, radiator shrouds, tank, rear fender, radiator deflectors and frame guards, rear brake guards are 05-08 07-08 use different mount on the side panels lower mount 08 has a specific 1 year only number plate on the 450. carried over to the 09 crf250r 250 vs 450 front number plate, fork guards, front disc guard, rear brake guards and front fender are the same for each year. all the other plastic is 250 vs 450 specific
  6. acerbis, cycra have glide plates. I would bet you could get a 450x skid plate and make it work
  7. JJRace

    Need jetting help ASAP

    good deal! make sure you do a plug chop, sounds lean a bit
  8. JJRace

    Need jetting help ASAP

    ok site is not working real well went back to my old files. 45/175 3rd clip on a 05. modified the AP (pm me if you need the file) and ran a 45 55 or 90 leak jet for any bikes I worked on. Then get an extended fuel screw and dial it in. Again an externally adjustable leak jet like the R&D or QS3 helps dial it in faster. The R&D also helps to keep from cavatating.
  9. JJRace

    Tokyo Mods Engine Vent Kit

    8 years, no issues. works fine. don't overthink it. all other brands just vent without a filter.
  10. JJRace

    Need jetting help ASAP

    So you went to Albany?? Yeah, again, you need to look at my advice there. I had a bunch of friends out there that I tune their bikes sunday riding.
  11. JJRace

    Mikuni Carb

    The problem with the MIkuni is that they are very finicky to weather, temp and day to day. One day you will spend all day tuning it and it runs great. start the bike up the next day, and it runs like crap, falls on its face, fouls plugs and just runs like crap. That is the biggest issue. it is more exaggerated on the 125s, but still is an issue with the 250s. read MXAs review of the last few years of the CR. runs great, then pings, runs like crap and start all over again with the jets.
  12. JJRace

    What years were they white?

    none had full white. 09-present use a white rear fender.
  13. JJRace

    Cr480 only has three gears

    you wont know until you tear into. could be forks, shift mechanism, gears, missing parts, who knows
  14. go up on the pilot size to a 45. start there. Last time I did an 05 we ended up with like a 90 leak and 4th clip. But you need to make sure the AP diagphram is on good shape. May need to be replaced. Also there is a cam at the throttle linkage that may need replaced also.
  15. JJRace

    MX Bonz CNC AirBox Kit Needed

    PC racing also sells a kit. You can get them off ebay. otherwise, remove the stock boot and seal it with a sealant like SIKAFLEX221. comes in black, you can get it from a RV dealership if you cannot find it other places.