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  1. trav

    Canadian Enduro Championship- Apex Mtn Resort

    Does this series still exist? I looked up WEC events but can't find anything on Canadian Enduro Championship (CEC). This is still one of the coolest formats I have raced. I'd like to do it again.
  2. trav

    2014 KTM 250XC and the 4CS

    The 4CS are great out of the box IMO. They are not a great "trail riding" setup and work best at speed.
  3. trav

    someone with balls

    I am humbled!!! Coming from the Northwest and having rode around Santa Veronica area before I really didn’t think this event would be that tough. It was a complete ass kicker! I raced the Devils Head ISDE in June which was a 120 mile enduro in the Tillamook state forest of Oregon. I assumed there was no way the Tecate Enduro could be tougher but it was! The Tecate Enduro was relentless! I personally think the 3rd loop, and especially the 5th special test, was the toughest! The 5th special test was over 15 miles long and the rock sections were very technical. The 3rd loop was spectacular overall. The sections that looped around the large rock towers were amazing. I wanted to stop and take a picture! I learned a valuable lesson during the second loop… I came to one of the first bottlenecks during the 3rd test and assumed I could make a new line through the brush. This works for me in the Northwest but the brush in Tecate is like rebar. I tried to blast through the brush and got about 10 feet and came to a dead stop. There was no way I could go further and it took me about 5 minutes to pull my bike back out of the brush. What was worse is I wasted a ton of energy. I am regretful I did not prepare better for this event. I didn’t do my usual race day nutrition prep and it cost me! I was feeling done by the end of the second loop. I was really hoping the lunch would give me a second wind but the damage was already done. In the end I loved this event! I really, really hope the Los Ancianos do the Enduro in 2015. I am eager to do better and will definitely do my proper preparation and training for it next time. The Los Ancianos do an awesome job and those were some of the most amazing trails I have ridden. And props to you fast dudes! I assumed guys riding Southern CA and Baja just knew how to ride the open stuff fast... I was wrong. Again, I am humbled!
  4. I have a new racetech P15 progressive spring and noticed it is significantly heavier than my stock spring from a 2009 KTM 400 XC-W. I weighed the springs and it is over 2LB difference. I also weighed it against a mx-tech progressive spring and roughly same difference. The stock spring has less coils but the mx-tech is about the same number of coils. Why is the racetech spring so heavy? Any alternatives to similar rate spring as the racetech P15 that weighs less? I went to mx-tech and don't see they are offering their brand of progressive springs any more (at least on their site). The one I have I bought +4 years ago.
  5. trav

    foggy dew

    let the organizers know you are doing the work. ask them to give props to NMA or individual contributors during the pre-run meetings so the runners realize we have done work that benefits them. maybe some day when these users are providing comments on multi-use trail they will think about the benefit they received from dirtbike users.
  6. trav

    foggy dew

    those guys doing the 60K are bad asses! I'd like to do the 35K next year
  7. trav

    foggy dew

    Unfortunately I never got to camp until Friday evening and did not get to log out trails like planned. I intended to start early Friday morning and do an out and back on foggy dew to log it out and then drive over to south navarre and check conditions and log out to uno peak. Bummer I talked to a guy named "AR" that started logging out Foggy dew saturday morning. He was not able to finish so it still has logs across. There is one log across the trail between horsehead and deadmans that needs cut or moved. A go around has been made but it's not a sustainable go-around. Jason/sara/rob any idea how many trees will need logged between south navarre and safety harbor?
  8. trav

    foggy dew

    Any recent updates? We are camping this coming weekend 27-28 at Foggy Dew campground. I am bringing a saw and going out a day early to log out anything I can quickly reach. I will check out foggy dew to martin lakes trail first. I hope we can make it over deadman's pass and around uno peak trail. Any recent reports of snow on deadman's pass? The trail okonoreports state "snow in shaded areas" Has anyone rode from south navarre and know the conditions of uno peak and safety harbor trails?
  9. I see they removed the kickstart for the 13' 350 XC-F. I checked powerparts catalog and do not see a kickstart kit listed for either the 350 XC-F or SX-F. Has the catalogue not been updated for 13'? I know a lot of people claim they never need there kick starter, but I have needed mine enough times it is required.
  10. trav

    Gifford Conditions

    we cleared the trees on hamilton friday 8/5, the snow drifts were still pretty big but passable. there was still blow down between the viewpoint intersection and yazoo. also cleared past green mountain to washed out bridge on 116 and a bunch of 271 before hitting too much snow.
  11. trav

    Desert 100 Winner?

    results are posted http://stumpjumpers.org/category/results/
  12. trav

    Desert 100 Winner?

    350 XC-F
  13. go to http://stumpjumpers.org/category/results/
  14. that was hilarious! I needed a good laugh
  15. trav

    D100 motivating pics

    another otb caught