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  1. Kangomik

    A few mods "my way"

    thats me off to the garage with the ziptye's It's not to bad for me because i have long fingers, but it is a niggle. I have never tried with gloves on that must be really bad!
  2. Kangomik

    brake tapping in air

    guys may i ask, because this is all new to me and we never did this all those years ago. Back brake with clutch in = front wheel down? Throttle on = front wheel up? So what about front brake, if used at all?
  3. Kangomik

    A few mods "my way"

    you have way too much time on your hands i am soo jealous. Excellent work, very well thought out stuff. Can you do something with that choke lever??? Good stuff
  4. Kangomik

    How do you practice?

    the more hours the better, if you enjoy riding fast then you will always be trying to go faster, its usually in the riders nature. Spend time to practice technical stuff. Like wise if you love tech sections take time to ride fast. Always ride with faster riders, IF you want to be quicker. Many riders in all disciplines learn soo much by following riders. And don't be affraid to ask riders questions, they are only human and even top riders will normally share info and techniques freely.
  5. Kangomik

    is the klx 450r more reliable than a 450f with 0 hours?

    as i read it, inlet valves are different, exhaust is different, airbox/delivery is different, flywheel is heavier, and the mapping is different. As for reliability sorry cannot help
  6. Kangomik

    Wont start

    Sounds like the carb has dried up and could have varnished the jets. If you have a syringe or even oil can, put a little fuel in. Take the side cover off and remove air filter, then squirt a little fuel towards the carb, spin it over see if this fires her up. you may need to do it a couple of times. Once the air flow is created it usually clears the jet. The only thing you could really read on the plug at this stage would be if it was wet or not. if it was wet then fuel is getting to the cylinder.
  7. Kangomik


    just bought one and love it..... have not ridden this type of bike for many many years. I am pleased with this one, lots of grunt, and nice manners. I am 6 ft 4 and 132KG so was surprised at how well it pulls. It needs the suspension sorting, but anything would with my weight. Saying that it never bottomed out at the weekend through jumps or whoops.
  8. Kangomik

    Too much oil bad?

    a little shouldn't be bad, but not knowing how much over could be the problem.... is it worth draining and refilling? or drain a little...... Syringe with a tube on works well.