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  1. duglasfur

    250x number plate without light

    Had an interesting get off today......Does that stadium plate come with the brake line guide?
  2. duglasfur

    pricing of used bike

    I just bought a 2008 for $3800 from a Chevy dealer in VA. Someone did a partial trade in for something else. Literally not a scratch! Suspension hadn't even been moved a 'click'. Someone pulled the whole exhaust baffle out, so it was real lean. But a Lexx exhaust, Power Now, removed snorkel and 142 main.....it runs perfect!
  3. duglasfur

    Rekluse prostart setup?

  4. duglasfur

    First ride 2008 250X

    Added a Lexx exhaust, PowerNow (intake only), slightly opened airbox w/ Twin Air and rejetted my 08 last night. Just added a 142 main jet by taking the drain bolt off. I wanted to raise the needle a clip position, but looks like the 08 X only has one option for the clip position. Who knew this?!? Could've saved me the trouble! Anyway, someone got an earlier 'adjustable' stock needle they don't need?
  5. duglasfur

    will any kill switch work???

    I like the Yamaha kill switches too. Did you just splice the wires? b/c the connectors are pretty different....
  6. duglasfur

    Last KORHS Race at Hardwick Creek, Sunday.

    Hell yeah. New to the area. What's the terrain like there? Tire pressures?
  7. duglasfur

    BBR or Powroll big bore kit?

    Powroll, Powroll, Powroll! BBR has a good deal on the 26mm carb set up though.
  8. duglasfur

    looking for ttr125 forks for sale.

    I have a complete set up. I'm in Atlanta, GA. My email is duglasfur@lycos.com. Trey
  9. duglasfur

    Kx 80 Inverted Forks for sale

    That's a great deal!!! Bump.
  10. duglasfur

    How much oil on air filter?

    Hmmmm. IMO, that's way too much oil. I clean my filters after every ride with PJ1 aerosol cleaner and then after it dries, I spray the outside until it's covered w/ a thin coat of the PJ1 aerosol oil. Then I only slightly spray the inside, put it in a plastic bag and squeeze all the air out. This ensures that every surface of the foam has a little oil on it. Too much oil clogs the air passages and saps power. Remember to let the filter sit at least overnight before running the motor so all the "carries" can evaporate. I think the important thing here is use quality product (filter/oil) and do it right, do it often. The stock air filter is crap, so the soak and squeeze method may be best there.
  11. duglasfur

    Oil Filter - TTR125

    There is a "screen type" oil filter in the lower right front of the motor. Also, there is a centrifugal oil filter attached to the primary drive shaft; It looks like a big flat washer just in front of the clutch assembly. If you take the motor down that far, I'd just go ahead and replace it.
  12. duglasfur


    If you are mechanically savvy. Take the springs out, cut an inch off or so, make a spacer out of PVC the same size and replace the oil. Shortening a spring makes it's rate go up. Otherwise, aftermarket springs are the way to go. Good luck.
  13. duglasfur

    LoganBuilt 170 bbk

    I run my TTR against EVERY displacement in the 4strokeC class of the SETRA H/S series. And although it's great in tight woods, it does regretably lack in "drag racing" situations and w/ its low pegs and small wheel base is not as nimble in rocks, deep ruts, braking bumps, log obstacles, whoops, river crossings..................Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! but so fuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, you get the point, you're not out there FOR the points, you're out there to PROVE a point.
  14. duglasfur

    LoganBuilt 170 bbk

    Is your 170cc a stroked crank w/ the 160cc piston? What's the piston size (or bore size)?
  15. duglasfur

    BBR 150 kit

    If his kit doesn't come with a cam, there's a BBR/HotCams unit on ebay now!