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  1. Franx

    Southwestern Ontario Riders

    Is "The Pit" in Thamesford still open?? What about "Ven-M" in Strathroy?
  2. Franx

    PW50 factory service manuals

    My son also has a '99. I used this as a reference until I bought the Clymer manual. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/assets/service/manuals/2009/LIT-11626-22-24_PW50_1574.pdf Excellent blog "Boarddesign"!!
  3. 250F, if you get the need for more cc's you cold put a big bore kit on it.
  4. Im doing the last two rounds at Motopark, there is a great mix of terrain around that facility and they have a "real" motocross track.
  5. Are you going to make the eastern rounds??
  6. Franx

    tall boy

    What bike is he on??
  7. Franx

    Canadian WR250

    The jetting is likely different from the factory. Maybe a couple small things but no major differences.
  8. Franx

    inner chamber assembly 48mm

    Im wondering the same thing....
  9. Franx

    HS gear, body not bike

    I think you saw the "Offroad Ontario" schedule, the WEC hasn't posted anything for 2011 yet.
  10. Franx

    HS gear, body not bike

    Im also doing the WEC series in Ontario this year and possibly the CEC. The longest loop for 2010 was Moorefield (Ant Hill Classic) and it was 25-30km. The rest were shorter 15min. lap times at most. The host clubs are good with having course sweepers watching the race course.
  11. Franx

    Pics of Tall riders???

    6'4" 240ish on a 250F
  12. Franx

    YZ80E Resto....Questions

    Thanks again for the info....I'm likely going to grab a rear fender for a 79 and hope for the best. We ended up getting the stator cover off of ebay (MX) along with a NOS kick shaft and lever.
  13. Franx

    YZ80E Resto....Questions

    Sweet! Thanks for the info! Is the plactic on your bike Yamaha or aftermarket?? The only good pieces on my machine are the side panels.
  14. Im starting the restoration of my 78 YZ80 and Im wondering if anyone knows if the stator/sprocket cover off another machine would swap onto mine. I have checked the part number and it only tells me that the part was on 78 and 79 model YZ's. The same part from a MX or GT looks the same vother than they aren't black. Anyone help?? Thanks
  15. Franx

    seems like seals blow a lot

    My 08 got replacement fork seal for the first time this two weeks ago, after a good mud race and the only other seal that is seeping is the counter shaft seal.