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  1. Tucraysz2

    Jet kits vs. OEM jets

    what ratio of oil/gas are you running? I had a bog issue where it would not take full throttle, everywhere else was perfect. I went from 32:1 to 40:1 and that cured it, actually helped out in all throttle positions.. just my.02 worth
  2. Tucraysz2

    2011 Hurts

    Bruised 2 ribs on a hill climb get off. landed on some boulders. would have been worse if I didn't have a chest protector on. Urgent care siad 2 fractured ribs, ER doctor said only bruised after MRI..off the bike for 6 weeks..whaaaa
  3. Tucraysz2

    125 video

    looks like a great place to ride.. would love to go ride it..
  4. Tucraysz2

    Watch Trey enter this turn....

    It was a great video right up ntil the DB Alessi had to stick his fat head in it, His Dad probably sent him over.. "Oh look Mikey, Its TWMX, go over there and ruin trey's interview, We need as much camera time as we can get no matter what it takes, Now run along boy, run along" Whole family is one giant DB..
  5. Tucraysz2

    Anyone see this yet? Very cool

    I'd like to try one, just to check it out and thrash it, then give it back..
  6. Tucraysz2

    Another rotella oil question

    I use the 15w40, no issues..
  7. Tucraysz2

    Should I keep my 250f or go to 125?

    you might be competitve with the older 250f bikes, but I think the new ones are wite abit faster these days.. But then again, it has alot to do with your skill level also.
  8. Tucraysz2

    New Helmet Cam

    Great job, I like the all natural video. Not mucked up with some crappy music and retarded transitions..Bike sounds really good. You seem pretty comfortable on that track..Congrats on the new bike.
  9. Tucraysz2

    Another rotella oil question

    Ran it in my RM and my CRF. change it every 2 rides.. never a problem
  10. Tucraysz2

    LMAO what do you guys think of this???

    Did you read the comment under the video? "Because of this video Kawasaki found a flow in the 2012 piston head causing the problem. They had to change the whole piston on the rest of the bikes..."
  11. Tucraysz2

    new wr 400! any ideas for looks?

    Marky, what year/model tank and plastics are those?
  12. Tucraysz2

    Bought me an RM 125-finally

    wow, that thing is like brand new, congrats...
  13. Tucraysz2

    Rebound adjuster is frozen

    Did you set compression and reboud to the softest position before disassembly? I heard if you don't do that it can damage the adjuster.
  14. Tucraysz2

    one of those days

    I've had my share of bad mojo days believe me..Today was like I could do nothing wrong. Everything I tried or did, worked..
  15. Tucraysz2

    one of those days

    You ever have one of those days when everything goes great for you? Myself and 3 friends went riding today at Carolina Adventure World and it was awesome. I woke up this morning feeling exceptional good. I elected to stay home last night and get some good sleep knowing we were riding today. Anyhow, Woke up, got my gear together and was in a great mood. Buds show up, load my bikke and away we go. Stop and get gas on the way as well as some breakfast. fast forward.... Get to C.A.W unload, gear on and away we go. First venture, warming up, bike is running great, I feel good. good mojo, good flow going on the trails. Back to the truck add 1lb of air to front tire and were off. Every thing I rode today went great, every wheelie over puddles or ruts, every berm in the corners, railed the bike right around. Small jump mid trail, blip the throttle and float right off it. Every hill we climbed or went down was effortless. It's been quite a while since I had the good mojo working for me. Only my second ride on my crf and I felt like I had owned it for years.. Man what a great day today was...